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Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 1 – Beautiful Spawn

Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 1 – Beautiful Spawn

Welcome to the first episode of Minecraft
single player survival anyways today we are starting your venture like every other Minecraft
year and that is by playing some single player I’ve actually been into spinning doing the
series for quite a while but to quickly answered a question that some of us may be wondering
about is Jay your hunger bars down will I have a simple explanation for the and that
is that this recording is fill in multiple times and I’ve charted resetting the world
to where I would be perfectly fine because I love this world in particular I actually
spawn on the street at the very beginning and I saw the street at three sixteen I was
like yeah that’s my tree right there because all this is my world and it just so happened
every time like one point nine doesn’t like my computer but as mentioned just now I am
playing on microphone point nine so it should be a pretty fun adventure and let’s just get
right into it but I’ve tried recreating the world multiple times in it which just say
every time I did it it had the big trees that would be like how it was then I kind of want
to keep that tree cause it’s kind of iconic to me in a sense just because how it’s like
laid out and just how strange looking to begin with but let’s see so this is actually as
I mentioned earlier a series that I’ve been into this a painting for for quite a while
now and yeah so let’s see kind of quickly do that real quickly but at the very end of
December it was a series I was kind of looking forward to and I was like I know I’m going
to do it but now the question is Wayne and now it is so every Wednesday the idea is to
be uploading an episode of this in particular and then Mondays and Fridays I shall be uploading
afterlife but the real question is if I’m able to actually keep up to date with that
I mean if I mean will to then we may pump out more videos but I don’t really want to
push myself to the limit on these things as that is. Not something I want to do and burn myself
out because I am one to be burned out really quickly and let’s see so we already have the
sun hard for us so you already know and then to quickly prove to you guys that I cannot
go in game mode right there Boone. The seed will be released when we hit episode
what is it twenty five and then episode fit the we shall be releasing the actual first
world download so that’s quite a ways away but I feel like it’s for the best with things
in my opinion I feel like we shouldn’t be really like pound I feel like giving away
the world is kind of like a sacred thing because even if you have the seat I don’t think you’re
able lawyer to recreate the actual spawning area like with these trees because I tried
recreating this world like ten times with those trees like the big trees right there
and it would not happen it’s like what in the world is happening so yeah I had fun trying
to get this world but that did not happen and we need to hurry up and kill some sheep
and also just have a little fun conversation with the as we are playing on one point nine
And this is actually my first time like having a real experience playing it and the idea
right now is that we’re going to be killing sheep because they are not something we really
need at the moment and I feel like they’re the best thing to prey upon have or Right
now we seem to be struggling House trying to get a last she but that doesn’t seem to
be happening just just die if I make it simple. I don’t think we’re going to really have an
easy day this is going to be really difficult right off the bat you guys first Jay messes
up the recordings like ten times and now we’re ready if they go down under Oh this is going
to be really interesting irony can tell you guys that much but we should probably plug
this up real quick and I think we’re going to start digging down right now because that
is the best option we have and I really. We don’t want to keep you guys waiting on
things but we’re going to make a quick cubbyhole right here and make or solves a furnace that
way we can start down some food and then oh my gosh I just realized this is going to be
my first night in Minecraft and it’s going to be difficult I can tell you that much I
want to cut down some trees will come real quickly though because I do not want to have
the experience of getting stuck down there like caving without any food as that would
be really tragic. So the idea is to releases everyone’s day
if I didn’t say that was I did but this is actually been on my Google calendar so like
you reminds me every Wednesday at like four or four thirty that the series like the video
for the series came out and it’s the saddest thing ever it’s like a reminder that I should
be doing it and I’ve actually had the guts now to do it so it should be fulfilling again
other series I do have other series planned on the channel for this but I will other series
on the channel planed out but right now this is currently what we’re doing oh my gosh oh
it cooked me that it’d take a while it all may I feel like my frames are jittery like
it’s high for a second then it jumps down real quickly. Let’s see so the idea right now as soon quickly
