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Minecraft – Hardcore Survival (Live Action Short Film)

Minecraft – Hardcore Survival (Live Action Short Film)

Okay so this is where our Minecraft
adventure begins. it’s a pretty nice day I just spawned in here, looks like a
Grass Biome if I had to guess My name is Roger. It’s first time here in
the Minecraft world so if I’m being honest I’m a little nervous…
Luckily I have my companions here to keep me company. and this is Steve… Say hello to the camera Steve. Get that camera outta my face! Okay… Anyway, I’m really excited to get
started. The guys tell me that we need to build a house first. So to do that we’re
gonna need some wood. Gathering resources is simple. You hit the block till it
disintegrates, then gather those resources. You go get some wood! Sure… hand me an axe Hah! An Axe?!… You hit it with you’re bare hand… You serious? Hah! YES I’m serious You gotta really dig to the body. Nearing the end of day one now as you can see behind me. They’re putting the
finishing touches up on the house today. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help out
too much because I hurt my hand earlier Steve was kind enough to give me a piece
of shirt though to wrap around my hand He said it wasn’t really gonna do
anything but I dunno… kind of makes me feel better Apparently we aren’t allowed to stay out
after dark which I kind of find weird But oh well… should probably get
inside now though it’s getting kind of Dark Not a bad start to the day, I mean we
didn’t collect all of our wool to make our beds but guess we’re just gonna have
to stay up all night Why can’t we just go out now
I mean I think I saw some sheep where we spawned in… No Look Steve I get it if
you’re scared you can just stay here HEY! You better listen… There’s monsters out there! Monsters… I don’t see anything Hah it’s just a
zombie.. Just a zombie?!?! …There are far worse things out there roaming in the darkness They can’t hurt us tho…right I mean theres four of us You keep telling yourself that. You think this is just a game? This is no laughing matter… This is
serious. Okay my back really hurts from Sleeping on the ground last night So I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands as it would seem because everybody thinks
I’m a wimp after last night. You know I couldn’t punch a tree
I got scared by a zombie Which by the way who wouldn’t You know what I’m gonna
do I’ll go out and I’m gonna find me some
sheep and I’m gonna punch it… I’m gonna Punch him good and we’ll see whose a wimp Roger Out Hey guys! I found something! Finally Good… Looks like there’s enough there to
craft a diamond sword for each of us Perfect Which way that I come from Steve… Roger
has been gone for a while, I think I’m gonna go look for him Knowing him he
probably got lost out there. Here take this… you’re gonna need it out there. it’s called the Creep Slayer Thanks Steve Yeah no problem…
Don’t venture out too far it’s getting late I won’t Ah thank you.
You really saved my butt back there Thank me later Come on Damnit
They’ll be okay though right I mean They’ll respond I don’t see them What
that’s impossible You idiot you set the game to hardcore
mode didn’t ya What’s that mean It means they’re all dead…
No respawns… That’s it First thing in the morning I’m gone.
You’ve been nothing but trouble since ya got here and I’m not gonna let you get
me killed too – So everyone’s dead Basically Steve slunked out.. slunked …is
that a word… He slank out last night. He went to
finish the question by himself he said So he just left me alone
by my self… I’m by myself
what am i supposed to do? Don’t touch me! What did they do to you? Got me good.. Health is draining real fast… What can I do? Nothing Not this time Roger… I’ve
waiting for this day a long time … No respawns Don’t talked like that Steve Its over for me Roger Fought a lot of battles.. Built a lot of houses …some good…
some not so good… it’s time for my Adventure to come to an end You’re a brave guy Steve Theres a portal behind me Leads to the nether there’s a secret there…
Could be your only way out Take this map, follow it carefully, you
may have a chance No now how I’m ever gonna thank you for
all this Steve? Just live… To build Another day thanks for watching if you like the
video maybe consider hitting the old subscribe button down there its the easiest
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regularly around here our next film is a hotline Miami inspired film called
midnight animal she be dropping pretty soon here there’s a trailer out which
I’ll post over top of Justin Zach’s face right there so check it out thank you
thank you I’m a trailer

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  1. Just think how embarrassing it would be just swinging a fake diamond sword around a green screen before editing



  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICRAFT LOL braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😎🕶️ I'm a girl just so you know so… And I subscribed and turned on ur notifications

  5. O vídeo foi muito desanimado do começo mas eu tenho lá e se escreve porque o canal mas espero que a Aninha Tá Começando aqui

  6. Y’all guy realize you can’t die by poison in my Minecraft

    Edit watching more of the videos found out they figured that out to

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