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Minecraft Hunger Games VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Can Minecraft Overtake Fortnite

Minecraft Hunger Games VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Can Minecraft Overtake Fortnite

Some of you might have witnessed of late the
resurgence of the game Minecraft. Ok, so it was always popular, and is now the
top-selling game of all time, but in terms of what you might call the buzz around games,
Minecraft has suddenly got a second wind. We’ve talked about that already in another
show, with the word on the street being after the 10th anniversary and a bunch of updates
a lot of older players who’d given up on the game have gone back to it. This includes a handful of gaming YouTube
stars who’ve again started uploading Minecraft content. In terms of Google searches not long ago Fortnite
was way ahead of Minecraft, but that’s now changed. The question now is can Minecraft Hunger games
gain steam on Fortnite? Minecraft Hunger Games isn’t new, it’s
been around since 2012. In case you don’t know what the game is,
we’ll give you a quick rundown. In the Hunger Games series the setting is
like most other survival games in that it’s a Battle Royale type scenario. To play such a game you’ll need to have
a Minecraft account and then you’ll connect to the survival game servers. You’ll find a server for your region and
then connect to a game. Now you’re on. There are tons of different maps and some
of those maps have kits you can buy with your Minecraft currency. Some kits are better than others, but some
maps don’t have kits. Whatever the case, you are in, and you’ll
need to know where you are. Like any other survival game map, you’ll
study that map like you study for exam…or like you perhaps should study for an exam. Ok, so it doesn’t sound much different from
Fortnite so far. Well, first of all it’s Minecraft, so the
graphics aren’t as good as they are on Fortnite. You are still in a world of crude images and
blocks. It’s exciting of course, because you are
trying to collect equipment as the others are, and they can get rid of you and take
what you have. It’s probably better to scavenge for goods
before you head into an all out fight. You’ll need food to stay alive and keep
up your energy, and while it’s a battle to the last and there can be only one, you
can team up with someone else and pick on other players. So, maybe this doesn’t sound so special
to you and won’t tear you away from Fortnite any time soon. So Minecraft was there before Fortnite, and
you’ll find people saying that Fortnite just copied Minecraft’s survival games. Then again, there’s no denying that Fortnite
is a cultural phenomenon. As of March 2015, Fortnite boasted over 250
million registered players. We don’t know what that number is now because
no official figure has been released, but we can say that while Minecraft is having
its little renaissance, Fortnite is still garnering more players and making people a
lot of money. It’s not going anywhere. But as gaming experts point out, while 250
million players are registered, the highest number of players for a month was back in
August 2018 when 78.3 million players were active. The question is, have players now gone over
to Minecraft? Well, you can look at server statistics regarding
Minecraft survival games and indeed a lot of people are playing, but we can’t find
any statistics on how many active players they were over a month on all the different
games. We just can’t compare, but the numbers for
Minecraft Hunger Games are undoubtedly much lower than they are for Fortnite. An interesting story in 2019 appeared in the
New York Times, and the writer asked who will be the man – or last game – standing in
the Battle Royale business. It mentions the success of Playerunknown’s
Battlegrounds, but said no doubt the jewel in the crown is Fortnite. It made a cool $2.4 billion in revenue last
year, which is simply amazing. The question is will it lose steam, can it
retain its players? The writer said that the “battle royale
market is both promising and perilous”, meaning you must be constantly on your game
to stay in the game. He didn’t even mention Minecraft Hunger
Games, which as we said came long before Fortnite. The last man standing concept named after
the 2000 Japanese movie called Battle Royale was indeed not first invented by Minecraft
but ARMA 2. We should also say that the games Rules of
Survival and Garena Free Fire are also tremendously popular. The market, though, according to the experts,
is saturated, and that means there will be losers. You’ll find lots of debates online with
people screaming into comment boxes that Fortnite ripped off Minecraft Hunger Games, with hardcore
fans of the latter telling the world that Minecraft Hunger Games will always be better
than Fortnite. But is that really true? Well, it’s a matter of opinion of course. had a poll that asked which is
better, “Minecraft Hunger Games or Fortnite Battle Royale.” The result was 73 percent of people said Minecraft
Hungers was better. That’s quite a margin, but the website didn’t
say how many people voted. If you want to know why so many people liked
the Minecraft survival games they said things such as this, Excuse the poor grammar, these
comments are copied verbatim: “Fortnite was only good when people felt
like seeing something new and Minecraft youtubers were on like episode 71 or something so people
wanted to see some battle royal action and Fortnite was good for less than 2 years.” And this:
“It’s better because it was the first battle Royale. No one is a try hard. There’s no guns, And in Fortnite people
just spray and pray. Minecraft is also so nostalgic. It’s also a timeless classic.” “Minecraft actually takes skill to play. I don’t even know how it takes skill to play
Fortnite. You loot with no danger, And when you’re shot
at, You just jump around like idiots.” On the other hand, a Fortnite fan said this:
“Itz just more high quality, BECAUSE Fortnite has more skins and the battle pass that give
you rewards for completing certain challenges. I say this because epic games also keeps their
game balanced with no overpowered gun.” Truth be told, not many people came out and
wrote in defense of Fortnite, which is strange given its popularity. Even in 2018 when Fortnite had pretty much
taken over the gaming world you could find gaming experts saying that Minecraft’s survival
games were better. One such gaming critic wrote, “Can we just
point out how optimized Minecraft is? Minecraft nailed the multi-platform experience
years before Fortnite did and its performance across all platforms is better than both Fortnite
and PUBG.” The guy went on, saying because it’s run
by a community and players get new maps all the time and these are in the hands of that
community. He then said Minecraft had the best YouTubers,
that the game mechanics required a higher level of skill, and that the weapons mechanics
were better. He said looting in Fortnite and PUBG was just
too easy, and in general Minecraft’s Hunger Games took a higher level of skill to play. The internet is full of people who are critical
of Fortnite and in support of Minecraft Hunger Games. But the truth is in the numbers, and as far
as survival games go Fortnite is still more popular. On forums you can see people stating that
Fortnite is more of a flash in the pan, and Minecraft Hunger Games has more about it and
so will stick around forever. They say that Minecraft’s recent spike in
popularity is proof of this. All we can say is that in 2018 everyone was
talking about how Fortnite conquered the world, but now doubts have creeped in. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say,
and Minecraft knows how to play the long game it seems. As for which game is better, that’s a question
we’ll leave to you. We’d also like to ask you what you think
about Fortnite losing players and Minecraft Hunger Games gaining more players. Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
Are You Playing The Losing Game: Fortnite vs Apex vs PUBG. Thanks for watching, and also, don’t forget
to like, share ad subscribe. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Minecraft Hunger Games VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Can Minecraft Overtake Fortnite”