get some food because we are struggling and I know we’re spending quite a bit of time
trying to get some food Oh I actually want to keep you a librarian. How do I go about this who an apple Yeah I
want to keep them can I make a shovel real quick let’s see. No we don’t you have anything. Can I quickly just get this because I want
to dig them down because a librarian villagers would be nice right about now but I think
I’m getting really off topic with the like we’re struggling with food and all that right
out the bat. And like I don’t want to like start skipping
out on content with the young guys. Might get down. Ok that works and then do you have a block
in your hand no you don’t want to pick that up you know pick that up bro come on can you
just pick something up. I mean I’m trying to keep you right here OK
well we’re just going to leave it right there and let’s see I don’t really want to kill
the pigs that’s that’s really disappointing if I have to resort to that Oh and there’s
some mobs over here too so I’m doing the quickly abandon you guys for a second while that seems
really bad but we have to do that because we need some food and this is currently the
struggle so you have your back yeah OK yeah so we’re back now anyways we’re going to start
digging down now because we have a little bit of food there’s not a whole lot of animals
for us to kill around here and I kind O. want to kill all the animals that I’ve seen sight
so I think the idea right now is to start digging down a whole bunch and hopefully find
a potential cave while there is night time still occurring and it’s quite the experience
was scary experience right now because I am not really used to the whole idea of oh you
have to wait for your attack to load and it’s kind of a pain in the butt in a sense to my
opinion so yeah I think that best idea for right now is to avoid mobs because I don’t
want to say my first death any time soon and then the one of the big things I wanted so
yes that this first episodes not really going to be a big game changing episode for the
series it’s just kind of the introduction that we’re going to be mining for basically
the whole period and just chatting about next episode we should be building a house if not
some other ideas maybe farms get in that show on the road for us because that is something
that we need the purchase eyes on because food is one of the biggest pains in the butt
believe it or not and that is something we should be worrying about. Because right now I never really realize that
food is quite the thing the struggle with right now and like I don’t know like I don’t
really think it was that big of a deal but like I think like playing on a new world once
again kind of reminded me that Minecraft not really that simple at the very beginning is
kind of a bit of the struggle with like hunger and all that but then once you get the hunger
situation kind of settled everything’s a bit easy by basically becomes like oh easy food
done oh you basically go in the armor really easily because eventually I’ll find some iron
down here and then we already found some coal so it’s pretty nice and I just noticed my
game is really up high for so I don’t even need torches the mine now this is pretty nice
but I think we’re in a stop on the core right there we don’t really need to continue on
it in my opinion I just want some iron that way we can get geared up I don’t even know
how to make. A shield yet I think that’s where you put
a lot there in the middle and maybe sticks all around it no that’s an iron frame what
am I thinking all we lacked is so this is one of the most valuable blocks in the game
while you may mock me for this I’ve learned my lesson on always to collect Lapis who say
it’s great for enchanting and then it’s also a wonderful building block when you need it
so big piece of advice right there because I thought that was diamonds for a second like
I swear I saw it but like that is something I’ve learned something we all need to do in
life click clack as well maybe fake No Can I get it back please I like having my first
tools. Maybe we can just make one down here yes it’s
really sad I wait keeping all my first tools and won’t see put you right here we already
have sticks all the way up there we probably should have one up there that way we could
get the rest. The food just in case but we seem like we
kind of settled on things why am I finally getting my Cheviots that I messed something
up a bit nervous now and we have to keep going right now can we just find like a cave or
some iron or diamonds because really really deep down here and I like the idea of strip
mining for the first episode because that’s really boring free eyes in my opinion anyways
and what seemed to be we were getting really close down here I don’t think I hear any law
either so that is not a fun little task for us as we have to find something to keep us
entertained with. And ideas that at least find some diamonds
in the first episode. And see anything yet now maybe I’ll turn up
my game sounds that way we can hear a bit better. Because I mean I did turn him down a bit earlier
but we have to reason up that we can hear if there’s any of lava nearby or potential
water mobs Oh and then finding some actual like mob spawn are here by would be pretty
