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Minecraft PS4 – Episode 51 – Where Are They!?

Minecraft PS4 – Episode 51 – Where Are They!?

(electric music) – [Zebra Gamer] What’s up, guys? And welcome back to Minecraft PS4 Edition. In the last episode we, well, we tried to get a cat or
an ocelot with some raw fish and we didn’t get too lucky, we didn’t really run into anybody. I did see a creeper
sneaking out here, hmm. Makes me a bit nervous, I
don’t wanna go out there and be destroyed, I don’t
know where they went either. So, let’s do this…ooh, where is he? I don’t know where he went. (laughs) That is creepy! Oh, there he is! OK, then. But either way yeah, today we are gonna be going off that way, across the ocean to see
if can’t find ourselves a proper jungle that is
you know much, much larger. Oh well that’s sort of
rude of you, because… Now place that- Aw again. Aw ‘come on. There, all fixed. So this is also gonna be really cool, ’cause a lot of this stuff
that we’ve traveled through we actually haven’t
pulled up on our map yet, so it could give us an
opportunity just to give a little context on what is
happening here in our map. Now this is something we’ve done before, and like I said we’ve died
in the process of doing it a few good amount of episodes before. But I’m sort of more
confident in my ability now. It’s pretty decently early in the day. I’m pretty sure. I can’t even find the sun right now. I guess it is starting to get darker, but that’s okay because
you know I have torches. I have food, and I have
a full iron set of armor, which is a lot more than
what I had previously. So basically, what we’re gonna do is we’re
going to find ourselves a jungle. I know there’s one. You can see it at the
very bottom of the map. (laughs) The little UI’s sort of covering it. But that little bottom part right there is excess of what we need. Of course there is the mushroom village, or not Mushroom village but Mushroom Island over here as well. But we’ve searched it a few times before and there really isn’t too much. I did want to say that, you know another achievement, I’ve mentioned this before, another achievement is finding
17 out of the 23 biomes. We have yet to do that yet. And that’s probably gonna be
one of the harder ones to do. Just because of the amount of traveling that will have to be done. But, I’m excited to give it a shot. I feel like there’s something here that I might have dropped. (giggles) Ah, well I have my
sword and my stuff so… That’s the most important stuff. You know, as long as I have the- (laughs) the fish, that’s you know the biggest
thing I’m worrying about. Well, we’re almost here
at this big ol’ jungle. like I said, this jungle is huge. So we want to make sure
that we are good for it. And that’s why this blood
that we have is very useful. I’d be also awesome if
we find a jungle temple but we’ve searched for
one of those previously and we didn’t get too lucky. Once again, I have never found a jungle temple in the server survival world. Like I’ve hopped on creative mode and flew around and found one eventually. But I’ve never found one
while playing survival so, if I do that it will be quite
the feat for me personally. So, Hum… We will go down this way a bit though. I might- This is gonna you know, sort of take the boat trip
around and see if I can bump into anything cool while we do this. Um…hum… ‘Cause you know like,
we’ve traveled pretty far, but off this way is when we
haven’t actually traveled at all over here. So it’d be cool if I
run into an extra Biome, like, apparently how this game does Biomes is different from normal minecraft. Like basically, a beach counts as a biome. The ocean, rivers, all that kind of stuff, also count as biomes as well. So basically everything is its own biome. Which is really weird to think about. There’s even like mushrooms, like a mushroom island with
the mig mountain is one biome, and then a mushroom island without a mountain is another
biome from what I’ve seen. I don’t even know, so it’s all just about
finding that variety. Seeing if we can’t find it bit by bit. But what is this? This just seems to be a
lone little island here. Which is actually pretty cool. We definitely haven’t gone
out this far when it comes to- Oh man it’s getting dark quick. We haven’t gotten up this
far when it comes to, in terms of searching this jungle so, I think this is actually our
best bet when it comes to you know, finding stuff. Luckily enough, you know the path back
is pretty darn simple so I’m not all too worried
when it comes to lose or losing my way or getting lost or anything. I think well be pretty
much on the safe side. It might even be beneficial to swim around and just be on the boat until
it becomes daytime again. But I’m not too sure. But for now lets just keep looking around. Everything looks really,
really awesome around here. And it’s crazy how high some
of those jungle trees are. Like they’re way up there. The big worry is that I gotta make sure not
