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Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 7

Minecraft Survival Island Map : Nutty’s Island Part 7

here we are again on our minecraft survival island map but I think I took a wrong turn somewhere this doesn’t look right hey everybody its old dad with kidsource we are back on Nutty’s island episode 7 and today we’re building something kind of simple it’s an idea wall to post all the ideas that everybody gives us for building stuff here on Nutty’s island and this idea comes to us from our good buddy banana man6000 go check out his channel there’s a link in the description below he’s got some awesome videos over there that’s banana man6000 so what this is… banana man said we should build a wall and a mansion, so we started with the wall and I’ve already built it I just made a simple little wall here with some torches across the top but the key the thing that makes the whole thing so awesome is that we’re putting signs on the wall with all the ideas that we get from everybody watching the video in the comments section so when you give us an idea in the comments section we’re going to post it up here on our wall and then when we finish building the idea we will mark complete on the side underneath it, see the signs underneath it? that way you can tell the order they’re coming in, they have a number on them and then when we get your idea and build it on the island we will give you a shout out and we’ll come back here to the idea wall and post it as complete, so there’s all the ideas we have so far, we could use a lot more, got some more room on the wall. ok got stairs here so you could climb up on the top, got some torches on there just because i think it makes it look cool and it will definitely stand out and kind of keep all the mobs away from it I don’t need a creeper to show up and blow up half the wall, and lose my ideas stairs on this side too, and then we can also post ideas on this backside too you know as we start filling up the front and when i do that i’m going to put some more land back here so it’s easier to walk around and go back there and check everything out, so that’s the idea wall right there and I think it’s pretty awesome ok since that was such a quick build challenge i thought i might do a little exploring we haven’t really been off the Minecraft survival island map yet, so what I did was I went exploring and I went down a deep mine shaft on the next Island over and I got killed down there so I lost all my stuff so now I’m gonna take you guys over there, I accidentally found this island while I was just out here harvesting some trees, we built this lil island back here just to plant trees see, so we can have wood and, that’s a good one there, so we can have plenty of room on our big island for building buildings and I saw this off in the distance and I was like ‘what is that?’, so I got a boat I drove over there found something really coo,l but in the process I was exploring a mine shaft and one of those little short zombies, those guys are quick, I hate those things and one of them found me and killed me I can never seem to get away from those guys so there’s my other boat when I got killed over here in the mineshaft, I respawned back on Nutty’s island of course in my house, I have no idea where the mineshaft is, but I know I put torches up, you know, all the way through it as i was going down in it, so that’s the only place i put any torches. that’s not it so it’s a big Island i’m going to look around see if i can find this mineshaft because all my stuff’s down there now, you can see there’s mushrooms everywhere we are on a mushroom island here, there’s these little mushrooms you can harvest those, you can harvest the big ones too just go over there and knock chunks out of em these are good for making mushroom stew so as you can see nothing but mushrooms as far as the eye can see oh I see something cool over here let’s go check this out this is a mooshroom wandering around over here and it’s just a little…. little bit different kind of cow, if you haven’t seen one before, but I’m sure everybody’s seen a mooshroom, and there is a mooshroom… wandering around have youhave you seen a mine shaft with all my stuff in it mooshroom? guess not so there’s a lot of space to look around here I really don’t even know, i had wandered around a lot before, I don’t even know where this mine shaft is. I’m gonna look around for a little while and we’ll see if we can find it ok this was not the mineshaft we were looking for I never could find the mine shaft with all my stuff in it and it’s gonna be dark soon so…. i can’t resist we’re going to explore this mine shaft, or cave and see if we can find something some diamonds would be great, but I’d even be happy with some iron ore, because when i got killed in the other mine shaft, i lost my shears, I lost my iron sword, i lost my iron helmet, my bow and about 12 arrows well we can’t go too far because here’s the end of the cave, and I’m not really whoa! I didn’t even see that! we’ve got some iron over here and that’s what we were looking for, you know if there’s no diamonds I guess iron will be…. or gold… or gold, if there’s no gold will take anything any kind of ore, i’m always happy man there’s a bunch of it too, that is excellent two more down here now we can see better, alright that is awesome alright we found a little iron, it’s bound to be getting dark by now so we better get back out here and find our boa,t we gotta get back to the island! alright is it’s getting really dark, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be dark by the time we get back to the island, so i’m going to go ahead and get my sword ready I know there’s gonna be mobs over there alright we’re back and i do see some mobs, there’s a creeper and a zombie in the water right there, i’m gonna jump in the water and fight them from the water that way if that creeper does decide to blow up, it won’t blow up half my dock over there, and the zombie, that was easy it looks easy folks but it’s not easy i’m trying to swim I’m trying to battle zombies and creepers at the same time ok now they’ve both approached me get back off me the zombies gotta die pretty soon, I have hit him three or four times now okay, there he goe,s now I just gotta deal with this creeper coming, everybody all I’ve got is this stone sword well there it goes, not too bad, whoop whoop, I don’t think you dropped anything so almost back to my house and there’s a creeper over there dangerously close to my house, get back, uh oh, he’s gonna blow up! that’s not really what we wanted to happen but, it did uncover some coal there we’ll deal with that later Ok, that’s about it for episode 7 Nutty’s island, we built the idea wall, we did a little exploring, thanks for watching you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, those links are in the description, and remember to give the video a like and subscribe to kidsource and go check out banana man6000, there’s also a link for his channel in the description he’s got some awesome videos over there I’m gonna go ahead and mark this project, if i can get the sign broke here, I’m gonna mark this one complete, number two on the idea wall that one is complete, oh and hey we need more ideas for our minecraft survival island map so leave your ideas in the comments

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  1. This is part 7 of Nutty's Island, and we're building another idea from the comments section. This idea is from Banana Man6000, and there's a link to his channel in the description. Don't forget to leave your build idea for Nutty's Island in the comments and we'll get it on the new idea wall. When we build it, you'll get a shout out!

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