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Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 10

Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 10

welcome back to our minecraft survival island map Garrett look out there’s a creeper behind you and you see that huge everybody its old dad here and me and garrett back with kids source i got ensuite gold armor got that for Christmas we’re going straight to the idea wall we’ve built a bunch of stuff over the holidays are first one is a statues of our skins our buddy cool penguin lover there’s a link to his channel in the description go check him out that’s a shout-out for cool people ever seen him in the background alright this one’s mine right here I keep the same skin all the time so since this was survival island i started with a castaway dude you put blue a blue shirt instead of light well I did the best I could let’s look at yours their spirits that’s the skin he had on that day whenever he built this he changes his skin a lot yeah because an ayat appear that don’t have a skater and there’s the signs that tell whose idea was and everything and we’re going to head back to the idea wall Shh and we finished the statues of our skins next up is a ship by our friend John David us I had you seen your mental there’s a link him in the description check it out and here is the ship it turned out pretty good yep I think you’re checking out the inside how does it look in there pretty good I’m gonna come down there and check it out also you there now get some was just giving everybody of you hear what it looked like and here’s the signs that say the idea and whose idea it was i’m going to jump off here and you’re not only jumped off there with his wings look at my folks like a beat and I guess it’s like the compass there yeah and here’s a little trapdoor over here to get a beer gotta go oh what a pussy look I got your screen I it does not look like you’re riding that just looks like your run and wings are not spread my much they were upset him spread out before they do I just don’t know it’s pretty glitch so here’s the inside of the captains quarters and he’s got a little bit of everything I’m just my wings are out when I crouch and there’s a little latter area where you get in from the water if you’re in survival on this map I’m and I’m the one into final using creative so yeah pretty good-looking shit like using the trapdoor for the windows yeah you should use the trapdoor for a steering wheel well we can always be filled up a little bit i’m gonna climb up here just let everybody take a look around why did you add like um the burdens because that’s just on top alright so now our next idea is a swimming pool swimming pool it are same friend there’s a link to his channel in the description check them out and here is the swimming hole make we actually went to a indoor water park all for Christmas carols jumping in there and this is actually a swimming pool see if you stand back threading it looks like it just keeps going out into the ocean there but it has a swimming pool we use the purple blocks and everything when you some see lansdowne the bottom I can see that you know you can activate those trapdoors or used one in ones you know you speak yeah here’s some chairs i made some lamppost like this and where’d you go about you as you did you just fall out of the tree house yes I was trying to glide and here’s a lounge chair here’s another chair some more lamppost pretty sweet also cool area the wings actually match my skin why don’t you come over here and sit my chairs and check them out the purple ok you don’t like that one and there’s a swimming pool cool idea i want to get me doesn’t look like a book and we’re back the idea wall so that was the swimming pool by John David us now we’re at the mob grandeur doesn’t become our friend matsuo 10 GMD check out his channel there is a link to it in the description he’s got some cool videos over there what one was wondering why you have so many torches yep this is the top of the mall grandeur the mob grinder is underground it’s a dark space under the ground where moms can spawn and I made a hole from the Fallen so if we go down in here we can collect all the things draft and as you can see moms have been fallen down the shaft from the dark area oh they’re one just just now to say that yes so it’s collected a bunch of drops right here that’s a lot of stuff yeah-hoo 101 fellow minded so that worked out pretty good mob grinder it’s a shame after of like twenty eight blocks have you build a dark area and kind of make water going to the shafts so it kind of pushes the moms you know I’m saying yeah you could have flown ya get it’s a little bit so that is the mob grinder next we are going to build a we’re going to take a look at the purple creeper house it’s a giant purple creeper with the house inside and that’s from our friend Rachel games there’s a link to her channel in the description go check her out this is the one that I think is probably my favorite right now I thought it turned out really cool to Jack purple creeper imagine how big of an explosion that would be that destroyed the world would probably blow up at his Island there’s the signs Jack purple creeper idea about Rachel games and it’s just a creeper we modeled it after a real creeper from an in-game photo/gary where’d you go I mean to you i can’t wait till night gets back to see all this and then oh I broke your house well let’s go check it out okay oh man we got some paintings up here on the wall bookcases little bit everything we’re in the floor to wherein the flit right now what would happen if you’re living in a creeper and exploded oh god no where would you live then I know right I like shrunk dying person you have to cut through that because we’re gonna like treat you well yeah I guess you could let creperie you and then live inside of it like it was a house and until it exploded i think if you guys don’t make a it would explode to like me just jumping around in here yeah yeah that’s true hopefully didn’t play and here’s the head of the creeper it’s pretty awesome inside the master suite that big ol bed because chest the whole painting gets Bryce of ninjas yes this is the creepers brain he thinks of nothing but come from movies i would think it would be a she sits purple oh ok she thinks of nothing you’re at is this creeper she thinks about nothing but come through movies take a nap because the double bed there and read books she’s like glow to the ground how could she moved to go watch movies she watches him on netflix and youtube where’s the TV tells you know too weak well we’re going to install that on the next edition perhaps a big 70 inch flat screen so that is the purple creeper house that was awesome idea and it was fun to build yep no and gear will be fixing that bad huh yes I will alright so we finished the purple creeper and we’re on our last idea here which is a water fountain about our friend John David us there’s a link to his channel in the description go check them out so let’s head over to the water fountain it’s just right over here and here is the water fountain it’s nothing special built the bottom and the four corners a seat lantern so you can see it really good at that and then that seal and going up and then I put the water on top of it just kinda can’t skate all around surprising the village it’s under construction right now yeah that’s gonna be like the centerpiece of this village which is our next idea but we haven’t built it so that’s about it for today thanks for watching yeah thank you for watching and be sure and smash that like button if you liked the video like and subscribe if you enjoy and you can follow us on twitter and facebook there’s links those in the description to check out all of our friends that gave us ideas there’s links to all them in the description and if you have ideas for our Minecraft survival island map leave them in the comments

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  1. Hey friends, here's another episode of Nutty's Island. We built a lot of ideas over the holidays, but we still have a lot to build. There are five spaces left on the idea wall, so get your ideas in today! When we build your idea, you'll get a shout out! There is a list of the ideas in the description, and links to our friends' channels…..check those out! Oh, and thanks, so much, for watching!

    PS – Here's a little shout out for our friend Chapusobiwan, he has an idea coming up soon on Nutty's Island. !eres un buen amigo!

  2. The Best Video At All!

    This Is A Motivational Comment For Kidsource.

    Kidsource,When I Met You I Was Like Meh,Just Another Channel,But i started seeing your videos and i loved them!(and the series I mostly like is Nutty's survival island)but jeez,who would hate kidsource?it is only 6 years old kids that says "your videos are cringy" and hate comments,but i dont care,i will always be with this channel.

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