to run into anything. Because if I do, this boats going down. And that’s not very good. Alright turn, turn, turn. Oh boy, can be a little hard
to maneuver with the boat. Hum… Yeah, but it can be tough. Like the jungle biome in my
opinion is probably the hardest to survive in. Just because of everything
that can sort of spawn around you. Alright then, so we’ll just keep swimming around here. Whoa. No those are some high mountains. Okay, I’m just- Whoa, okay, and there’s another mushroom. Alrighty then, it looks like we’re getting a little more than we bargained for here. I still know my way, I’m just gonna turn around whenever I want to get back to that jungle. Wow. That is a tall mushroom, musroom? (laughs) Mushroom Island. These are incredibly tall mountains. Okay then we have some
options available to us for what we want to adventure today. This is like the farthest we’ve
ever ventured out as well, so its all really exciting. Um- hum… Yeah, but I believe we’ll
just keep looking around. And we’ll see where all this leads us. Like, once again the jungle’s here, and hum… I’m really tempted to climb over there and that will be our
little fort for the night. Like this whole mushroom island. Like wouldn’t that be awesome? Maybe we’ll find even one
of those mushroom cows, which I’ve never found, I don’t think. Um- hum… I don’t remember finding one. (laughs) Seems as though I haven’t so lets see… Lets, oh! There’s already a creeper
waiting for me over there. Hi creeper. Alrighty then. So, I think I want to hop out
of my boat, and hope it stays. He’s gonna hop on to me and
hope I you know, stay dead. (laughs) There I go. Took care of him. Now we’re just gonna keep
moving around though. You know, see if we can’t make
our way to the top of this. Like I said, if we can fort out a night, all the way up here? That be pretty cool. Not only would it be
just an interesting night to talk about. (fake southern accent) I survived myself on
a mushroom island once with nothing more than
mushroom stew to eat, (laughs) for thirteen years. Alright let’s get up
here, come on, come on. Yeah, okay we’re doing good. And I haven’t run into
too many spooky monsters, which is just a big thing. Um, last time we were on
a mushroom island though we found tons of coals, so hum… So not too much when it comes to the cows that I want to find. But hey, it’s still really cool up here. I like it a lot. Uh-oh, I heard- I thought I heard foot steps. (laughs) Creepy. Uh, hum… Good view too, like wow. I feel like we still, you know that we’re still you know at the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what we
can search in this seed. But of course if you guys
have ever found anything cool in this seed you know what to do. You guys should know if
you’ve watched episode one, that this seed is actually
just god-supertastic. So you can look that up
at any point in time. And enjoy the seed yourself. Alrighty then, huh hum.. I can see some monsters down below, have to be careful of those guys. Alright then. So, with that being said, we can just sort of enjoy the
view and survive the night. Alrighty then, the sun
is finally coming out. Actually the night went by pretty quickly. Usually the days and nights go by rather slowly in my opinion. But today it wasn’t that bad, so we could actually just
start slithering our way down. I barely saw any monsters either, so that was also a cool thing. And let’s- ooh- awh, don’t do that. (laughs) Ouch, okay then. Um…hop in the boat and we’ll get going, and hopefully by the time
we’re back at the jungle it is all daytime and stuff. Oh now, I’ll make it nice and all. So, over here we can
see parts of the jungle. You know we sort of
adventured up pretty darn far at this point. So, I bet the hard part is gonna be remembering once we go into the jungle and the thick of it and
everything like that, remembering where we left our boat. So I think a good way to remember that, of course where we came
from was out and around, so I can remember that
pretty easily enough. What I won’t be able to
remember is where my boat is. So what I think I might do is probably park my boat around here
and make a little dirt tower with the dirt I have right now. And hopefully we
accomplish two goals here, and one of them finding the
wonderful jungle temple. Oh no! What is this? What is that? Okay, it is doom. Look at this doom. Okay, Um… It won’t even let me
place my own block there. What is this? (laughs) Okay… um… I don’t even want to
know what that’s about. But either way we’ll just
make a nice dirt tower here. 13 blocks tall should be plenty tall. And we’ll try our best
to land in the water, that way we don’t die horribly. Just like this, yay! I got scared there for a moment. Okay then. So now we know, you know, let’s turn around and
look for that dirt tower and we’ll know exactly… We’ll put a torch there too. Just in case, just in case… There ya go. Now if it’s night time, and
we’re really in a pickle we know where to go, and hopefully know where
