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Minecraft Survival Games : INSERT DEPRESSING NAME!

Minecraft Survival Games : INSERT DEPRESSING NAME!

Scott: Warning! Anyone with psychological shovel trauma should not watch this video. (chuckling)
(intense music) Scott: Hey guys, Scott
here, and I’m with Andrew, FireRockerzStudios, and today we are back with another episode of Survival Games. I’ve never filmed Survivor Games with you, and I just woke up, and
this is gonna be intense, I’m really tired, I’m not
ready for this kind of commitment, I’m, oh God, this is great. Andrew: I think we’re
gonna do good, you know? I can’t see your skin,
something is being weird with the Mojang servers,
but, you know what? Scott: Am I like the best-looking
Steve you’ve ever seen? Andrew: Yeah! Right here, you’ve got the name owner, so I think
I can tell who you are. There’s a good chance that
everyone’s gonna try to kill us. We’re gonna just get destroyed, aren’t we? Scott: I don’t know, I have to sneeze. Do you want to hear me sneeze? Andrew: Yes. Scott: I can’t sneeze, I lied. Andrew: Oh, see I sneezed
earlier today, but a little bit of poop almost
came out, it was bad. It’s the Indian food. Scott: You should probably
get checked by a doctor. Andrew: I wanted to. Scott: That doesn’t sound normal. Andrew: Yeah, I know, it’s not… I can’t do anything about it. For some reason, my skin
is here, but no one else… Oh God, we’re gonna get destroyed. Should I even bother going for the chest, or should we just like run away? Scott: Dude, I’ve never lost ever. Okay, okay I’m dying, I’m just kidding! I’m losing, I’m losing!
Help! Andrew save me! Oh God, I’m not ready for this, I’m not ready to die
like this, oh my God, no! Andrew: Are you dead? Are you done? Scott: No, I’m right behind
you, I’m right behind you. Andrew: Okay.
Scott: Quick, save me. Scott: Save me, save me, save me, save me. Andrew: Where are you? Oh, you’re invisible, I
don’t know how to save you. I’m just gonna follow the butter sword, ’cause it’s just floating,
you’re completely invisible. Scott: Okay, follow the potato. Andrew: How are you invisible? Scott: Because it’s… Oh shit! Andrew: Oh, what happened? Scott: Screw this guy, I hate him, Oh God! Andrew: Oh, I see you,
I’ll be emotional support, I can’t really do much at the moment. Scott: Ugh, did that guy go away? Andrew: Yeah, he’s over there. Scott: Alright, I hate him
so much, I’m going after him. Andrew: Oh, I, we don’t have weapons, Okay YOU have a weapon. Scott: I’m going after him. Andrew: I’ll be behind
you, I’ll slap him around. Scott: Swiggity swootie,
give me that bootie! Digga digga dunt duh,
digga digga dunt duh. Can you give me a
dramatic background music while I go and kick his ass? Andrew: (rhythmic vocalizations) Oh wait, I don’t think that’s… Scott: No, that was like… Andrew: Da dah dant
dah, da da dant dant duh Da dah dant dah, da da dant dant duh You finally killed him,
wow you killed him. Wait, did you kill him? Scott: Nope, I need more music! Give me more music! Andrew: Dah dah dah dah… Scott: Thanks, man. Andrew: Ooh, a little chest. Scott: Thanks, man. Andrew: Can I have a
weapon, and/or a stick? Scott: No, but you can have a shovel. Andrew: Cool! A shovel’s
pretty much like a weapon. Except it’s also a tool. Scott: It’s mainly a weapon for like a zombie apocalypse scenario. Andrew: Yeah, I mean, if you
think about it in real life, a shovel’s a pretty good weapon. I got hit by a shovel once. Yeah, there was a fly on my head. Scott: So like, someone
tried to hit the fly with a shovel, or… Andrew: I think they were
using the fly as an excuse, and they just wanted to hit me, but… Scott: Jesus, that’s so dark. Andrew: Yeah, it was morbid.
