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Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)

Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)

Welcome to the first episode of Minecraft survival Island today anyways you guys we are starting this episode off by wall explaining a few things then wall yez are probably wondering Jay Are we going to be doing three survival oriented series won’t I get this one is a bit different in comparison to the other two on the channel as of right now the other two are more of building and I guess collaborating with others while this one is totally different and it’s all about doing it cheap mints and not breaking certain rules and is maintaining those rules and completing all these achievements that we want to do so our main goals for the series are currently to a do all that she meets that are listed here will I think there’s a few that you have to lock in order to see the rest of all the others that are down here too such as going to the end that type of deal and also making Hal’s making a food source and of course going mining going to the nether killing or will finding another fortress and doing all that making potion making an enchanting area finding the end portal and killing the energy than taking the egg home and then finding guardians and fighting them and killing them taking him all the global locks that we acquire through it and killing a what they’re making a beacon and yeah that’s kind of what we have planned for the series which should be really interesting for you guys as well we’re on an island and there is a melee and of course Or is probably a main island five hundred blocks away from my knowledge in order for me to have a guardian farm nearby it will not Guardian farm but a guardian or will see Temple she monument whatever you want to call it there is one relatively close I think it’s like probably one hundred the two fifty blocks away and yeah so things should be nice and we’re taking some achievements real quickly and we’re not going to break any of that down but let’s see so we’ve got some chickens nearby which is going to be really nice. And comes in handy later down the road we probably want to make sure that we have cows also on the island or pigs or something generally cows that way just in case if we do not have a role that way we can make books later down the route because we cannot go or we can go to the mainland once we need to go and find the end of your idea but until then we will have to remain here once we do get to the mainland which I think it’s over there somewhere we will not be Makalu pick who. They ease OK farms village whatever you want to call it but as I was saying before I really interrupted myself we cannot take anything over there on the mainland to get I guess go to the Stronghold I mean and let’s see replant that but right now we’re going to get a nice steady supply of food and one thing will want to do too is make sure that these villagers do not die who rewrote this is new right I think one point eleven you can’t. I didn’t mean to him I did not mean the head of OK but you can’t trade with them what in the world who Hello what is this on me I know what it is but it’s an old i life that we don’t care for there but I’ll gladly take this and one thing will probably mean is the U.S. Furnishes So we’ll take that and we got all it seems like we have a bunch of bookshelves but we’re going to want to protect these villagers because all they have some decent trades at least the majority of the time and we can unlock some really cool stuff with them further down the road depending on how long we want the series the last but yeah well you guys are at it you guys are more than welcome to leave Thomas down below what you guys think I should do in the series and make it entertaining fun challenging I don’t know already put it on hard which you guys can see right there so yeah you guys know. You’re ready no let’s see. See where we get some piggies some pointers at me Why are they coming towards me and you breed pigs with potatoes. I never knew that since one can you do that was that one point eleven feature I don’t remember ever learning that pigs can breed with potatoes that is one of the weirdest shit coolest things ever I don’t want to breed them with that I rather use carrots. OK Because carrots suck but I thought it was only beetroots and carrots they added potatoes that I never knew I really did not ever knew that oh no that knew that no that. Now one of the things we want to do right now is make it work to these villagers can get up easier. As well they’re not really that smart it seems like. See a kid and I make you get up easily. Oh yeah that works that works I guess. See this story that way they don’t take it as a house. But yes so I’m trying to make life easier by protecting them and lets see you so we got some more piggies down here mate all we need to find a cave first officer cave entrance right here who who iron OK that’s ne. My first real time really seen the same particle effect because Well generally I don’t go caving under scene the stuff. Let’s see but yeah this island is Journal are all a lot bigger than most islands which is fine by me I mean it’s not the typical survival island map as most of them are downloading custom maps that people make while this one is actually a seed and you guys will be able to get the seat in the description below the wall I’ll just post in the comment section to that way it’s easy for you guys but I do not seek a vengeance what is the. This to my now but yes please don’t forget the suggest what I should do as that would greatly help me see OK that’s a bit funky maybe over here what is this this is a dungeon. OK OK I like this OK what Luke who I think this is the third time ever I’ve got in a got golden apple I was about to say god apple but that’s not a god apple ever in a chest and that sucks OK we’ll take the running flush because I’m pretty sure we have a clear now what type of spiders as I know skeleton you gotta be kidding how can we get a skeleton spawn are in a series that I don’t really care for that much but we can’t get one in my survival series you’ve got to be kidding me that that really irritates me there any coal down here no there is not to looks like but. There may be more down here but I don’t really care at the moment I just want to get some cold free eyes and do a quick bit of mining. And we need to make sure that these villagers are protected. At sea. Yeah. This one is us this is a cave. On the sea. Perhaps we can use this as some lighting for you as we can start smelting some logs and get down let’s see Andy thing over here. No Cole Really. Make sure to turn our volume up for mobs. That is not the main one. Maybe we could potentially hear some zombies or skeletons or whatever. Let’s see please care to all were added. Waller added Oh I have an idea now we do need to get some stone or all cobblestone that were. We can eventually make several get some cobblestone almost stone tools not cobblestone tools come on now gee that’s not what they’re called. Yeah so we need to do that real quickly three or do. We need to make or solves a accept we can cut down more trees to mix and torches do that. And move you out of the way you need the place you who are already out as a surprise. What do we need the small Tadros taters and we’ll go up and start chopping away right now. We don’t need the street kind of you’re taking two. Yeah so hopefully as do enjoy the series of you guys are done for you believe like coming down below and yeah oh one of the things that we need to really do is examine what villagers we have all why don’t think we have a cleric I just realized we don’t have the church looking building in here we just had the blacksmith which is really nice but we don’t have the other building. Yeah we don’t have anything else. That’s kind of sad because the clerk would be easy to get stuff from because will be has the. What is it the brought in plus straights can’t really see my hotbar right now it’s kind of blocked by my get sick mike in front of it and who I just realized we have the saddle now that means we can do when pigs fly or whatever it’s called. Won’t move the seeds down here that way it’s easier. Pedro’s. We’re going to nice source of food really nice were almost ten minutes into the recording that means it’s not the start turning night right now so unlike a minute or two it should start turning night time which will suck. I have another idea man I am just full ideas you know can’t can you move out of the way I know you want some food but this is my food. I need these potatoes for myself. But let’s see what what was my idea OK now I have the next best thing you guys now who can they hurry up and go inside maybe. I mean I want to protect them and all that Oh oh we need to break the story that way they don’t want to go in there. And let’s see what else. I think we get on everything else. But the reason why I broke that peak oil did I not get the peaceable. OK down here but we got the black hole black piece a wall that way we can use it for beds. In Come on now get inside what are you doing. Are they not going inside this is irritating. You go inside or something. Bro you you guys know how to make life really hard. I can only protect so many of you. Will do that. Let’s see what can we do you. OK Will you are bound to die. Even though you’re pointless Can you get inside. Before I blocked everything off. There you go such a smart one such a smart one let’s see what do you guys do we are our. What are they doing why are they got to make my life so difficult. Let’s see if we place a door for OK door door. Let’s see we got to walk everything else off to already. OK We have all the villagers we need in there. Everywhere else are they all in. OK We bought that off. Man spider Jay the next best thing. You know villager you want to get inside. The village or protection program featuring all of Jay. Dude what are you doing with your life but the hits you I kind of need you. Place a light in here. Oh I’m going to go inside to know. Is pushy right it come on buddy and now we get I think I think we’re good right. Because I got everything blocked off. Let’s do our last little check up. They’re all in. We’re quickly going to go inside and place the torch in year. And kill these things as they are really annoying. And we are going to play stupid points back that way he is protected Let’s thing we need to place any torches in any of these houses this is basically what our first day or all first episode is constituting of protecting these villagers and Man you guys are annoying over there just hearing them opening the door and closing the door. See. I don’t really need you oh no. Oh that’s fine I guess. Ill him real quickly. Can I get inside the house. OK well that works and then we’ll place you there we don’t have our workbench. And do that place you real quickly. But see. And those villagers are really annoying No we can’t do that you know. That. And then we’ll do that. With that. Then we got our bed and then we can sleep and we have a cleric I think that’s a cleric right the purple coat right there. Oh yeah so that means one good treats and we’ll keep our bed there that way it kind of situates everything. We’re definitely going to block you guys in or you guys will be really annoying. Let’s get our way out. This is so annoying. OK Oh OK we’re gone. So God almost died almost died right there because we do not have any gear on us but I would have a really bad oh. Can we get our stuff there we go or church. Or up so wrong thing and then like this up. And I think we’re good we got everything situated that we wanted to we got some potatoes smelted we want to smell it some more definitely not what I wanted the gram and let’s see he will make some more charcoal. With the smell all of the US and yeah man this is going he said Oh no no no no no. We’re god. Oh my God. Oh oh oh this kind of sucks you know spruce trees who have a look and my dog just parts but I don’t know why either way I think this is a good point to stop in the series at all for the city guys if you guys you enjoy so far don’t forget believe in like comment down below which you guys thinking what I should do as well I will gladly use your opinions. And yeah I think the next episode we’re going to go mine even though for the majority of the episode we spent our time exploring that island which makes sense because well we need to know the lay out and we need to keep the villagers say Anyways thank you as for watching and I shall see you guys next time but boy are you guys and what are you doing you’re pushing.