to find that kind of stuff. I also see some coal over
there which is awesome. Whoa. A ravine. (laughs) That’ll be helpful just in
case we need it as well. Just in this jungle, I’m not sure. ‘Cause this jungle biome is huge. Like it’s like a combination
of like 80 different jungle biomes from what I’ve seen. So, we definitely do
this as best as we can. Wow, that is a lot of cool. We’ll go from that ore then. We’ll go from that little vine, ’cause I don’t have any coal on me. And of course if I need wood,
it isn’t hard to find any. (laughs) Okay. Let’s go over here. And to just get a few of it. Just enough, just in case
I run out of these torches. Which I will eventually. Then of course I have
11 different potatoes, and some other food in
my inventory as well. Everything else, we’re
actually on good grounds for. It’s just making sure we get some coal. Which we do right now. And we’ll get, let’s say
like 10 to 15 of this. Makes it nice and easy. That, and this. This, and then that. (laughs) Alright, good, good, good. (cow mooing) Um, there we go 15, that should be enough. I’m sure we will find
more, if we need more. Now, the hard part of course,
is finding the ocelot, and getting it to come to us. I think that what we need
to do is we need to crouch and look away, and just let it come to us. Like that’s the biggest thing. That is our best bet with all of that. Alright, um… I feel like the best way to find an ocelot is just to get on high ground, look around, see if we can’t
find any moving around. It’s gonna be quite difficult. It was quite difficult the
first time we tried it. Probably gonna be even
harder this time around. Just because that’s how
zebra luck goes, so… (laughs) Let’s get started with it all. I keep searching high and low, but I don’t find an ocelot
no matter where I go. This is actually getting
a little troublesome and nerve wracking that
I’m literally finding not a single ocelot,
and it’s a huge jungle. Been looking all over the place. We’ve actually reached like the other side of this point of the jungle. What is happening right now, oh my. I am falling. (laughs) And it’s just like, where are they? Like, where could they have gone? Maybe they knew I was coming. They heard it from the
other ocelot down the vine, they were like, “Yo, that
Zebra guy’s coming. Hide.” (chuckles) Alrighty then, hum… I just, I don’t know. I’m just gonna keep looking
and hopefully we get lucky finding one, and finding one that isn’t
too temperamental with us. All that kinda cool stuff… Um, hum… Yeah, I’m not seeing too much still. Like we’ve gone pretty far
into the jungle at this point. I still know that I gotta go back there if I want to find my way back. But I mean, why would I ever
want to find my way back if I can’t even, if I can’t even like get the ocelot, there’s just no point of ever leaving. So at this point, I’ve spent nearly the entire minecraft day searching for an ocelot. With literally no luck. Like no turn out what so ever. I just, none have popped up. I’ve tried to be, you know
walk pretty darn slow. Ya know, be pretty like
you know, observant of what is around me. I’m waiting to turn around
and see like eight of them, trailing me, following me. Going, “Oh I want zebra for dinner.” But no, you’re not gonna eat me. I’m gonna have you as a
pet, and that’s final. But not if I can find any, if like none exists then there is no way I can possible get any. Which is sort of annoying. It’s like out of this huge
jungle I can’t find any, which is a pain ’cause I’ve
found the last time we did this I found two. Pretty easily too! So it’s like, come on… I hope to find some soon. If not then, oh well… I don’t know really too much more to do then to keep looking. At this point I’m thinking if we should make a
little home away from home out here in this jungle, just to increase the chances
of finding something ya know? I guess in the mean time while it’s dark we can look around. Oh geeze, or do that. Oh hi, buddies. We could look around for
some zombie villagers. Obviously these two
aren’t our culprits so, we can take them out. Get you and you, get out of here, come on. (zombie snarl) (laughs) But yeah, there really isn’t
too much we can do about it besides getting lucky. I’ve heard that of course they are rare, but I didn’t assume they’d be this rare. So, after a full minecraft
day of searching they very, very large jungle we
turned up empty handed. Which stinks. Our what’s it called is off this way. At this point I’m pretty
sure you don’t get pretty familiar with the
jungle at this point. So it isn’t too rough to find the stuff. But, hum… Besides of course the ocelot, but either way I think
we’ll finish it up with here for today. And next episode we’ll continue to look and maybe we will actually
build a house around there as all these evil monsters chase me. But either way, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed
today’s episode of minecraft. And I’ll see you guys next time, Bye, bye.

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