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Minecraft- Survival Island [398] Mind Blowing Crafting!

Minecraft- Survival Island [398] Mind Blowing Crafting!

so now we gotta make it Mel tree great well at least we have eight stacks of crap we’re gonna smell this up in the smoke smelting room there we go growl there we go it’s really the grains have been finding they had like an animated texture that is quick while we wait for that let’s see what else we need so we need to make energetic alloys so can you get a stack of gold the stack of glowstone dust and a stack of redstone dust that will allow us to get energetic alloy stack of golds yep stack of redstone does stack of I know Oh so once we get the energized oh we have rah why is this game so I’d industrial powder coating they’re at risk the glowstone I’m freaking out oh my god oh my what dumb what the Frick this pack does make things hard what are you trying to do I’m trying to get glowstone it’s not where is it here Mike where I just found it where are you what’s always been I’m right here okay what do you want me to do with all this keep it for now because we gotta throw it into the smell tree where are we making our smeltery should we just make it up here here let it break the carpet just yeah not only hear it so it’s gonna be a tiny smelter he doesn’t have to be huge well I want all of it gun why it’s raining outside nananana game roll do weather cycle you know it’s very simple to hit a button right false what you hit the inventory and button at a top left this is toggle rain yeah but that’s not permanent the game roll is permanent it won’t rain ever again unless I tell it to another thing that’s not realistic in this week seared bricks I have nine hundred and eighty torches left just wanna let you know I know all right oh we’re running a little under a thousand people there remember that yep how annoying you Russ yep it’s cool the first time but when you got to do it like once every let’s play gets real old real fast yeah okay so then we make everything that needs to go in a smeltery including the glass bits can you bring me some glass it should be in one of the chests or just cool ones in the middle of our storage oh wait no we have a whole class wall though no but there’s glass oh yeah but whatever whatever letters what it doesn’t matter just wherever you can yeah yeah okay yeah give you that in there all right so the glass should be used to make a seared window I believe something like this or is it like the seared tank there we go that’s part of what we need and then we need the smeltery controller which i believe is just this dude I am the boss I didn’t even need to look up any of the crafting recipes I just knew how to do it I mean lava to fuel the thing and then we should be good to go that’s that’s good that’ll do help though we don’t need much just need enough process like does it look like a lot and now we wait for the gold and then it should create energetic alloy and then we can use that to make the gears which will then make the alloy smelter which means me won’t have to do this this way again and energetic alloy nice all but we also need I need to put more gold in there why I put a brick there we need an ingot cast okay that’s how familiar they made me cuz we’ve done it like a million times in sky factory we did it I did it in blight fall all 3f TV series all three sky factory series a little ridiculous there we go looky dere ain’t get cast and then I don’t know how many ingots of this we need actually let me look that up to make and alloy smelter we need to okay so it uses the Nuggets so we’re gonna need about four there’s only two ingots left so it’s thrown in there there you go don’t right-click on that yeah yes you can don’t break click on the faucet again cuz we gotta wait for more alloy to generate so now that we have the alloy we can if you give it to me I can turn it into ingot or no I can turn it into what do you want to call it look at it I can turn it to Nuggets and then we can surround the gears I made in it and then we should be able to make two machines oh somehow that made only three oh that’s because I didn’t have enough of this that’s right so now that we have this energized by metal gears finally so now we should be able to make the SAG mill but first I’m gonna make the ally smelter so you can make more alloy without having to use the other thing because it’s annoying so signal three furnaces Oh that’s gonna need an industrial machine chassis which can only be done with either an induction smelter which no this is annoying me some elders are we making here oh yeah well unfortunately we’re gonna need an induction smelter so ever seen that before or alloy stuff with them so the induction smelter is going to require a tin gear that shouldn’t be too bad because we have tin somewhere there’s a bunch of it might as well use these furnaces down here for that one and use the hole we’ll get that going and yes I know the smelter doubles your output like and I don’t care right now and then copper copper is extremely rare for us though so I feel like I should put that in the smelter just because it’s so hard to get a lot of it yeah every bit of copper we get helps so put that in there and then we should be able to make a tin ingot I like other performance is good enough that we can chill out in the storage you not die yeah it’s nice their 10-year I mean in var gear how do you get in devour in VAR blend which is iron and nickel and you