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Minecraft Survival Games Funny Moments

Minecraft Survival Games Funny Moments

There is something here We haven’t won a single game No It’s sad Where are you? Look here Get it I’m curious to see what’s in it though You gonna do it? What’s in it? Food This is a weird chest It looks like 505 All right, how are we gonna win? You got a stick? I’ve got a fish I thought you were going with that feather No no no, I’m going with the stick That way you can poke him in the ass I’ve got your stick Where are you? On the roof Strong men Exactly the same Behind you Behind you You have to go down there Go work for me Come here boy Come down here I don’t trust him Go in there boy. I already took everything He didn’t even thank you Don’t act crazy He’s got a weapon He’s coming Go upstairs You should’ve gone upstairs with me He’s coming He’s after me I see you I’m going upstairs You see me? I’m upstairs I’m waiting ’til he comes okay? Oh, he’s dead Did he fall? He’s here Why did I do that Nice car Get in I can’t Oh, you’re too fat Let’s go that way We were just there I know Hey, ice cream Can I have a mocha, chocolate, vanilla ice cream? You have to buy ice cream He’s coming Get out Go into that house Where do you go upstairs?! Where the fuck are these stairs? He’s coming Let’s get him I didn’t see you Thanks Why is he running? Stay here Where are those fucking stairs? I wanted to sell some ice cream He’s coming Run away so we can sell our ice cream Let’s both get in Come here Upstairs! He’s coming Close the door I have to eat Let’s get out Do Jackass I think they’re really close Are they behind us? Get back inside Where? In the basement Downstairs Oh, there’s more I legit can’t see anything Me neither Where are you? I can see something I see glass Oh, it’s a maze I’ve lost it Me too F*ck, how are we going to get out? I don’t know where you are I don’t know where I am either Is someone coming downstairs? I hear something How is he here already Fuck this Let’s go I can’t see anything but ok I see light here Watch out Run We made it Oh, there’s only four people left Let’s fight I’m dying I’m standing next to Shrek SHREK IS PUNCHING ME HELP ME I hear stuff I hear stuff behind me Yeah that’s me BEHIND ME BEHIND YOU I got hit again It’s Hitler. He’s punching me Don’t act crazy, Adolf Get out of here, ya crazy Come here Look at him. Adolf What’s this bullshit Oh, let’s get out of here Give me something I’ve only got trousers Otherwise I feel my breasts in the wind There’s someone What’s this nonsense Yeah I went back too Keep him inside That was kind of sad though Shoot him! YOU’RE MISSING EVERYTHING Yeah you’re dead There’s someone behind me, punch him Get him UGH What? MY sandwich is fucking disgusting OH MY GOD Why? Dude. This isn’t a cheese croissant. I usually like them But this one.. This cheese is rotten or something This isn’t healthy They did that on purpose This isn’t cheese Then, what is it? Yeah Ok It’s cheese but like rotten cheese If I had to eat this… Didn’t you eat it? No, I put it back on my plate What is this What’s this bullshit Yeah are you crazy.. I’m gonna kill someone because he’s after me I’m dead. He knocked me off I’m stuck I’m dead Where is he? He’s not coming

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