Scott: So sad. Andrew: No, it was fun. Scott: How was that fun? Andrew: When you get hit by a shovel, you just fall into a state
of limbo, and you see things. It’s pretty cool, I
thought I was gonna die. Scott: So, wait a minute, you got hit by a hallucinogenic shovel. Andrew: No, it was a normal
shovel, but my brain… Scott: But you started
hallucinating off of a shovel. Andrew: Well, I though I was gonna die, so my brain released all of the magic… Scott: Wieners? Andrew: Yeah! Scott: So you like got
shot up with wieners. Andrew: Yeah, so Wiener World. There were just wiener
dogs everywhere, and Obama. Scott: This is like a trap. Did you say Obama? Andrew: Obama. Scott: Okay, I’m actually concerned for your mental well-being, I’m scared. Andrew: Yeah, the shovel
did damages. (laughing) Yeah, can’t explain it, it’s not good. Scott: Warning! Anyone with psychological shovel trauma should not watch this video! Andrew: Yeah, it brings back stuff. Every now and then I just hear the sound, and I feel myself… Scott: I can’t tell if you’re
kidding, are you kidding? Andrew: No! Scott: Are you actually serious? Andrew: Yeah. Scott: Uh, really? Andrew: Yeah, I’ve had
an interesting childhood. Scott: God, I’m sorry. Andrew: I almost got
kidnapped by a bird once. I was too fat, though,
but it still attacked me. Nibbled on my ear, that’s
why I don’t have earlobes. Scott: I don’t even have
to do anything in this commentary, I could just sit back… Andrew: It’s pretty interesting. Scott: This is good stuff right here! Andrew: I thought I was
pregnant the other day. Yeah, my nipples were just lactating. They weren’t actually
milk, it was just sweat, but only in that area, I don’t know why. Scott: Okay, so let me
just get this straight. In less than a minute and
a half, we’ve gone from talking about a shovel,
to lactating nipples, to getting abducted by a bird. Andrew: Uh, yeah, Big Bird,
actually it was a seagull. Scott: What is even happening? A seagull’s not big enough to abduct you! Andrew: Oh this one was. This was an insane seagull, I mean, it was like a seagull on steroids. Scott: What is that, I’m so confused. Andrew, stop, stop it! Let’s talk about what’s
happening in Survival Games. Andrew: Uh, okay. Scott: You’re confusing
the crap out of me. Andrew: So, we are not dead. Ooh, there’s a chest, and
then there’s another chest, I shall check this chest. (gasps) There’s armor, and
there’s some more armor. My mouse is all, like, glitchy,
so I have to drag and drop. Scott: Just believe in yourself, man. Andrew: I’m failing at
believing in myself, I’ll be honest, at this
point, it’s just… Oh God! Oh, sorry… Scott: Are you okay? You alright? Andrew: I heard the sound,
and I farted a little, but I’m good, I’m good now. Scott: Yeah, yeah you’re alright? Andrew: I’m hoping… Scott: Okay, good. Andrew: Believe in myself…
Scott: Making sure. I’m like actually concerned
you’re gonna turn on me after everything that I’ve heard so far, I’m actually concerned
about your mental state. I feel like you’re gonna attack me. Andrew: I want to be a dinosaur, when I was younger I really
wanted to be a dinosaur. Scott: Oh dear God, here we go again. Andrew: What? (chuckling) It was step-brothers that
brought it back into my head, I’m like, really, it’d be cool. There’s a person! There’s a person! Scott: Alright, I got this, I got this! Stand back, stand back, son! Ahhhh! Andrew: Are we attacking? Scott: I guess so, I was… Andrew: Do you want me to make sounds? (rhythmic vocalizations) Scott: Thanks, man. Andrew: dah dah dah, duh duh dant dan Scott: Thanks, man. Andrew: Oh, I think we’re
almost there, you got him. Scott: Yeah, he’s almost dead. Andrew: He’s… I wish I had a bow. I’m just gonna, like,
pretend I have a bow. Like, I have a bow, but
I don’t have arrows, so I’m just gonna hold it. Scott: Oh, damn it, no, the
worst parkour ever, damn it! Andrew: It’s okay, it cold
have been a lot worse, Oh God, oh he actually has
a bow, he actually has one. Ugh, it’s just water? Scott: You’re gonna live, man, it’s cool. Andrew: I can’t swim. Scott: I’ve got this,
trust me, I’m a doctor. Andrew: No you’re not, you’re a scientist. Scott: You’re not supposed
to tell people that, shhhh. Alright, we’re back! Do you ever have those moments, where you just have something
behind your monitor, and then you look at it,
and you’re like, holy crap, and it turns out that it’s just, bam, Bodill’s face just staring at you? Andrew: Yeah. Scott: That’s what just happened. Holy shit, what the fuck was that? Andrew: Um, gorillas? Scott: Uh, no. Andrew: Yeah? Scott: Are you okay, man? Andrew: No, this is what
happens when you get me right after I wake up, my
brain’s still in dreamland. Scott: Are you still asleep, like… Andrew: Yeah, like my
left eye hasn’t woken up, I’m actually seeing like
rainbows on the left side, Scott: Oh, you’re like that one thing, where like people see
things and hallucinate when they haven’t had
enough sleep, or whatever? Andrew: Yep, my dreams are weird. Scott: What is that called, like… Andrew: Stupid. Scott: No. Andrew: Yeah, (laughing)
that’s what my Mom said. Scott: Oh my God, this
thing gets so morbid, every joke gets so
morbid, stop it, stop it! Here you go, take this. Andrew: I have a bow, and a
couple of arrows, where are you? Scott: I just gave you a sword. Andrew: Oh, ooh wait, (gasp) hi, ‘sup? I got a sword. Scott: Good job, man, you