nice oh what was that some block play when are you playing on a server either but let’s
continue on anyways you guys hopefully will find something eventually because this is
quite the show. And let’s see so what are some of the big
things in one point nine then we have to worry about well I can tell you something about
the sponsor we have awesome little trees at the spawn we have responded to for spy on
and then we have some mountains to the north or walk. To the west actually I did hear some lava
just. As there are. Maybe to the side. You’ll see when we were this way in trying
to tell. It seems to be getting its tiny bit louder. It’s getting really loud actually now. We’re might it be that up above. Might be bull Lois I mean I really hate this
Q. she’s. OK we got to raise it up. OK We’re going to just continue this way than. Where did it go come on keep going please. I really wouldn’t mind finding your cave right
now it would be the really great thing right now. I’m about to give up on it this is just not
turning out to the greatest caving experience ever unlike most people usually people tend
to have good T.V. experiences on their first day and this is not the good thing at all
which is quite worrying for me. I feel like I’m deaf if I can’t find this. Is it over here. Seems to be getting louder. As it above me that is the question. No we still have you found any iron and we’ve
been doing around for quite a bit I don’t know this is not a good thing for me to just
find something. I think we’re getting really close and might
be below us now or maybe to the side. Way iron we finally found something of use
now this is what I’m talking about yes we finally got something of value something that’s
worthwhile for us but I’ve never found it this difficult to find some iron on the first
day which is quite strong. Change usually you’ll find iron right off
the bat but this time we had quite the struggle with that but it was really shocking. Oh we found some red stone. Ideas probably to avoid it for now I don’t
really like Redstone besides that it provides X.P. And that’s really it. Can we find anything though. I really want to find this flaw the. About the give up we’re just going to continue
strip mining I think that is the best bet for us and then we’re going to quickly make
a furnace for selves. And then put it up here because we might as
well and then smell to that iron that way we can finally get a pick axe or an iron pick
axe anyways in case if we find any diamonds because diamonds all main That would be good. Sillett see what are we doing like so next
episode I think the idea is to build a farm and then I’m currently going to be plenty
all the next episodes after that wayward kind of settled on things and we’ve got to worry
about things that do you followed be nice if you guys want to recommend anything in
the comments section below that is a great thing and then also if you have any ideas
like in ways to incorporate Yaz into the series yes can also leave a comment below with your
answer in response to that question because I wouldn’t mind goes I don’t want to do you
like in eat those styled thing where you like take like ask a question put in a war he doesn’t
put it ask a question I think he just simply takes the best comment or well the comment
that he likes the most and then puts in the video I want to book anyways I don’t want
to do that I don’t want to feel like I’m copying I mean we can do the simple tree where you
put a sign on a tree and say that’s your tree but I want to do that either because I’ve
seen a lot of teachers do to even care I know. He’s done it I want to copy him how he’s not
doing that for season two yet so I don’t want to do it anyway still but yes OK that case
Judy’s a person my sub box on the You Tube channel and he is a Minecraft single player
just like I’m currently starting up he’s done it all he’s currently on season two and he’s
doing a marvelous job of white fire another single player he’s currently doing and like
he’s doing Singletary too but he’s also doing like. I don’t know I don’t explain it but I mean
we’re still not finding a whole lot of stuff like no go no caves this is really shocking
like OK so now you want to show how did the lava not really pick up that is really my
question. Oh and then one of the big things I just remember
is that the rework tell region works and how hunger that sort of work to so this could
be interesting oh who is it opening up it’s opening up oh yes we found something yes I
like this this this is what we’re talking about I’m a laugh it’s a dead end and then
yes this can mock me forever but wiser block lag like we’re not on a series or does it
really really seem logical for that to be happening. Oh I so thought like a lot of it just started
to flow and for their second get me they give me some quick X.P. Perhaps no lawyer down there thing he maybe
there’s a cave or something this way. Why you don’t want to pop out Oh there we
go maybe not over here. This is really disappointing like you had
to give me something that she want at least like this is not a fund money perience in
my opinion however ruling to continue on our little strip mined adventure as we try to
find something wonderful So I think I’m a leave you guys here for a bit and come back
