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Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament – Part 2

Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament – Part 2

I but I want to pep one only texting someone guy with the Don max we’re gonna go that back to it though ya now people oh no no what now let’s back today there’s like flying around in football Earp like there’s like eight chief on the stand I don’t want to die but yelling in put to sleep there’s only five people left good you’re alive so I was still alive I’m not good I haven’t seen anyone I just like it but I want to start I just ran I could see your name and some fan jacks but then I i think i can see us but then I he like chase him down now sprinting like full speed and was jumping like I great as well most line or something does he say goodbye yeah like I was really hard connected cuz yeah I was out doing everything I could to get away from alone he was faster than me she’s saying is lesser Ryan P mad asses me did you really try to collect the outside post on look better welcome Adam TS server look man I’m just so they look matter did you do small things you’re right madam CS tues well I could look your server and I just need you to put two we can put them a basic info things like your YouTube channel and I’ll sit them here names stuff a bad like we’re all the players are just like what everyone’s youtube yeah I have all yeah members i have owner Madam’s yeah imagine have a boy John yeah then on another line why yeah can I spelled Kevin’s name way I must watch it at that age it it’s mosaic em ee i see a and okay I did it right then I carrot is good don’t see anybody have you know where are they is there something I’m missing how big is this must become a loud mouth of mess up built it baked pickled pig’s Halloween registry and no apology i’ll probably just turn all flat or be like when you lose more house if you run use 100 here hundreds of fans ask a few jumping or running or stuff with that come on let’s go over here just the same thing jay is really annoying Matt chopped up no the other Jay I bill to jail so hope feel like dealing with say if there’s anything over here I have to go so bike ride for my choice not just you do realize we that you can recordings like 20-something minutes and we have done anything a birthday I know but I’m still putting it on YouTube and I’m going to have different parts yeah different parts the wandering the wandering part two he said Matt did you actually see jack in the box cut down the trees and I said no devil did I bet issue yeah but yeah I won over I just typing I thought it was you and then I got closer I saw love him and we leave them sound and audio evidence of this I walk over see you next to a tree look like no bar the logs it’s just got an axe out do so fuck you probably expect he probably does probably all got the bow really made above a great front where is nothing here forcing say it favorably I which means the autosave now that council thing come on there hasn’t been like anyone no one has died for a while now cuz it probably is like five people off so I find each other I think I should be a lot I think each person should be allowed to everyone’s formed an item other Cape uranium what sure what I would give you I would give you like a diamond sword or something i will give you like mostly for pouring some diamond sword what the heck is that I’m going to ask if there’s hidden chests because I can’t find any there are just in from this product n and it’s probably a huge man so little to do now what did you do packets just like install it never play it yeah yeah maybe I should make videos of tech it on you dad I coil hanging them up enjoy this nice realistic you I give you google my graph tech it’s really popular like if I pretend with fresh so expected but it’s going to take all to figure it out because there’s so much stuff to it oh I know how to do it all but all of it I know all equivalent change she said their loans I asked if there’s only chest and he said there are tons oh yeah I know it ninety percent of all the stuff like equivalent equivalent exchange um piracy in BuildCraft want that sugar but it does say I’m running out of health I gotta find something what are you are you dying of starving well I miss Bo he’ll only have 3 i’m hungry things oh well then you’ll go down to its right the zonta if it runs out of hunger it will keep on hurting you doing it on the five words so it’s like have to hurt else and plus the skipping you can see where it’s called Hunger Games first Hunger Games roommate because one district it was a difficult i know i don’t know what they rebelled and then they fed the hungry games cow cow let’s not discount oh my god I’ve there God go kill some cows see where to go where’d that cow go there is that gal where to go I gotta get that meat there we go you still there yeah I got it have obviously done like I’ve like a little less than three of those hunger things it’s okay you’ll be fine no believe it’ll be bad when someone finds me because I’m not gonna be able to run just ask them for food food this week ask can I ever deny her food if you come along when people weapon comes and you are doing some food you have to find it did I say that yeah that’s my cousin said is like you have to find it keeps those selfish tell them I’ll be over in your house in 10 minutes and I’m a freaking deal with you if I go then I’ll peel I’m going over his house like a few weeks I think you better you’re like yeah you asked up and three weeks in the kick your fucking shove it no he’s different no he’s like he’s bigger than me yeah but your football player more that doesn’t well it doesn’t matter I’m a foot ferry so I can’t do it he’s pretty big though it says by math starves to death like 90 games maybe they’re like taller than him like Paul like Paul it’d be like Bob he’s he used to be like bigger and then lost weight but I don’t do cuz you thinking will report this up spleef arena yet Why