  1. Fortnite came thought it was king thanos snaped and a missing giant rose from the ashes fortnite fell and now is cringy and being played by kids

  2. fortnite dosent add op guns and its balanced then why tf is there a fing robot that shoots rockets and takes no skill

  3. The youtube channel on the hunger games thumbnail that you used in 0:44 is a youtuber named Edvisss. No i dint search it its a lithuanian youtuber that i know because i watch him.

  4. Why do i have a feeling fortnite has a very low chance of coming back? (Not saying i like it but anything could happen)

  5. Fortnite has "more" skins, but there is still a limit on how many there are.
    Minecraft has nearly infinite skins however. you can make them yourself too.

  6. Well tbh gamers stick with trend so im sure if Pewdiepie plays a new game even if its old or new it will rise up cuz its the new trend.

  7. Look at you you fools bickering over minecraft and fortnite the true best hunger games has been in front of you this hole time it is…..

    Black Friday

  8. I am gonna be honest with all of you I have never played Minecraft in my whole life but I will still support it as long as the game with which it is being compared to is Fortnite.

  9. Well, Minecraft has technically already overtaken Fortnite by plays in a day and Money earned in a month. It was brought up again by PewDiePie, who made the amazing trend and he still continues to play Minecraft.

  10. Fortnite has more skins? Fortnite has maybe 100 or more skins but Minecraft has over 100,000 and with new ones being made by players everyday. And Marketplace creators make 100's new ones every week or so.

  11. I used to play Fortnite but, I still played Minecraft and I thought Minecraft HG was superior. And I wasn't a Fortnite defender I was just a casual player, not one of those 9 year olds who goes "I will call my dad if you take my Golden Scar" or something like that. And by Jan 2019 I already knew Fortnite was on the brink of dying and I stopped playing Fortnite and deleted it and replaced it with Star Wars Battlefront II.

  12. Fortnite Players: Our game is more challenging! Besides all Minecraft severs are the same!
    2b2t: CUTE

  13. Fortnites just getting boring although it is better than hunger games because of the mechanics and the only reason people say it’s to easy to loot is because they played Minecraft first

  14. Minecraft is the best
    Fortnite is just a common game that copies all the other battle Royale games like H1ZI PUBG
    But the first battle Royale is Minecraft survival games

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  16. Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Guy that comment in 4:58 : Fortnite AiN't GoNnA TaKE SKiLl
    What skill that you need to have in fortnite: building,aiming,strategy,editing your building,loot as fast as you can because everyone in fortnite are getting better

  17. Minecraft only became unpopular because little kids started to play the game but now the older players are coming back because of the B.R.U.T.E ,little kids was switching and they saw the new update 1.14 that added more of a selection of options to choose from. I personally play Fortnite more because they update there game more but Minecraft is a game that everyone can go back to when they are bored or have no other game to look forward to all minecraft needs is more ores and some new dimensions and mobs.


    Fortnite: I not here until 2017

    It’s 2017 the beginning

    Fortnite: I’m going to get fornite in here in September 2017

    Minecraft: oh no it’s fortnite my Enemy

    Fortnite: I have 2,194,294 people playing my game

    Minecraft: I have 10,194,294 people playing mine

  19. Does anyone remember when epic said that save the world would be free in 2018, Its September of 2019 already they lied to us, yeah im going back to Minecraft see you later fortnite.

  20. At this point, noone really plays hunger games. These days, most minecraft players on servers play Hypixel, playing bedwars, skywars, and most interestingly, Skyblock. Most other servers are either survival, pvp, and modded servers.

  21. fortnite players: here let me compensate
    minecraft players: here let me mash this button and continuously bang you with a stick

  22. Minecraft is a classic its always different its challenging there always something to look up to and fortnite its just the same thing land get guns and win it doesn't change and it brings back OG things which gets people get mad because they had that thing since day 1. They get mad and quit its fortnite fault there lossing people like mechs every one hates it but they dont listen but minecraft does

  23. Minecraft has many things. Anyone can make a server. There are roleplay servers, creative servers, survival, MiniGames, and there are some who just make servers based on popular movies. Minecraft is infinite.

    Minecraft never dies

  24. People: was like foRtNitE iS a BaD gAmE!
    Fortnite: what did I do to you guys?
    People: ur not better than Minecraft!
    Fortnite: :/
    Apex: I’m about to 3rd party someone

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  26. It depends on how u look at it. Fortnite Battle Royal is better then Minecraft Hunger Games. Minecraft Survival and Minecraft Creative is better then Fortnite Save the World and Fortnite Creative. Fortnite might have more users then Minecraft but Fortnite is gonna die faster then Minecraft. Minecraft won’t die this time. Minecraft will beat the amount of users that Fortnite has eventually.

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