when I found something good for you guys but you’re back yards. OK you guys super back now and we found something
I think I’ve been hearing some skillz and some lava some water and this is no no hello. Can we go gosh. OK that was really shocking that man and then
this is my first time using the left arm thing which is really scary OK I didn’t mean the
play set but OK let’s break you Rick look we. Allude Mr Skilling to no I mean here to be
your friend today please come visit me. One two three. White House I don’t know. Helu come on and they made skeleton so much
smarter to how how did you get me tell me that’s all I want to know how did you like
no other skills and that I know has been able to do that but Redstone I’ll take even though
you’re kind of pointless to me and then we’ll take some shrooms over here because that is
a source of food and we’ll probably need that down the road just in case we get stuck down
here or we start dying and starving that death because you just have to be prepared you guys
that’s all you have to be in life prepared prepared for the worst in the best. C. so police you are you really kidding me
there’s still nothing for us like there is literally no diamonds none of that it’s like
it’s all a prank it’s all a ruse so we’re going to be right back again until we find
something pretty good for us because right now this is really unsettling for me as I’m
trying to provide you guys the best caving experience on the minecraft universe but we’re
back to you guys OK you guys last second here we found aver
Vina I think this is what we’ve been looking for were quickly going to go back and get
our stuff because I started smelting because their pick broke and yeah this is finally
what we’ve been looking for like I’ve been pulling my hair out just for this because
of how pitiful this is because it’s taking us for every Just to actually get something
and like it’s really sad and I know we’re going to keep that smelting over there and
just continue on with the trip here and hopefully we’ll find some goodies because right now
I just see gold I want to see some blue star sun diamonds come on now like we’ve been on
this adventure for quite a while we haven’t seen really anything worthwhile and then this
is our first sight of something great and marvelous Let’s go over here but man look
at all this gold gold galore I mean this would be perfect for U.H.C. but that’s not where
we’re doing we’re playing some normal Minecraft they’re more your own you know that’s our
what happens if we just found a stronghold right here in the that would be pretty cool
and then we were able to do it for all it’s good jewels in it because there are some just
in it anyways and then oh we need to make a water but you know I think about it we need
one of those. Places. What is a place that they are you be in let’s
see make you real quick you’re taking quite a while or. To cook which is not good I really need that
to go faster because I would like some protection Oh and yeah they added water buckets that
oh I thought I saw a mob out there going kamikaze on me I was scared for my life right then
and there. Oh I didn’t mean to do have it OK there’s
a skeleton over there keeping an eye on us and yeah it’s really really scary to think
about but Anyways let’s let’s quickly. Trains are shit over here I love how I’m just
thinking I’m like cool now I can just move around and all that some Lapis up there it’s
pretty good. Going there quickly settle this. Fine sir you want to come over here I really
wish i’d like eggs or snow balls the third Adam I would be nice. I’m a going through this oh you think you
got the zero zero. Draw on funds I know OK forget. We’re here let’s just continue our venture
like nothing happened he has it here like a little squeal or any of that and let’s just
gather more gold where is a dime in that light I think this world just hates me like I thought
this world looked good at first but like from the looks of it right now it’s not looking
real good for us to tell the ravine I mean we’re just getting deeper into this like this
is getting exciting I’ll even know why I’m switching blocks when we can just use our
left teen then again I’m a ride so I guess that makes sense who maybe maybe sometimes
down there. Her head on there we go it’s so weird using
another hand on mine craft that oh oh heck no just stay over there just please stay over
there I really don’t like using this other hand. You can say were there I just want some diamonds
that’s it is there any dimes down here diamonds housekeep So we’re still not able to find
any diamonds and this is really sad for me like gold OK gold cool or the diamonds I just
want diamonds that’s it. They’re diamonds down over here maybe you
know you got to be kidding me I there’s not even a mob spawn or any of that just gold
gold gold are all right. That’s all I’ve seen you guys I think we’re
going to cut it right here now you guys I think we’re actually going to call an episode
to all right it hopefully as you enjoy the first episode next step show episode should
be really better in my opinion as we’re going to be doing building and all that fun jazz
but anyways yes we’re watching my name is Jay and I shall see you guys on the next one
but by you guys.

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