Minecraft How to put on armor fast

Hello everyone, welcome back, it’s megasky9 here and I am bringing you a mini tutorial It is : How to put on armor as fast as possible Now …., if you’re like.. doing survival games or something like that, In Which i do a lot, a lot if you don’t know …, this helps a lot What you do, ok.. so, a-as you may know, y-you might see a few people just automatically putting on their armor on their hot bar down, down on the bottom…. like down here. I will tell you how to put on armor without even going into your inventory Now what you do.. I felt so stupid after figuring this out, all you have to do is right click it ._. Yeah, that’s right It puts it on for you I’m not even joking just… You guys try it just.. try it Now, of course you cannot left click it because that does not work But you can right click it, and it puts it on for you

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