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Minecraft Mini game:survival games

Minecraft Mini game:survival games

the I’m so lucky i got the coin chest, YES ! YES! hey bros this is Gabriel bringing you another minecraft video on my channel this time we are playing with Thanos Gaming ok i will take the knife, i got no money to buy anything some of them are free oh, i have played on this map once okie going to start 10 seconds 5,4,3,2,1 in like it mine its all mine its all mine sheesh urge made it did you I made it too did you get anything um i got a sword and someone thing I was there complained
to HQ clinton’s me on ok nice to you me food all going to be llames 12 seconds later blog up to a million this bomb the day no Saturday grim exam on on on cannot community him yeah I’m the end I don’t want them the game here on I’m hizbollah room goto began their own and treatment we can play or no no blocked 10 I didn’t even the gone hey like yeah I did not field I’ll things thanks to Mike inmates baseball right in the house as
usual they have up yeah I have nothin two I just hope meets no no I got some stuff it now are you take
a couple I got a smart boy when you double your
opinion I’m I’m good emblem some guys are really close me is a gate
yes here I’m scared bomb I found it quite yes them really yeah just OpenID OpenID on nineteen other stuff Google girl 500 there isn’t being at the are going to begin listening to you
paying right you can buy stuff like and at at the start of each game you can take
some think Aug they come to CUNY but double-talk but and i’d and but known by this drug good the I a

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  1. Great vid i hit the like and Subed if you want to make a vid together let me know I get about 1k views a video

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