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Minecraft- Survival Island [410] Having a Blast

Minecraft- Survival Island [410] Having a Blast

I can’t just left the boat out here okay you know for that I’m just gonna leave
this boat that was amazing look at this ice just randomly in the middle of this
thing I wonder how that got there you know our mo isn’t very effective actually I think I did see a zombie in
the water before and it got like sucked down to the bottom we do have a pretty
legit defense though right yeah again passed that
all righty then we did it it didn’t take three mooshroom anything
I think that should just be a meme at this point that it takes like more than
the allotted amount of mushrooms to do things cuz they just get one way or
another they keep dying and leaves leads are involved are they so sad I think one
of those was the I think one of these mushrooms is the one I spawned in after
no one saw anything happened all right I think we’re Gucci is there anything that
you think we could need that’s left from this alright let’s break the glass
something that we’re done you don’t need stuff touch this break it
I’ll take that where’s the dolphin in here
hello dolphin you better get out of here before he get blown up she can’t go in
the boat what is this minded he doesn’t like you uber list here we go we have the
firewall uber gives six oh yes Oh your stuff where’d my stuff go
no idea I’m not blowing in that direction myself I think I see my stuff it’s all at the bottom of the ocean
I need more oh this place did I just lose some of my crap I think I did
oh that’s unfortunate I have my armor of my tools actually I think I got
everything yeah take some screenshots of everything
hey this is a drown down here how long I think I got off scot-free somehow I even
got my fireballs back oh I need more I got
are you seriously use the berry yeah okay we’re good I didn’t lose any of my
items somehow okay come to me over here in the one spot it’s like not just being
destroyed oh there you go so I programmed this plugin by the way
guys now it may not look spectacular hold on
let’s do a shootie box goober give well there we go oh all right now I can’t they don’t do that much damage
where are you I have another stack for you I’m being fancy and putting mine in
a shootie box aha I’m gonna stay at a safe distance like charge and 20 be
careful oh did you just be careful not to like miss the last thing we need is fireballs like
hitting our house that was damn bad yeah that would be bad
these things hurt a lot by the way more than enough I think I’m gonna do slash flying now it’s not missing Anthony you got to be
accurate with these whoops this is a few misses Oh I’m gonna quickly make sure that we
didn’t accidentally hit the island Hey look – what are you starting to feel
everything back in the water is reclaiming the why is Gucci so loud I’m
finally out what what are these magical oh they’re
slabs oh they’re waterlogged slabs that’s why that almost killed me well that was fun you some about that
dog leave us well now begins the boring process of breaking blocks manually I think you guys want to see this no look
you know the fireball destruction no mm my plugin did the trick it is not yet available for release by
the way also I’m gonna throw it in the ocean
shooty box okay we’ll be back once all of this is
eliminated okay all right guys we just did most of it we got rid of a lot of
stuff and looking at all look at all this crap
even after we like okay so I’m gonna do something else that’s really cool uber
list now we’re gonna get the electromagnet uber give 10 and when I
turn this on oh all the items come to me look at this all the items are
teleporting to me within a thirty two block radius and I’m in the process of
working on a repel mode that repels mobs and projectiles from you okay that’s
everything I picked up about half an inning towards where the stuff nice so
I’m going to dump that in the ocean as well because um that’s just bad news
uber items are not I’m just demonstrating you alright guys
and we look at all those extra goodies we got because of that a whole chest
full of crap all right so long story short the farms are gone completely it’s
a sad day for the farms but it’s the lighting is still there
but now that it’s gone is the lighting really for meanness maybe if I reload
chunks nope still there well no it’s not supposed to do that it’ll go away
probably eventually anyway it’s been an hour of recording so I think that’s
gonna be it for these two episodes guys I think that’s what it is
one episode is gonna be breaking things I don’t know we’ll see how it goes in
the editing but anyway that’s it for this episode guys leave it like down
below if you enjoyed and if you want to play for yourself make sure to log in to
play da super craft net there are only four people on right now when we started
recording there was like 10 I guess had ones off the lunch or something which I
should probably do eventually but in the next episode we’re gonna be making the
new forums and we’re gonna come up with like a hundred different ideas for farms
that are gonna go there of course the ones in there not on a percent automatic
and it’s gonna be fun time so anyway that’s it so we hope you guys enjoyed
and we’ll see you guys in peace

20 thoughts on “Minecraft- Survival Island [410] Having a Blast”

  1. Well hates gonna hate but if you started from the beginning then you can see the sheer beauty of it. All the hard work that was put in. And now it's up to them just too have fun. And if they use cheats then who gives one. They deserve it, they done 90% of this so screw you haters

  2. Brandon can you please answer.. I'm actually playing a 1.12.1 skyblock and I'm halfway done with building the waffle.. will it work in this version the same as it worked for you in the series (5 years ago)

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