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Minecraft- Survival Island [Funny Moments] 18 | LIVESTREAM EDITION

Minecraft- Survival Island [Funny Moments] 18 | LIVESTREAM EDITION

so this is the shootie box it’s a
handheld dispenser I’m gonna be in the ocean in about two seconds there you go
serious architecture all these cows screwed up the inventory all over the
place and then I wha that’s cool yes so the document of order does work
so what make a beer sign over the bar what is this is this somes lagging a dad
dad like in the server again that Aiden has
a reputation and subir crap for just killing the service part see how the
villager farm is doing Oh someone broke the blocks they’re all escaping set them
all free like other making villages better but at the same time no this is a
lag machine breaking this would hurt the server a lot actually
well I don’t know if it’d be that bad no you know it’d really be bad as if I am I
giving people ideas understand anyway curses fun redstone torches why live
over here Edwin ye yes this reminds me of the map crypt from from bed boys oh
maybe because it is a bed worse this is a bed war spawn okay is this the bed
words way this isn’t the one from crypt though but this is definitely a spawn
forbid words Matt yes so if I thought with head to an episode 400 so he
doesn’t seem to be a growed right now oh is that because the generators need to
push him that’s all Wow he didn’t blow up anything
oh that’s cool wait brah where did you get this design this
is awesome it’s actually working it’s not um it’s not a growed like it’s not
breaking through the walls how I thought withers got SuperDuper aggro and they’d
like would just break through the Obsidian and escape anyway
that’s something you can do on survival and Skyblock right now because I did
that and Anthony’s just over here Anthony’s having a good time over here
so this is a bed boys oh yeah this is definitely this is Amazon yeah this is
the bed Wars spawn from Amazon just imagine if shooty boxes were in bed Wars
or do just back away slowly did you make a home for all the iron golems that are
underneath the islands I think you did iron golems Thunder watermelon okay how
much stage is break what do you do that’s a lot of iron note
to self don’t try to open a chest when you’re holding a shooty box I might want
to fix that I’m gonna add that to the to-do list for uber items because that’s
a big problem that’s just like in bed Wars when you
right-click on a chest with a fireball it explodes oh crap
this farms about you flooded you know Ninian else cello strum pretty cool idea what are you doing that was a dude that within a whoops
moment right note to self don’t use worldedit well rip this farm no are you serious
what I can’t no Serio crap stop this is all your fault what happened
I keep logging out of sucio though there we go
I’m so sorry staff everybody’s actually teleport to me look what I could do over here this way be like my plan it
does work I’m a literal blaze with this thing that’s so cool you better be
careful cause if anybody punches that I’ll fix this I can I fix I fix actually
you know I’m done fixing I think it’s better if I just let this
play itself out now let’s see if what I just did actually oh he did fix it fix what yeah Thank You
Aidan Jesus this thing’s burning fast that’s fine I can’t spell I I have to
I’m having way too much fun with the shooty box as everybody follows me to
the nether oh this is gonna be ironic I just killed the gas with the fireball
that I shot myself whoa how’s the server not dead right yeah yes destroy everything beautiful destruction it’s just so much fun messing with this
house TNT over there what cool okay that’s enough of that hole stay back okay oh look at that
huh that looks sick things just got a lot calmer on the
stream like if you do like a side-by-side it’s like me ha ha ha
blowing up everything goes to Anthony back and forth was this I like that it’s
like on a downstate thing no it’s cool let me just have this is great there’s
the classic 30 Myers bed defense and then right on top of you you have a
great team member just like bridging it’s just like a an item stick and the
blue guy is bridging this way this is great this is just I love this scene in
distinguishing yeah look at this look it’s craziness what’s this up here I
haven’t seen this before oh god why is this so laggy over here what are you
doing Easter Egg whoa I was like why am i lacking no no
this is gonna kill all the computers and then they’re gonna break it because
that’s what happens I don’t just go back to the map room that was just ridiculous
my game is dying it’s 20 FPS up here and then it goes into a chest so that would
be a an afk able tell for me copyright YouTube please dont copyright strike me Anthony you should go to the vault I would say the vault is one of my
favorite projects we’ve ever done in survival island Oh goddess no no what are you doing I didn’t do that

18 thoughts on “Minecraft- Survival Island [Funny Moments] 18 | LIVESTREAM EDITION”

  1. …..why would you do this to me?
    why wo9uld you stream on a weekday during school time???
    i thought you loved us…
    im done

  2. If u do second livestream funny piece please put in where you were laughing when i changed the floor to my head

  3. 1:45 it was ONE farm… just 2 of the same kind… omg that moment:
    "Guys, I think I know why the server is still lagging."
    "I have another one…"

  4. when was this streamed and how on earth did i not get a notification i wouldv joind and maybve played with u im veeery angry

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