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Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 -MEATPOLES ARE BACK?! [4]

Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 -MEATPOLES ARE BACK?! [4]

r opinion, d are nofv2 wrong answers, if ygrgegerg22v andqsvscdv mefxeat pole, which would you choose? Spoiler alevfevrv23bv The wrong answer is meat poefv Ehm, well before g3rt ht4han, What?t rtht You got to promise, 3rgb? to keep an open mind about whatever you see and keep in mind that this is my week, so I decide what goes on basically. This is Crainer’s week of SkyFactory. Everything is your plan. Can i log on? You can now log on, yes, but promise me you’ll keep an open mind and do not hit me with your sword not that there’ll be any reason to, yeah, you’re gonna be really happy What have you done… Nothing… I’m still logging in. No it’s I think you broke my game Crainer Whatever you have done has broken my- Okay I’m here. Are you here? Suprise! I made the base pretty again dude! You changed everything to Dirt Do you realise how long this actually took to do? I can only imagine because the only way to get dirt Is from saplings Yep Yep. It took a Frick ton of time But Ian I have good news What? We have a brand new Friend over here! dude come say hi to him We have a brand new Friend? uh huh come in here Do you see all this grass yeah i see all the grass its because of this guy You know what this guy does, the rooster WE HAVE A ROOSTER?! yeah he just spawned in and all of these babies came along and you know whats really cool ian What? he poops everywhere look chicken manoure so when you right click the ground with this it Grows stuff so the rooster craps out manure and you can use this to grow Grass its basically like bone meal I assume That is Beautiful this new sky factory is awesome I mean granted you changed the world to dirt That freakin sucks but now we have a rooster that craps everywhere i like this uh. And you know what Ian? Since it’s my week I Want you to name the rooster you’re gonna let me name the rooster! yeah dude its your rooster dude, go ahead okok i gotta think of a name i gotta think of a name Crainer i gotta think of a name i got an anvil oh wait we need a name tag dang it we don’t have that yet Until we get a name tag i will be thinking of a name well what were doing today may give you the ability to eventually craft one So what are we doing today? make the rules and I have a mission for you you have a mission for me she’s doing remember all the times you pushed me out of the world that was not made no no it was not me i want you to find out there somehow so we could get my cheap with go back and also this another positive thing that comes out of that what just forget the chief but you just be okay oh that’s right we get so you want me to go down there to pick up your skulls well you know what they killed me dude it’s only fair ok ok i have a good board okay I’m okay I’m going why do you think milk i thought i could place milk it go down with milk dang it i’m gonna bother us check i felt going down she’s there you go roller want to make you what i like it i did some cobblestone I’ve got goin down ok let’s add this mixture just forget the one that asked my teeth with being created what I what I gotta build down i gotta build down there we go thank you ok we’re going to every time with you ok ok hold on hold on i’m gonna stay right here okay so putting that right there since you’re standing there that’s the achievement right we got it I ok we got the achievement yep we ever mention we gotta build a layer underneath our base we did it I’m done I’ve done no no he had you have to get it i’m going to get stalked out if you remove this and I want my achievement India’s have done differently and 0000 do you got against I’m gonna get strong man you know what are you doing it no now and and and the I’m so that is this settings play and it’s gonna kill me before the bottom because you’re set yeah do you realize how many items I at greater okay what are you doing something wholly that was all planned fled because where you put the whole down where the water was there wasn’t anything down here to build on now there is a crater it it’s enough it’s all part of a plan oh and troubling well I what if I destroy this all you should actually just try to get the greatest alright yeah just destroy the Greystone it be on top of it when you destroy you never got all your stuff yeah i got i got all of your stuff ok so it don’t show it off the platform now since it’s a crater at 2i I’m sorry I’ve murdered you but it was offered a plan okay look at my little head dude you get your head is kind of just like staring from the grave it actually looks really creepy looks like he’s piercing my show you know that ok here it is this one the one with your achievement book there’s your achievement but dude holy crab I had a lot i see greater what what look down at the platform hey my mistake mistakes that have been made and again this kind of defeat what I wanted to we have an idea what we got it goes out that you know what do know but we have to we don’t get Josh me okay let me make a sword first solo record of past things and then we will venture down there this is my episode you okay we do she can stop what is my episode okay I get that whole nite creator give me a minute i need i need to milk my cows and I need to make food can be made i need to build my calculus you do that deagol ok crater i have ate cheese were working i have a sort we’re good we’re good human you just said before we just started this I did not plan for it to be this way but and this is kind of funny and I want to try and take over that platform down there do you have a bucket I i do here there’s your budget ok thankyou thankyou so and i want you to go first you know scout the location a little bit tell me something out of her sake only and craters episode will we look at this hitch full mob talking to the fire Adele can push somebody say you’re still the knife we did you put water yeah but I want to see what pushes him off the edge 40 you’re trying to push them all that blow it up blowing up our stop they’re all everybody goes do they all follow a golf-ball-like Craner I’m gonna be in here with it ok ok ok ok you hear something I don’t know desire straighter player dad dad dad 100 and yeah else you want to try again thank you to move it you wash up and go go back go back that ok ok ok ok so what’s your what’s your end goal here okay we’re good we’re good what’s your endgame you did you die what’s up okay okay good I’m here I’m here I’m your skype just got to be inside situation now you there ok so your end goal is to clear this platform right yes we have deklay gold you clear okay okay look at it all got it if you ever get clear doing yeah oh my goodness you have so many animals in your face I’m this this is a normal day yes and he and what I’ve done with this down here everything ok all i need any torches crater down there I i have no clue but I don’t want what just happened to happen again okay where do you and I appreciate what you’ve been doing down there but I want you to come up again and