21 thoughts on “Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)”

  1. Hope you guys enjoy the new series! Please remember to suggest things to do in the series in the comment section and don't forget to leave a like.

    Also, the seed is: -1423437003

  2. Jay!? How are we going to be doing three sur- Ohh.

    Lol, love the OOOOH's in the video, made me laugh a little >.<

    I like how the series has goals and stuff.

    Challenge / Series suggestions;
    – Complete an X amount of achievements per episode.
    – Expand the village, perhaps even make your own house connected to it. Save the villagers!
    – Give villagers names, and make small shops for them. "Ragnarr, the blacksmith" for instance.
    Perhaps you could spread out your storage of items in the shops where the items would fit being at. Iron at the blacksmith for instance! (Maybe your subscribers can suggest you names for each villager?)
    – Name a pig Wilfred, he joins you in your adventures! Bring him safely to the end to slaughter the dragon.

    There are tons of things you could do with that village 😀
    – Laboratory for the white coat villagers
    – Blacksmith for the black coat villagers
    – Greenhouse /w farm for the green coat villagers etc etc.

  3. Kinda funny how things work. Skeleton spawners are the best. Would have been nice for you to get on your singleplayer survival world!

  4. You can breed pigs…with potatoes…I mean I guess that makes sense, but….when the heck did that happen? I never heard of that change from anyone, even the developers themselves. Weird…

    Great start to the series Jay! I know that this series isn't your favorite (AfterLife is, of course :P), but I still think you'll enjoy this a lot. 🙂

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