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Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)

Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)

21 thoughts on “Minecraft Survival Island: Episode 1 – Best Seed Ever (Minecraft 1.12 Survival Island)”

  1. Hope you guys enjoy the new series! Please remember to suggest things to do in the series in the comment section and don't forget to leave a like.

    Also, the seed is: -1423437003

  2. Jay!? How are we going to be doing three sur- Ohh.

    Lol, love the OOOOH's in the video, made me laugh a little >.<

    I like how the series has goals and stuff.

    Challenge / Series suggestions;
    – Complete an X amount of achievements per episode.
    – Expand the village, perhaps even make your own house connected to it. Save the villagers!
    – Give villagers names, and make small shops for them. "Ragnarr, the blacksmith" for instance.
    Perhaps you could spread out your storage of items in the shops where the items would fit being at. Iron at the blacksmith for instance! (Maybe your subscribers can suggest you names for each villager?)
    – Name a pig Wilfred, he joins you in your adventures! Bring him safely to the end to slaughter the dragon.

    There are tons of things you could do with that village 😀
    – Laboratory for the white coat villagers
    – Blacksmith for the black coat villagers
    – Greenhouse /w farm for the green coat villagers etc etc.

  3. Kinda funny how things work. Skeleton spawners are the best. Would have been nice for you to get on your singleplayer survival world!

  4. You can breed pigs…with potatoes…I mean I guess that makes sense, but….when the heck did that happen? I never heard of that change from anyone, even the developers themselves. Weird…

    Great start to the series Jay! I know that this series isn't your favorite (AfterLife is, of course :P), but I still think you'll enjoy this a lot. 🙂

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