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Minecraft- Survival Island [420] We Hate Water…

Minecraft- Survival Island [420] We Hate Water…

well there we go I did the top layer now
would you seem to fill in all the glass you’re not gonna like what I’m saying what why SWAT this whole layer of glass
that I’m standing hard to be like you have so fat right well have fun with
that freaking minecarts I like Tiffany every
time I sneeze a balloon makes when you just like what all there huh that’s me
sneezing wow look at this this is impressive so now we just gotta fill in all the
glass then once we do that all we got to do is fill the bottom with what ha and
then we’re done well I mean sir my blonde if it doesn’t
know the light deform yeah I’ll bet I like how it freakin starts flying away
the second I pull out my sword like it knows I’m out of class so you
see the general gist of what’s gonna happen after this right
once all the glass is put in we let the water down replace the kelp on this row
down here for all of them and then we place the kelp all the way up to make
water so do you play scalp are the bottom block here that this rain oh you
could place it on prison ring yep are we also gonna need it a complete
layer of glass here I think so we’re gonna need so let’s say I did let some
water down what would happen if I just went back I mean technically we could
let the water down it wouldn’t interfere with anything look all right that’s fine
do we do we even need the glass technically well yes yes we do are you
kidding me eventually we we are going to need the glass but for purposes of
making progress when we don’t have glass we can do this I think up some rope all
your repeaters Oh Wow also why the hell is it still there
this is why antthony gets triggered by water this is why hold on I don’t think this place is here
we didn’t the wrong area this is where it’s gonna go yeah good just make a
whole wall oh that’s annoying does that means I
gonna do this in there kidding me this crap oh you a water oh look how much broke not the time since when is it ever the time yeah we
should probably just like block off the rest of it to be honest I am just so
that doesn’t happen again and you know it’s why he it still leaves
room for us to walk in like this look it does we could just be like hmm okay now we should be able to break the water
there break the blocks under the water yeah no way on the potion effects here
come on got my beacon yeah you go that seems to be working okay right almost done we just got a place down the
kelp in the glass I mean Gucci oh yeah once we finish the forms we’re
gonna be able to remove the prototype flower and seed form from the other
section of the basement there we go look at that’s pretty good just fly through all that water look how
weird it is that’s weird okay yeah so first we’re gonna need to place the
glass and then we’re gonna need to place the kelp just for demonstration purposes
I’m gonna find some kelp and that those end pieces there where I already put the
glass I’m gonna do what our next step is if I can find some kelp which I know we
have all right so for example right if I go over here there that it didn’t look like anything
happened just then but that actually placed water source blocks on all those
blocks and then what we do is we get signs if I can find signs and then you
do this and you waterlogged the sign on the top block there and then you repeat
that for every single so the kelps already starting to grow we’re getting
some extra nice as you can see this one is Oh help
like just placing that uh we’re gonna need lots of it though yeah so uh we
don’t want to coat well the problem is it won’t grow over here because none of
these are source blocks up here that’s why we got to place them all the way up
to the top person and put the sign oh yeah so we’re gonna yeah this is not a
nice at all it’s very annoying okay so well before we can even do that we need
glass so let’s go get the glass hold on I’m placing the rest of the
glass and I’m various what so is this just gonna be open um can we put
something here well what we could put is hoppers down
here to pick up all the items that drop from up here okay same goes for the rest
of these Oh Pamela oh my god block what I’ll just put that no you all right sand
let’s go first we got a empty airman Tory’s as if the storage needed any more
stress off to the rock rock that how does it go more sand I might oh you’re right there’s no more say
goodnight oh there’s a desert over here that we’re good oK we’ve already been
through it actually we need a lot of sand for what we owe you know we could
have you know if the same duplicators still worked we would have tons in
itself but it broke in the recent update we updates they teleport you go
somewhere else so our goal is to fill basically every
furnace with coal and sand right if yes sir thank goodness they got rid
of the stupid bug because that would have been annoying going into invisible
wash that was annoying funny cannot schedule publishing for a video that is
public well it’s not public it’s in the process of uploading YouTube is broken
oh that’s so stupid it says there’s an hour and three
minutes remaining in the upload oh okay I just realized that yesterday I stayed
up for almost 24 Whole hours because I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to catch my
flight home and I felt sleeping almost for Dale so that was a 24 hour challenge