then take a look at what I’ve made because they’ll still be somebody went down there you know and when I got what we needed from down did you come up in luck so this platform is useless now I mean I cannot but it didn’t really want to break your heart can I at least torch it can I at least finish watching it get it you get you touch it ok I i I’m almost done one more spot one more spot rate care ok it’s all for everything is safe down you okay you okay you look what your hard work got you cuz its football against man ok so this platform is no longer needed you have what you need from it great yes ok I’ll of us here what did you make what I was down there I don’t mean it should be yourselves so you’re telling me you may need jumped out there to kill bobbies and get murdered so you can make meat polls you just risked your life for me pulse how do you feel about that sir no no yet in the end of the platform stop using ok copped out we’re going to use it for another thing I just wanted to know a little joke on you okay you killed me formate polls no not only meatballs to be posted something to do with it yes but it was also bought greater good ok ok i just try follow your step here you just called out and follow me okay are you got going and going and going ok did you know how do you know i’m a thrill junkie i love the thrill ok ok I’m here so what you what what are we doing with this Craner we need to strain it into a money bomb homie over making Bob farm uh-huh it’s fine up way for the bus to spawn as you can clearly see so that’s why I was like well let’s just use this down here Oh check crater you weren’t all full of dub ish made with that kind of mission she steals me you know it out how dumb am I didn’t even not not all the way full so i said i just want to let you know that you are incredibly close to the edge of their platform ok we’re going we’re all friends here we’re friends here okay all right before I have a platform over here is this good good I mean yeah you’re doing pretty good view but the floor needs to be something else if you make this for dirt i will i will press my left mouse button right now no don’t do it I don’t get a moment I like 16 times that the show bro okay so we’re gonna make it back here right hi it needs to be a bit bigger don’t see ya he get bigger we need are we need water actually know what this is your episode of not thinking i’m turning off my plane turning off the after a drink no more a musician we need a lot of lightning strikes stole what in spike ok well the woman look I’ll go make those while you make it ok would in spike okay that’s easy i’m gonna go make about how many do we need and a crab time travelers the entire floor is not a crap ton it yet Krabs not exactly dude yeah okay okay good i will go make a crap time I guess I’m finally figure out what a crap ton actually is I’m going to make a crap ton ok crater i have that i have the spikes are forced by finally got it okay coming down coming down coming down here and up like oh thank you i’ll be trusted you fail that he assisted excuse me sir excuse me Henry let me get my stuff okay i love you staying up in DC system so this is gonna be the drop zone so i need to put on it can you clear some of this stuff out and I don’t put anything i need to put the spikes down ok just by sound be okay so put spike spike spike spike spike like that right especially is that wraps on that is a crap ton let’s good job he indicated you made it ok so we need to finish after i’m not thinking i’m not taking credit information to finish this build you something and push down and into the spy could be like key you know okay okay i’m not using my brain I’m gonna hang out with Henry hang out with Henry I’m going to decide this thing at night clubs can you get us about couple soap i can give you more cobblestone they’re gonna hang out with Henry we are both going to sit here and just yeah no don’t yes and especially told yes with him via ok Henry yeah just yeah Kevin please help ok doc I have more cobblestone ok you got some balls get are we going out and coming down coming down coming down fail again okay good love that ok so it just made me feel ya do this is looking good ok so we have the platform’s here where the mobs are going to spawn correct and then analyzed the module just mindlessly walk around until they land in the water and the water will push them down to the spikes and then they’ll just died a death on the spikes you like it i like your Creator you did good you can’t get out of it and I wanted to check your deal wait what you want to do that because you killed me like 50 times do okay so it’s complete it’s done i think that was just– it’s like maybe go upstairs you don’t have a couple of companies like bacon to India’s in the swimming pool together and then we should be good so we just wait this is our Bob farm I many are like it but this one is ours the dishes hours and it’s the best ok printing press f7 model spot here is my parents came and then is he dog always greater you have heard head rain why did you sorry is it because it didn’t say dad every is it is it because they didn’t say yes did you see he’s dead now rested piece Henry I could brighten up Griner credit stayed out there and stop it i mean 230 k stay out there I don’t want to stay mad okay we made us wait are you using my meat pole yes here now and said maybe this is what I check about your meat holes so that the white meatballs it’s going to give us so much games and your way to get what it will you do it is my cheese not good enough for you know these things there you go there’s your stupid meet its my beef jerky view argc and a place down there in a plate see that I don’t got going and going and going and going it used to just get me every time you jump off oh there’s anything about that later when you look at all over Bob it won’t show your greater killer ball oh god this is seen in years oh the freaking holy crab crater this means we can check this off of the list and drills will fit b/c of knob slob what-what-what must be scary for me meet pulse and also maybe those goody bags then we always get la P&I ABS I’m seriously i’m going to show you how are you going to sue me when your decapitated thank you credit back thank you thank you feel here’s this mob farm isn’t say we haven’t had one this crazy in a while this is the best ever this is good good job creator black dude right now we’re going to add this episode here and get if you guys are still enjoying this series be sure to hit that like button down below also if you’re at all due to either of our channels of course hit the subscribe button crater pop yet you don’t go today I am proud of you aside from the meat polls i am proud of you say cutie not push me off Thank You Ian so bye bye we will see again

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  1. 11:21
    Ssundee: lets see what have you done
    Crainer: surprise

    Ssundee: what have you brung upon this cursed land

  2. remember that one episode in that one season where ssundee and crainer kept throwing poop that they collected at each other?

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