Minecraft: Survival Games #1 The Original Battle Royale

Helloooooooo We’re playing Minecraft, aw shoot i’m a girl I forgot I’m a girl skin. Alright, Leo you ready? Perhaps, alright Wanna tell the viewers what were doing today? playing some Survival games that was so unexciting That was my plan THANKS were playing survival games! games of the survival Basically hunger games. Wait is this the same one we played last time Yes So we suck really bad at this, but maybe just maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll win it for the video Or I will ya know? Or you will Hopefully its me though Which is uh Yes, go ahead and start it How do I? OH OOPS I went to survive not survival games How do I go to the hub it should be like Oh /hub oops Survival games. Alright, I’ll just edit that out oops, okay we’re in survival games Forgets to edit it out. For whoever doesn’t know how this game works. It’s like fortnite, but Better please say sike right now. The objective of this game is to be the last one alive Well, that’s kind of like a battle royale only that in this there isn’t a zone pushing you in only a deathmatch at the end after it’s been It’s been going on for quite a while. There are chests scattered all around the map with items for you to fight So let’s hope that we can win one of these today Oh my god I froze Armor All right, so Me and pyro sapphire are not gonna team we’re just gonna avoid each other for The majority of the game and see if we can both make it to deathmatch and see which one of us can win Hopefully, it’s me. Oh my god, that sound terrifies me So dark. I like how there’s peaceful minecraft music playing in the background as I’m running through a forest, with somebody potentially chasing me trying to kill me ow Alright, I need to find a chest. Oh shoot thats a player I basically have to get off like right now OMG you have to go like in the middle of the video? Yes, I got a kill though so. Lucky you I don’t even have a sword I gotta kill my fists You’re crazy Alright dude, I guess i’m going to have to rerecord this then Probably be like, oh he unexpectedly died and then he rage quit rage quitter RAGE QUITTER Alright I found some armor some more armor I think I have a full set now yeah. I need a sword though Yes Alright Leo Okay, Bye bye ALT uh F4 Alright, okay, I’m gonna kill this guy *intense music beings to play* ahhhhhhhh He just died I did’nt even get to Touch him, I mean I killed him. I’m so good All right, so he came from over there which means he probably looted whatever was up there that Star so hard to smoke because it’s supposed to be slow-paced Guys I’m pretty sure that you get your health back whenever you get killed. I Can’t be tripping almost like Iron leggings Gold potatoes gold I can make a sword Should I go make an iron sword or should I save it? Let’s see if I can get diamonds Oh I can make up something steel – oh Shoot The Nostalgia playing this game so strong The original Battle Royale I’m making Get over here I Bet those guys were teaming cuz we just walked up to him and was like, okay over there he’s like, huh? Okay What this does a lot of damage I? Think I don’t really know how this this works southern attack damage that looks sounds like a lot more than four I could use it better sword and butter arm There’s No idea what’s up Yes, let’s go I got a diamond alright I gotta make my way to spawn as fast as I can Oh Look is this That doesn’t make sense I hate that I get stuck for no reason Respond you stole This phone has to be in the center something Dang it. I Need a crafting table. Ah I’m about to get pulled into the deathmatch without the items that I need Or could have Well, here it is let’s go we’re gonna make this thing and then I know there’s a crafting table here somewhere I Have to do parkour to get up here. Oh My god, I can’t I can’t get up here Oh my god, I’m so bad Okay, I did that by myself, let’s come this is my first time recording it nice I Want to play another one Let’s go oh Oh This game is gonna be great I can feel another Victory oh The goal human tastes good store them here Okay, that’s weird look these guys are teeny No, no No, I don’t want to die Let’s go On the pro Hmm iron legs that’s it. I won this game. There’s no way I can lose this. Oh God No, no, okay. No, no. No what? Okay, everybody that’s gonna be it for this episode of survival games. I hope you guys enjoyed thank you for watching. Bye. Bye

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