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Minecraft PS4 solo survival series

Minecraft PS4 solo survival series

what’s going on guys it’s VF plays here
and I’m going to be doing a ps4 solo Survival Series so let’s just call it
the VF plays there and then it’s just do this everything should be fine what this
has never happened to me before that was weird I’ve never ever spawn
that’s weird okay it’s an island there’s a water temple
over there yes it’s good ooh I know I did that by him a long time doing over
there so your sand bottom looks like running island which kind of sucks but
just hang and I have to deal with it here chicken get some food
where are you mr. chicken give me your flesh I’m not gonna eat yet cuz I need
to pick you but Jim why do you have so much shells come back here there we go don’t eat any feather Oh cows Oh tough
friend this is really weird biome is this gas per chip alright I’m gonna die once I go go go go go it’s
just clothes I think it’s on the islands it is that’s cool just one last petition
I guess okay ooh-kay toes and carrots that’s perfect give it back there go go
go go yeah all right go back to this island
grab the pumpkin and TV boo-boo I don’t still do that die die pinky I punch one
of the wolf’s in action this is gonna go very badly but I’m just hoping that they
don’t run in front of me while I’m punching this peepee poo-poo what I need
right now is freaking wool for oh yes freakin your beautiful beautiful dog
some pumpkins apple saplings oh there’s no going over
their home turtles son turds I free I don’t know how to make them
breed um but I’ll figure that out eventually I know you can read them and
get it’s like the water breathing I think it is helmet let me eat some
apples some more this oh here she I think that’s
yep that’s enough I can make a bed okay just hi okay that’s all that matters at
this point I’m gonna have to try to explore over there
actually first that’s fine it’s great treasure should be okay it’s over here I think it’s right in here don’t know
what is right so Matt oh Jesus that’s scary
go away now I’m slow I can’t mind anything it’s tresh is my hand moving
like that it’s bugging me no no no no oh I didn’t mean to what
please stop I didn’t meet a feed you here here here here no no Ron Ron Ron
Ron Ron runner all right right run these freaking dogs are gonna believe me
stop bullying me I didn’t mean to Frick please stop following me
okay good oh my god how long is this gonna last for like five minutes would
drown maybe it’ll drop I tried and oh my god he has a trend okay and not gonna go
near him he’s going to kill me there’s a lot of wool here alright guys I think
that’s the end of the video here because didn’t do a lot this video oh god he’s
still mad ok guys hope you guys enjoyed make sure they were like and subscribe
for more minecraft content and yeah eat your veggies

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