get nickel the we didn’t just so happen to pick up nickel we did where I picked it up okay good cause we’re gonna need it about over this one of these chess will find it we need it then we’re gonna have to make in bar blend and then we’re gonna put that in the East smelter Oh got it there but I’ll put it in there with some iron and then we should make in four straight away a little bit of iron all right you know after the copper smelt sup oh my god I have three blocks I’m on top copper in there and then we get another yeah rating I like all the map updates on the levels of the house yeah already cool that’s pretty cool it really shows they are complicated her houses you can see all the different like storage segments and stuff yeah so now time to make some invar we can use that to make our stupid gears now we can make dust Roosevelt there use that with freakin hold on now we got to figure out if I go back to LOI smelter and then we go to industrial chassis we need industrial powder-coating it’s from lapis powder quartz powder organic black dye and organic green dye and the only way to get that organic green dye what organic we can’t do that because that’s the whole point of what we’re trying to do here there has to be another way there’s no other way industrial industrially produced dye with organic and inorganic compounds not biodegradable not edible avoid contact with eyes in case of contact with eyes for insta mmediately with plenty of water instant medical advice does it really say that okay but you can’t make it without an alloy smelter scam and then they need clippings and trimmings which you only get by putting a flower in a sack mill we don’t have that kind of crap unless we somehow found a machine casing already that’d be freaking lucky if not we have to get everything all right we have a bunch of invar no whoops there we have a block of invar actually doing yes we do so we got to figure out how to get this crack this coating industrial machine chassis but that’s not possible we can’t get the industrial powder coating everything else we can get except for the friggin green and black dye so the only thing I can think of is finding a village because there’s a slight chance that there will be something there so lightly to wrench is that dry orange yeah okay yeah so we’re gonna need a yet a wrench which is Oh God electrical steel which is made from oh we can’t get it calling can we we can’t make a crusher though but that requires a lot of electricity oh my god this is getting so annoying so fast Oh cuz we need a yet a wrench to pick up the machines those we can use a different kind of wrench I doubt it cuz then we gotta make legible steel in a stone compound gear that’s probably not that bad actually cuz it’s just a wood gear with stone yeah or it sticks in stone I can make that at least sticks in cobblestone there we go you’re just jumping around as I do this I don’t know any of this stuff needed oh hi yes you do most rafting recipes are different yeah well you haven’t like yeah like how to make this shit yeah I have a stone gear that’s fine you just got to get electrical steel now which is impossible unless we promise we need silicon and we can’t get silicon unless we have the thing that we’re trying to craft that’s to be another way you get that other kind of silicon oh there we go smelting other courts got that there we go we can do that smelting other courts hey I got it all right since melting other courts gives us a different kind of silicon which we can here’s to craft the electrical steel so hey yeah cool so first we got to get the invar out of there how does one way if electrical steel is oh whoops I needed iron to be in there I’m smart now I’m gonna have to get at least six silicone I think maybe more morning it’s of invar in there you dad here does I wanna shoot at me maybe I don’t know how we’re gonna get that industrial crap though that’s the problem the industrial plant matter or whatever oh wait I can’t use the oh wait a half a block away from anyway so hey I can’t use oh I needed wait how do you get more steel then dude this is the worst I am NOT making a freakin apart furnace screw it no looks like there has to be a way to get electrical steel it’s like not a stupid ah this is so stupid now we have to find a village then we fire one right outside our house nah but we gotta find a different one cuz that one didn’t have what we need I don’t know if this stuff is even in villages that’s a problem also inventory space what is this whole big project what’s the name of it this is to make frigging hold on this is to make the refine storage interfaces the block we’re trying to make right now needs printed silicon which I mean technically we could use another quartz to make the silicon but that is expensive as hell no man I think for now we might want to end it off what do you think so we can do more research to figure out what to do next okay all right guys we’ll leave it like Tom hope you enjoyed this we did get into some complicated crap we defeated the nether in the end already and we just had to figure out and we just had to figure out what to do next we need a goal and then once we have that goal we can work towards it but it used to be the chaos dragon but that’s not a thing yeah cuz this is all the mods light the original had it but the light version is not so we’ll have to figure it out anyway that’s it so hope you guys enjoyed see you guys peace

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