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Minecraft Survival Games: #2 So Much Fail! :’l

Minecraft Survival Games: #2 So Much Fail! :’l

Hi there youtube its KidProGamer here with another video of Survival Games. 😀 Anyways as you can see no more elmo :D. now there is only turtle power Anyways lets get started and play some Survival games Imma bacca fan 😀 O my what long hair you have 😀 O My O_O in all my years i have never seen such a golden dick 😀 Ok thats enough i dont want anymore I said i dont want anymore!! 😀 Get away from me u dirty dog 😀 yea thats right leave you man whore 😀 NO Get Away From Me!!!!!! 😀 Stay Back im warning you!!! 😀 I’m warning you i have turtle power 😀 Get Out Of You Weird-O Ok Thats It im about to unleash my turtle power on you!!!!!!! 😀 Feel my wrath (he’s over 9000!!!!) 😀 Your lucky the game started you gold dick i was about to unleash my turtle power on you 😀 Yes i got a iron helmet!! 😀 Yes a stone axe!! 😀 Who’s ready to get chopped!! 😀 O shit WTF?!!! cmon cmon i have to kill him. Turtle Power Activate!!!!! O God he’s too strong his power level is over 9000!!!!!!!! 😀 O no the lag!!!! My TURTLE POWERS CANT BEAT THAT!!!! O wow OMFG!!!! WHyyy :’I whoah its gold dick guy!! o i remember him he was a dirty dog 😀 Hey, Hey, Hey, the turtle is here helloo?? Look at me not him. Stop starring at his golden dick!!!!>:I Im definitely gonna win this time for sure 😀 OMG i dont need armor i need a weapon!!! OMG the lag Tho WOW I’m done!!!! WTF Yay a diamond and golden boobs how can life get any better? 😀 Pls dont kill me. You wouldnt kill a turtle would you nice man? 😀 That was close 😀 OMG WDF? no no i dont wanna die not like this!!! Nooooo My golden boobs. and my diamond!!!!!!>:I NOOOO i will never Forgive you Minecraft Ever!!! Im So done im never playing Minecraft ever again. (Rage Quit) FOREVER!!! :’I Well since I’m Never Playing Minecraft again and im crying I’m ending the video here 😀 I hope you Like, Subscribe, and PEACE OUT 😀

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