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Minecraft Survival Island Map :: Nutty’s Island Part 4

Minecraft Survival Island Map :: Nutty’s Island Part 4

hey if you were looking for a cool minecraft survival island map you just found it hey everybody it’s your old pal nutty squirrel here for kids source welcome to episode 4 of Nutty’s survival island now listen before we get to the gameplay i just wanted to come on and let everybody know that I am moving to Miami Florida for the winter I will be back when the weather warms up but here in our part of the world it’s getting very cold in my tree house at night so old dad is going to be taking over Nutty’s island until i get back and he’s gonna have some help from garrett and together they’re going to build up a huge village there on that island so let’s get started on episode four with dad and Garrett and kids source we’re here on that island this episode 4 there’s Garrett come on in come on and let me tell em well maybe he’s not going to come in there he is hey pal what’s up so this is nutty’s Island good to see you buddy you think we should build maybe you should build your house well okay I got some stuff over here in the chest anything you need bro alright just grab some stuff you go ahead and build you a house I’m gonna work on nutty’s house someone I’m gonna go up on top here ok while Garrett’s been working on his house I’ve been working on nutty’s house let’s go down here and see if we can see what Garrett’s did okay this must be Garrett’s house right here I don’t see the door okay there’s couple spiders I’m gonna kill them to see if I get some string for me one string one right behind ya it tried to sneak up on me don’t worry they don’t attack during the day ok where are you? inside your house I’m inside and there’s the door on the other side of where there’s my house up there are nobody’s house i’m staying at his house fixing it up for him know and what a tiny little house I know why do you build so tiny look at the roof I know I hope you don’t have any jumping parties in here look at this look at that it is your head on the ceiling you can even jump in here no but look Garrett sitting down on a little chair over there my crafting table’s behind it so do what my crafting tables behind it so I’m gonna have to reach back oh yeah so you get a bed there’s Garrett hey watch out move and I will show them all the stuff right here because you got everything you need is really the crafting table there’s a chair crafting tables back there, you have a furnace, chest and then Garrett always likes to build a mine shaft below his houses like in the basement so he can mine at night without having to worry as much about mobs yeah okay you want to go check out at Nutty’s house Come on let’s go Mine’s different because you’re on a pc and I’m on a tablet so you know. I like I i got a big glass wall here. I’m not finished with it, mine’s a lot bigger, so Ididn’t get as much done. But you know I got all the walls up. I haven’t even getting all the glass in yet i’m still smelling some glass and the furnace yeah but get this whole glass wall over there one missing ya need a few more blocks so weren’t you gonna build us some armor oh yeah good alright go do that and I’ll check out in a minute all right look at this sweet armor that Garrett will appreciate it dude yeah and this is iron armor at yeah well it’s a lot better than my cast away clothes yeah much better you just need to pants that’s it yeah next leather pants why is your oh yeah I got both the furnaces go and try to make some more glass got a bunch of stuff in here saving up resources there’s my bed can you kick chicken in here go your that but yeah I got the room phone and get the torches all-around get all my furniture in here here’s like the back door yeah don’t chicken out not he’ll lay eggs in there probably only if he’s grown right now he’s just blow ya mind afraid of some seeds no not really if you feed in their favorite food they like have a baby once they like have emerald like oh there’s a sheep in your basement is my pic yeah your pet yeah that’s a little mean where’s all the grass i forgot about she usually going to pasture you should be like a little fence I look at him I get he’s sticking his head through the door okay uh that’s alright we found a chicken stuck in a tree on mine he’s not flapping right now so Derek’s checking out over there I just pushed a little it that’s four layers that i fell out and something is blocking my door here like things it was almost that time we were messing with the chicken 30 what’s that my chickens looking through the door because that’s a little bit bigger see if we can see them over here yeah he’s growing up yeah yeah so maybe now he’ll lay an egg maybe you get okay I’m gonna go you just break the painting i think i’m gonna go in the back door and leave it there for right now because it’s funny yeah if you open the door things can actually cook trip so I wouldn’t do that oh really yeah I don’t think things can go to the painting watch open it hang on i gotta go sleep yeah well let it be daytime but i’ll open that door and he’s playing should stop him around yeah he will go out watch just go to check it out here okay see well you just didn’t break the paintings that oh god you have my chicken chicken word you gonna be happy if you have seen your hand you can but then follow you I don’t have any seeds to plant these trees right here I thought they’d grown cool alright so that’s it for me and gear it yep this has been episode 4 of nutty survival island if you like what you see go ahead and give us a like and subscribe to kid source hey help us build our minecraft island survival map by leaving some suggestions in the comments below

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