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Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 6

Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 6

Hey everybody we’re back with our Minecraft survival island map and we’re going to drive about off the tree hey everybody it’s Old dad back on Nutty’s island here to school right now and today we’re going to be building a team build it’s going to be a treehouse and that idea came to us in the comments from our buddy over at Gavi Games there’s a link to his channel in the description so go check him out and i’m going to build a giant tree while here at school alright i’ve been working on the tree a little bit i’m just want to show you the trunk of the tree I don’t want to spoil the surprise but you can see this is just the trunk of the tree is going to be huge this treehouse is going to be for our budding nutty squirrel he started this Minecraft survival island map and he had to go south for the winter as all rich squirrels do all rich youtube star squirrels like nutty go to Miami every winter apparently so me and garrett are taking this over I’m going up the stairs here i’m going to show you get stairs inside the trunk I mean this is one huge tree we’re going to the top I’m going to show you the view up here and then Garrett should be home from school any minute now and we’re going to go to work on the treehouse so we’ll get back to you a little later on after we’ve built some stuff and we got something to show you okay garrets home yeah hey Garrett how was school so we’ve been working on the tree house for a little while gonna go up here and show you what we got so far there’s Garrett what you doing there Garrett placed towards so what’s this stuff over here we got painting and yes that’s a sweet painting that’s me that’s me like from behind I didn’t paint it that’s a portrait of me like from behind when I was I was going out fishing and i was looking at the like slender yeah from Florida now that’s scary yeah alright so this is the bottom floor we just got the basic stuff laid out right now this is a top floor there’s no he’s bad but it’s not going there permanently we’re going to build like a little shack up here with an ass roof on it to keep him to keep him or drag ass right squirrels squirrels don’t like the rain so there’s gear he’s going to go there and take a look around ok so that’s pretty much what all we got right now you know just some basic stuff in here and we made the Florida leaves and stuff and we’re gonna put a little shack up top I’ll go back up there and just kind of show you we’re gonna build it out of leaves and he works here no there’s no way you could jump down because would’ve killed you don’t you think so don’t you think it’d kill you if you jump from this have when i got home you did tell me that you fell off yeah i did fall off and it killed me yea though i don’t know you could survive and you’re still alive I guess you are so you don’t know and you jumped off this house on the fixed posts down there i was gonna say I didn’t think you jumped away from the top because I think I actually can jump on only from the top I don’t think so bright on too well I couldn’t alright so scared in this boat and then he’s gonna drive this boat off the top of the tree and he thinks it won’t kill him and you’re so alive cannot believe it well that’s pretty awesome alright so we’ve pretty much got the treehouse completed here we have a furnace but we just forgot to bring it up here in this it’s gonna go in right over here next all this other stuff but got a big chest the crafting table pretty but the furnace right over there somewhere we’ll go upstairs and check out little we got a little shack now is easy Shh there’s already well yeah we haven’t filled out what furniture we figured we let Eddie kind of do that but we only put a computer in a bed in a bat and a tubbing I think that chair needs to back up a little bit do that ok sounds cool and here’s the bathtub right here and I it’s an endless water supply so no don’t have water up here want to come in here and Harry going and you can also swim laps in here right here yeah alright so you said hit you can get your exercise and take a bath and everything all the water you want right yeah that didn’t go so good night oh yeah i think that is buying so at the stores in Miami handmade so goat’s milk soap here it’s got the chair face over there and the computer looks awesome here’s that one of the balconies out here where you can go out and kind of look over the whole island yeah pretty awesome nerve activity over here got another balcony over here looks pretty awesome you can see the whole island and army brought you see how much um sugarcane y’all we got mad sugarcane yet thousands and almost probably what I think is the coolest thing in the whole treehouse the diving board ok this thing backs up to the to the ocean out here so if you want you need to get down in a hurry just jump right off the diving board get about is garrett into the water below where to get back up there is he a creeper at the claremont oh yeah I see a creeper over there stay away from that again so I guess I better jump off here to let me change my view a little bit and Geronimo alright so that is it for today’s episode we built nutty a gigantic tree of the Jag entry house in I think you’re gonna love it yeah way he could be watching this video soon as we put out how he always watches our videos i’m waiting on the call but thanks for watching everybody liked it subscribe if you enjoyed the video yeah and hey if you want to help us out with ideas for our Minecraft survival island map, leave them in the comments and we will build it

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! This treehouse build is an idea from our friend over at Gavi Games (link in description). If you have any build ideas for Nutty's Island, leave us a comment. We plan to build all the ideas we get in upcoming episodes of Nutty's Island and give each person a shout out during the vid.

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