Minecraft Survival Island Pt 1 – Out Of Time!

Okay, now let’s do this seriously! Here we are on this beautiful island! Full of cancer… This is the place where our journey begins… The first thing we are going to do is swim… Like a lot! So let’s leave this cancerous island behind. Splash! Splosh, splosh, splosh… Aaand… Cut! Wow, ok, so we just time warped like 5 seconds to the future! And we can also see our destination! So Let’s Just… Aah! Ok stop time warping now please! As i was saying, this is our destination. Because it’s the only island with trees in the area. And also, I officially proclaim this my land! Because it is my land! Now. So now that we are here… Let’s gather some… Oh look an ocean monument! (Back to what i was saying…) Some Wood! (SUSPENSE INTENSIFIES) (Magic) Ok now that we used some magic let’s craft the wood into planks! And the planks into a crafting table… And some sticks… And let’s place the crafting table uh… here! Then let’s craft a sword with some sticks and some planks. Oh and let’s craft a showel as well! Ok now look carefully, this is how i plant saplings! BOOM! planted. And now… vegans please skip this part… Because we are going to commit murder. Oh, never mind, jumpcuts can help! (A misterious island can be seen in the dispance) Ok looks like the sunset is coming soon… Wich means we need to get a move on! I’m done. Now, let’s build. Still building… And building… … And we are out of wood… But maybe… Oh never mind the sun is setting, bye! Did’nt notice the fps meter was still open… Sorry for that… And in case you were wondering… I wrote this down all by myself… So you should consider leaving a comment… And you should tell me what you think of this garbage i produce… So, back on track! The sun is setting, i’m tired, you’re tired, It’s late and we should go to sleep. So… Good night and sweet dreams everybody! Ill’ see ya all next time! (Hopefully) Lights off!

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