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Minecraft: NATURAL DISASTERS!! (Pie Face Challenge) – Mini-game

Minecraft: NATURAL DISASTERS!! (Pie Face Challenge) – Mini-game

the Bank Never told me to buy Lava flood insurance But this is fine. I can fix this this is gonna be fine everything. It’s fine Hey, what’s going on guys! Ssundee here! Back with Madeline and today we have something special Madeline are you excited? I actually really am. This is gonna be really fun. Today, we are trying to survive a bunch of natural disasters and whoever doesn’t survive, gets a pie in the face>:) [Chokes]This should be fun and really messy… This should be fun and really messy…We’ve got a whole minigame planned out with this pie in the face. Let’s do this We’re gonna be trying to survive a bunch of natural disasters me versus Madeline Let’s do this. So how this game is gonna work. We’re gonna do Madden let’s do it Let’s do a real quick round this does not count. We’re good okay, so this is our book and if we click Automatic here we go. It’s spawning in the world, and it’s gonna give us a natural disaster I found this game on popular my homeboy PopularMMOs you guys know him pat. Yeah, battle you know pat, right? Yeah He’s good people, so I found this on his channel So what we were currently in an amusement park and look at that look the disaster is bomb Oh no Sunday lived the disaster, but you did it. So what that means is since I didn’t die I don’t get a pie in the face, but Madeline does so how we’re gonna do this weekly a pie in the face It’s just a tick towards right. It’s one spin on This game and whoever gets the most pies in the face at the end of this video Lose that has to change the kitty litter for two years Which is what I’ve already done for like how old is sandy for Theirs if you’re at all new around here to join this video of course hit the like button down below let’s get 218 Likes also hit the subscribe button turn on notifications and let us know if you do subscribe in the comments Madeleine’s can ever apply to all of you every single one I’ll try my best Ok are you ready? Yes? Let’s let’s murder each other ok round one, okay? Here we go I got a pen and paper for you for your guests. You got it to keep track of mine Ok we’re on the map is the beach if you look above our health it tells us what map we’re on and the disaster That’s about to come No, it’ll say what’s it’s ok ok? Get away get away Gasps, okay, okay, okay? Good I keep wanting to throw this at you thinking. It’ll do damage, but that’s not how it works, okay, the cascade is so far Yeah, hey get away get away. Get away. Q they do much more damage, so We both died that’s one click on the pie in the face game, and yeah, I died too So I’m gonna put down a checkmark okay, so that’s round one Alright So keep in mind we can also, there’s a setting here manual if we click this we can choose the Disastrous of what we’re going to do we each get two turns of this to try to trick the other person so Madeline I’m going to use my manual now Okay, we’re gonna go to let’s go to this one. We’re going to this map here. Okay. Yeah, this is the house Okay, now I get this So try to figure which one of these disasters, okay, okay? Okay which one of these Let’s do This one this one right here, okay, right there right there right there Lava flood lava flood I’m higher than Madeline So that’s two deaths for Madeline one for me. So you get two clicks I get one okay, okay, so I have one I have one more manual and you have two Let’s go, okay. We’re going to automatic going to automatic the map is campground Okay, there’s not a lot I Do here. It’s like a mix of disasters bomb the disasters bomb where’s the bomb though? Okay, so we both survived that one. That’s good. Okay. I’m gonna go you’re gonna do manual. Yes, okay? this one The nether tunnels this is where we just were isn’t it yeah isn’t this what you picked? Yeah, but the last one was called campground. Yeah, I don’t know maybe we broke the map okay, so we’re in the nether tunnels, okay? Pressure plate, okay stay away whatever. This is I have no idea what this means this might not even help me the disaster is blocked storm What is that diary no Idea uh-huh? Oh? You’re right there. What is it? dirt Fell on my head and suffocated me. Oh No so it killed us so it was wait what happened to the ceiling here wait, matt’ll did you break something Maybe the dirt looks like it broke it no, oh Okay, okay. Let’s do automatic going in automatic here we go This was automatic at the amusement park, okay? Yeah, okay, so what is it gonna? Be so we can either stay outside or go inside? I’m gonna be right here waiting How do we get out we can’t break anything? there we Both survive, so we just had to stay inside okay, okay? I’m gonna do I’m good or are back. I’m not Gonna Do me all this time we ch. Have two turns two spins here. We go, okay? House oh, this one again, okay? What’s it gonna? Be? I’m gonna be on the ladder. I don’t know okay I had a stay path door can I step out the door cat step out the door? Matalin do you stay with? Okay another block storm oh Is it oh I could see you. It’s glitching through the map Okay, okay. We’re good. So far. We’re good. So far. Just don’t go outside Well, you should all stay inside. I can see where you’re moving cuz that follows you and sit all over the house Yes, are you going towards the door? Oh? Yeah look at your house? Oh my gosh Okay, let’s go again Okay, I was going there It’s probably gonna be the one. I’m gonna die immediately All right, I have three points tier two. Let’s do. I’m gonna do manual this time. I’m doing manual I’m going to um this one. We’re going back to the beach. Let’s do this okay now the disaster What are you gonna? Lava me again cuz there’s only one high place to be okay Let’s do you’re hiding under an umbrella get inside? The get inside one sucks you up into the air and I was under an umbrella that caught me I’m gonna go are you doing you’re doing your manual? Okay? You got it right down your death How many do you have? Oh we’re both tied at three both tied at three? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay, we’re at the campground. Oh the campground again, okay? The wave what is the wave do oh? Here comes. Oh, it’s a waste. It’s a waste. It’s a wave get away get away from the way Wait, we both survived the way Okay, okay. Let’s do another automatic. We each have three deaths Here we go tsunami. I did do well. We’re back at the camping ground the campground No, I’m going there. No you came back. This is my spot. This is much much. This is my spot Madeline This is this is my spot Okay, I’m gonna say right here. What’s he gonna say okay? What is it? This is probably a horrible spot to be All right, there’s four deaths for me and for for you. Let’s Do another one let’s check the time okay? We have two more minutes. I think I don’t know I lost track of time I’m an idiot okay Now they’re tunnels. Oh yeah, they’re tunnels okay So we’re not near each other I Do know where to go this is where you suffocated from the blocks. Yes, it is oh Don’t go in the pressure plates no Where did you go under pressure plates? Yeah? I’m dead Don’t touch the pressure plates That’s four deaths to your 302 by three. I’ll take it okay here. We’re going to automatic Oh, oh you have five and I of four year okay. Sorry. Sorry. I got confused I got the house okay, okay future reference pressure plates not good not a good idea Madeline no What’s this one Gonna be? Technically just in case that’s what it is Bomb a bomb is an answer is about the bomb Medellin Bhai protect me protect you Madeline I Survived that’s because you died second cuz you threw me out This is not what you do in a marriage Don’t kill your wife. So you have six deaths. I have four Madeline we’re gonna do two more rounds this one. We’re going to the game okay, okay? So we’re back at this one I need you to protect me Madeline last round was through automatic here. We go. Okay. I need you to die this time Die you need to be nice to me you need the person who pushes me in the way of death? Why we’re back at the abuser park. I don’t know where to go right here But if it’s Lava what we’re gonna die immediately. Oh, you know I’d order. Oh, it’s a guest Okay, I have a plan. I have a play I’m hanging the gas board oh, I Was Gonna die a slow death there, okay? We are side Six to six I tried to hit the gas ball at you to kill you that was well, my whole building was burning down So I had no way out. I would have died if you survived longer. I’ve added Lee come over here Let’s do this we each have six clicks on the pie in the face not clicks So it could be a lot of clicks. Let’s do it all right madeline. You’re ready Okay Okay, so we got it here. We each have six turns on this thing Are you ready? Yeah? Let’s do rock paper scissors you see who goes first ready rock paper scissors, shoot Rock Paper Scissors, shoot I Get to go first yay, okay here. We go. Whoo go, so we have the ready whip we have the facepuncher Let’s do this We’re gonna alternate every turn, so I’ll click it once and then it’s her turn, and then we go back and forth Whoever gets a pie in the face the most loses it has to clean the kitty litter for two years Here we go round one right here or first click Okay Yeah, this is your second time like we get it having whipped cream shoved in your face and Oh gosh, okay, so we each have two more clicks each Let’s do this all right here. We go. Oh It’s stuck to your face perfectly okay, okay? Madeline has two clicks left. I have one so far. We’re tied all right Madeline decide you Do left for U one left for me aside? Okay, okay, okay, okay? Here. We go here. We go here. We go. So I have one this is my last one Dang it. So we’re Gonna prime it. Just like we’ve been doing three four five There we go Drived it. Just like we’ve been doing and last turn if Madeline gets hit here We are tied and we both have to share the kitty litter Here you go it is on you your last click right here At least we talk Well, we get to share the kitty litter We have to do it for a year each you do it for the first year. I’ll do this for the second year I’ve been doing it for like five years You guys have enjoyed this video of course hit the like button hit the Subscribe button turn on Notification if you do subscribe let us know down in the comments Madeline will be replying to a bunch of you I will be too and I Will see you dudes next time

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  1. I was laughing the whole time and kept on replaying it ! ๐Ÿ˜‚ 19:59 and when I stopped, I think um 20:10 ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

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