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Minecraft Skyblock Survival No Commentary Day 1

Minecraft Skyblock Survival No Commentary Day 1

No music… Kinda boring, with no music Everything should be on, so I dunno>_😀 *Prepare your Schwarzenegger voice* Sun: I’m back 😀 Sun: Are you kidding me? 🙁 Me: Yes>:D Sun: D: Me: Not gonna say anything? Sun: It´s not worth it 🙁 Me: Ok 😀 Sun: You’re missing some blocks, this is karma 😀 Me: Shut up 🙁

31 thoughts on “Minecraft Skyblock Survival No Commentary Day 1”

  1. Wow. I never thought that this video would ever get up to 200 views! Thanks! 😀
    (I know it doesn't look like much for most people, but for me it's a big deal)
    Edit: OMG over 500 now! 😀
    2nd Edit: OVER 700!!!
    3rd: 1.1k… wut? AND 21 likes
    4th: 2k and 34 likes. AND I'm popular enough now to have dislikes! XD

  2. The only thing I will say is you need more subs views likes and also more skyblock videos this is amazing +1 sub and like

  3. My first idea was to melt the ice so you have water, remove the lava from the bucket and and put the water in it, then put it on the edge so you could slowly drift downwards. But I dont think its possible.

    The nostalgia though… Minecraft is so precious

  4. I just wanted a no commentary playthrough of skyblock so I could recreate it on console but then the music came in and I was hit with nostalgia and cried. It's hard to believe how minecraft has left such a permanent blessing on a lot of us

  5. YES! Finally find a video were everyone isn't high strung and being overly excited, just peaceful sounds and Minecraft music.

  6. Dude please continue I haven’t felt like this in 7 years due to my Minecraft account has been lost and I don’t want to go to another channel like Jerome cause he talks to loud

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