right there oh I think I think we should be good to class I have another half
inventory here I insane furnaces down in the storage let’s go down there they
need coal I’m Becky what they do we could just wait I have a
stack of glass now I’m stealing coal from up here you can go find some kelp yeah we need
to do that how do you uh pick it up just pick X the better you just break it with
your fist even there we go all the furnaces are now going at the same time
damn it now how the hell are we supposed to find this let me go home erase this
ice bottom is twenty thousand blocks away from Swan so if we find an ocean
nearby there’s a good chance we’ll find kill I gotta get some water and check out
butchy butchy I found some mock help I have on the whole row in my inventory oh
my lord pretty plentiful source underwater yep I’m not getting anything to the surface
all right I’m just gonna break it and then you know that’s what I was doing
just breaking it and then you know I’m getting a boost from all these
friggin donkeys holy kelp okay tall on it over here whoa Thank You dolphins for the speed boost
helps me collect this faster are they like fall viewers often I don’t know
what the hell is doing apparently just being near it gives you a speed boost it
doesn’t make any sense but sure I’ll take the speed boost that’s more than
enough oh I got a full row I got almost a
montoursville okay now we need is glass I’m gonna go up there and get some
records so I have about three stacks of glass just from the storage furnaces oh I’m gonna get a lot over here I hear
noise in the kitchen doc Jay what are you doing oh you want to tell the
audience what Gucci did yesterday threatt I didn’t hear that while I was
driving okay it’s hard okay she was in the front
seat passenger seat and she threw up three times she was stepping in it I was
driving that was like two minutes away from my house so I was like telling her
it’s okay it’s okay being a good pet owner and pull your head away from it so
she wouldn’t smell it and grow up even more yeah well honestly I don’t know as
I said she was not being a good job what’d she do she was ripping up her pee
pads of course I would say we’re about halfway done with the glass in the farm
by the way okay good because I have like two rows of it
I don’t know Keiko don’t think I did well I am going to commence the cloud
the Celt process you want I want myself then I’ll take your glass I don’t have
any glass left and help some gitche Oh this process is
gonna be on no hangover them everything’s got to be difficult to
survive we do have our reputation to hold up after all this looks cool I think I found the
easiest way to place all this down all right oh yeah yeah the easiest way by
far is to just go like yes you hear that hear what yeah this is gonna take
forever well you just have to place all there right I mean no but it’s the order
that you place it in that’s important top bottom because right no that’s
because it’s water yeah water screws up a lot of things now just completed the
first row what okay so I’ve to tea I think what you
know I got one wrong I’ve determined that the best course of action is to
leave the top plugged like this actually we can’t do that hold on this is this is
tough this is this is not fun alright here’s what we got it them case what we
counted to and it plays the first layer of kelp at the bottom and then actually
I think it might just be able to grow on its own you can be alright no but that’s
this is a lot of help rightfully so those we’re gonna need all
of it for fuel well fuel my ass for fuel furnace because coal is so 2012 there
2010 whatever I know Kelvin is that cool well
once you dry it in a furnace and then you craft them together they turn into
Kelvin blocks how much better is that than coal emissions you guys like how
long does it last for I think a Celt block is slightly less efficient than a
coal block so it’s pretty good a fact that you can farm it it’s like actually
it’s really good I mean we can we’ll have a farming for it yeah so you’re
policing guy oh we’re almost done with a glass yeah I just got another row from
the Reliance’s so hopefully we’ll be good that portal music you know portal 3
supposed to be coming out mm you think valve will ever come out with a 3 for
any of their series no that another thing no I don’t know I don’t really
know hmm that’s pretty dumb that’s freaking it hey doing my carrots
back I stupid work no you’re yelling at water Brendan relax I know that’s a neat
thing but now you’ve gone crazy why should Darwin why
what’s that plug in that was the thing messing with my lamb my off hand there
we go yeah plugin was messin with me and I
don’t appreciate when the plugins do that also it freakin deleted my golden
carrots so I’m gonna have to get those back guys you saw it oh wait they’re taking you combat mechanics plugin but I just crashed the server Wow

31 thoughts on “Minecraft- Survival Island [420] We Hate Water…”

  1. “It’s gonna be fine” Brandon Calabrese, (sometime in 2019)

    whole redstone contraption gets ruined by water

  2. Ik this comment might not be seen in time but i built a farm similar to the one in this video and i didnt have too make the water sources for the kelp to grow

  3. I dont know if you knew but Shields are in almost every version of minecraft do you think that that would be a cool thing to add to bedwars?

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