Why What did you want to do this we’ve arena it’s just annoying because I’d about if I imported to the new server crafting table there are tons 20 or so some are easily found I haven’t found visit I haven’t found a woman is it hard to import the stuff for it’s not all the football fields like kind of hard it’s like huge well just group of local well we feel go to because it’s like sand all around it and have to go deep to get all the red stone it’s not like I just lay on top of it dahir thing I worked hard on this no I’m not fare well in person but you did with on the way to yeah I made it look a lot better no offense yeah yeah I’m dying because I’m out of them dude hyung you’re good on the puppets we got before the YouTube record I felt mostly farina a monkey adenomas resume not this tree yeah exactly Roger your you though tree is kind of high water and the tree and gone and the ship leaves and stuff I bet you that wasn’t good jack I’ll tell them tell them as they tell them to TP to you just did tell them on Demi I’ll tell them if that’s the right tree he’s like that just Tom under and under and devil and he can show you tell you that was the right one or not nah what they say he’s like you guys anyone see and then he just like the one in cold water I don’t like it come on it’s just going to take forever yep keep on pricing bloxham I disappear don’t come back so I’m not gonna die unless someone kills me because okay so it’s okay Oh Jay it’s kind of laggy right now I don’t care how does Jago another pic accounts he has a craggy minecraft he never bought it so he can’t go on the new server hey we just thought that on you cannot edit that out what you want them to get in trouble what do you mean you just like if you closer on YouTube just basically saying like I had my glad that doesn’t matter what how did 300 account that what you never bought yeah you sign it because I turned my server on to off like this online mode and offline mode I turn into all your head mode so then it doesn’t check the people’s accounts names oh I know when is anybody yeah so now check out my account bitch yeah unless I change the settings again thankfully don’t change it because it was really long yeah I know I didn’t like that because it’s not like servers not secure yeah he should like go on my towel and I do something if a with me and then you guys can get pics it’s so stupid though because he went on your count didn’t know anything about me so I ask personal questions that you would know he didn’t know the answers ok I want to find somebody because this is getting boring I know exactly how that one died you should just like oh my god there’s look I think there’s a really selfish four people left but this like they should father you will everyone and go on the seven people in is yeah the district rebel group ever wanted to spawn like using lava whatever they cut off your pan this is getting boring I know I’m not the school doesn’t get its American combat it’s like you have to find people how could I five people become wall so you’ve to tell ya like I’m lost we can we can make our own hunger game sometime we’ll show them how to do it Matt oh yeah because I can have a people in my server now is to be able to have 50 well that’s I could change that I think I probably change it when I’m like in true people actually don’t worry thank you like we could like get ppl donate money you collected a number and then we could be like a normal creating gonna donate money other actors talk to my mom could take she keeps on spending over all the money that she needs to give me I can like mom cry my bunny oh I spent it it’s really annoying cuz she goes we like 300 votes and how much are united I’ve gotten like five but I would basically I’ve spent I keep on keep on having the pylons with my own money instead of arguing some some let’s go have to like keep on like adding and more money that she owes where is a big fish this is just after you keeping me to someone no I don’t do that gonna lose you should have fun we all sneak up on somebody yeah you should have come to tpg long start that way you can actually don’t get further away from people you know I tell you didn’t you just took like a natural thing just added in stuff so probably didn’t do any work where that I it’s like they’re in caves I haven’t seen one cave cave I’ve seen like kabul in the middle like I’m not cobble with stone like in the middle of grass for some reason but I don’t know why the moms are there apparently what for what such a black house XP so that’s this much blood sisters growing up so forth she’s a tad spin right now the little boyfriend’s a girlfriend whenever she gets a bush I make fun of her it’s just some when I see someone he’s hiding choo-choo don’t shoot I see someone hold shift like pick up on it and it feels like not jack anthill he won’t see my name if you hold shift and you’re behind the wall is really a kick my skin was perfect it was completely black if I could hide my name i’ll be like invincible I’ll chicken of skin that could blend into would I think cool like a camouflage school skied is getting intense my heart everything we can to a packet survival series I don’t know how fast I’ll probably kill my mic but I computed probably helped chest your puppets are you coming to help shift shift I see him this is gonna win this is crazy whoa I wrong but the jack or whatever Chung care whatever it’s called did you like a kick for the server now there’s like a big hole Oh work I’ll like it will be cold i bet it feels cold where’d he go he didn’t see me the whole time I guarantee he’s holding so are you but oh he sees me he’s trying to shoot me what wonder erised i found a chest I found a chest with nothing in it what photo oh he’s got he’s got a sword I’m gonna die I’m gonna die no this is gonna be that the end of the video that put the very nine I got shot off so all but videos thanks babe was so entertaining thanks for watching it was fun

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