got that sword, you did it. Andrew: It’s wooden. Scott: It is? Andrew: Yeah. Scott: It IS wooden. Andrew: A very, very worthy sword. Would you like a bow? Scott: Uh, maybe. Andrew: I have two, I have
two bows, where’d you go? Scott: I’m trying to get, I’m not saying I’m trying
to get away from you, but I’m trying to get away from you. Andrew: Oh, just like every woman in my life except for my… Scott: Oh my God, why does everything get so morbid with you? (laughing) Andrew: It’s a morbid lifestyle. Scott: Oh God, it’s just like, this should just be called
the depressing video. Andrew: I can talk about happy stuff. Scott: Okay. Andrew: I saw this penguin
once, and I named it Jeffrey. Scott: How was that? Andrew: It was good, I went
to Sea World and he was there. He died, like, a year… Scott: God damn it! Andrew: What? Scott: It just got morbid again! Andrew: Okay, okay, I had a pet lizard. Scott: Yeah? Andrew: Nah, he died too. Scott: Oh, fuck dude. Andrew: Okay, happy
stuff, we could do a duet. I like big, oh wait, never mind. Scott: I like big butts and I cannot lie, all you other brothers
can’t deny, go Andrew! Andrew: …itty bitty waist,
and I’d like those in your face, ooh, dude, there’s a
chest pack here. (gasp) Scott: I though you were, I swear to God I thought you were gonna turn
that song into something… Andrew: Kanye West? Scott: That’s not Kanye West! Andrew: Yeah, it is. Scott: That’s Fat Albert! Andrew: Oh, never mind,
I don’t know this stuff. I don’t have friends. Scott: Jesus. Andrew: I found this
stick, you want a stick? Scott: No. Andrew: I got the magic
stick, dat dat dah, I wish I was Jamaican, that would just make my voice so much better. (laughing) C’mon, you do too. Scott: I could not imagine your voice with a Jamaican accent. Andrew: (with accent)
C’mon man, I don’t know. (robust laughing) Scott: Wait, are we just like, racist, or do Jamaicans actually sound like that? Andrew: Yeah, they do, I
went to school with them. And Haitians, they’re really cool people. Scott: I have tons of Asian
friends, I live in Washington… Andrew: Oh, no, no, I
meant Haitians, it’s like Asian, but Haitian, they’re
from Haiti, remember? Scott: Really? Andrew: Yeah! Scott: Oh, I said Asian,
okay we’re back, so (laughing) You’re making me
cut out so much shit, man! Andrew: Oh, come on! Scott: It’s questionable, I can’t… Andrew: It’s not questionable,
it’s like my sexuality, everyone thinks of it,
oh wait, never mind. I like turtles? Scott: You think I’m gay? Andrew: No, people think I am. Scott: Really? Andrew: Or that I have a fetish for cats. Given, I do love my cats
very much, where are you? Scott: I’ve ran away from you.
Andrew: (screams) Scott: Are you there? Andrew: Sorry, a chest just
fell down in front of me and made me poop a little, but I’m good. Scott: Oh my God, there’s
like a gangster pack of friggin’ skeletons, yo
man, how ya doing’ man, you want to try to fight me? Andrew: Do you kill it? Scott: Oh crap, okay… Andrew: Oh no, no I can’t
do this, I can’t do this, this is way too much
pressure, where you at? Scott: I’m eating, I’m getting ready… Andrew: This guy wants to kill me, oh, I’m eating too, wait, what is this? Scott: Uh! (screams, then laughter) Andrew: Oh, what a morbid
ending to a morbid life. Scott: Are you kidding me? That guy was like getting
chased, and dying, and then he turns to me, and
he fucking just kills me! Andrew: I just got
slapped into a lava pit. That was not fun, I was
doing pretty good for myself. I just lost you, I was looking
for you around the world, and then, bam, I get teleported to hell. Scott: I’m dead too, man, that
happened to me, I was there. Andrew: I was expecting Satan to like say, “Hey, it’s your time, you didn’t
make it, welcome to hell.” But no, it was just like, here you go. Scott: I don’t think
Satan actually does that. I think you’re thinking
of the Grim Reaper. In religious standpoint, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t go to each individual person, he just kind of chills
there on his throne. Andrew: I thought he was gonna like, bring me into someplace
and we were gonna sit… Scott: Did you see how like,
dark and morbid that got? You’re turning me into
this, what have you created? Andrew: I don’t know. Scott: Anyway guys, thank you
guys so much for watching. If you’re in the mood for some more dark, disturbing
commentaries, make sure to check out Andrew’s channel. (laughing) Andrew: It’s not at all like this, I don’t know what’s wrong
with me today. (laughing) Scott: I feel like I picked the perfect time to record with you. Andrew: Yeah, I’m constipated. Scott: I think every time you’re asleep, I’m gonna jar you out of a
sleep, just so we can film, Andrew: No, it’s not even that… Scott: So I can see what you say next. Andrew: I was trying
to go to the bathroom, and I looked, and there
was no toilet paper left. This is what you get when
I don’t have toilet paper. Scott: That has nothing
to do with this, oh God! Andrew: I’m holding it
in, and it’s Indian food, my stomach can’t handle that. Scott: Yeah, that was your
first time having Indian food. Andrew: Yeah. Scott: Anyway, thank you
guys so much for watching. If you guys like this commentary, you need this channel, click that like and that subscribe
button, also make sure to check out Andrew’s channel
in the description below. But anyway guys, thank
you so much for watching, we’ll see you guys later, goodbye!

100 thoughts on “Minecraft Survival Games : INSERT DEPRESSING NAME!”

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