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Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 2 – Building A Survival Starter House

Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 2 – Building A Survival Starter House

Our first diamonds What a wonderful thing we finally found them after so long in will desire anyways you guys welcome back to another episode of Minecraft single player survival Anyways I want to thank you guys for the support not Episode one as it was fantastic the metal likes and comments and just the amount of sheer support that he has really given me was just quite amazing and I can’t think he has more than enough but hopefully as you enjoy the little segment of which I found my first time in zero I was actually saving that moment up for quite a while I found it maybe like a few days after when I recorded episode one and now we’re actually going to be doing something so before we actually start I want to show you guys a little bit more so around spawn I’ve been working out I’ve been making a farm that way we have a sustainable food source I actually had a chicken farm until I actually killed all the chickens in it and it was really here I had a hopper down there in that a little staircase to the hopper and then this is the mine shaft down and this is my little Cousy abode that we kind of live in currently And yeah this is the current layout for that for Spawn anyways and we have the nice little island over there and then we have the spruce force in the mountains except for the so that’s kind of really it we kind of got all the farming supplies that we need and we’re basically set up and I think I’m going to show you guys route quickly what we have acquired so far so this is our courier farm goods and all that food except for our blogs and miscellaneous stuff and then our actual minerals and except for a so I actually did make an I mean pick axe and I did get some of the city and so like within the next few episodes we should be going to the nother and also in changing so I think next episode we’re probably going to be changing since we’re building a house right now so already kind of the idea of what I want the house to be is a symmetrical house so. But let’s see so I think. We actually may put the center in this area. The thing is I’m kind of scared about that over there so I think richly going to move it over so we’re going to be using some spruce wood and we’re going to be using bricks for a chimney and then we’re going to be using cobblestone and cobblestone stairs and cetera and that’s really it but we’re also going to be using oak wood as our actual floor so it should be really easy for us in my opinion at least I do have pictures on my phone just in case that way we don’t really get lost as I am not the greatest at remembering what we have to really build and it tends to be the struggle then again it’s quite amazing how I built the town hall on the afterlife is a piece server but whatever slips eat so it’s kind of a simple rinse and repeat pattern if you can see so it’s kind of go and it’s going to repeat on the other side too so it’s going to be identical and the idea is to have this as the senator right here anyways so right here and there we’re going to have stairs right here do I have my series yes I do you see I’m prepared today you guys it’s quite amazing So we’re going to have stairs right here we’re going to have a nice little Let’s see if we get this done real quickly. Zus to you. Yes I think this is how I want it I can really recall no no I swear messing up in some shape or form if not well we’re just going to leave this piece of the ideas that have some like little pretty green stuff in front that way we kind of have some word nature attached to it and just continue that theme around so let’s see we have this we keep going out and then we over here hopefully as do enjoy this I’m sorry if you don’t because building is not generally the greatest thing in the world for me I am not a wonderful entertainer and doing so I guess you can say but whatever so let’s see. I am just trying to quickly get this done for you guys so we have the and then we go to your main this is complicated What was I doing in my sleep just kidding I was honestly read during this so anyways if you guess you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave it liking comment down below and also one of the big question is for this video you what do you want to see next episode because I know that tends to be a thing that interests most people in my opinion at least and all it would interest me and I want to know for myself so calm down below which he has Want to see next episode and now we can have the foundation so you had the idea of how the floor is going to be so all this should really be would so we’re just going to craft a bunch and just start placing it that way we had died I mean of course over there that’s not going to be wood as we have a chimney However it’s not actually going to be a chimney that we can light because while we’re kind of building out a woods I don’t new that would really be a smart idea I mean if we wanted to keep then sure about new We’re not doing that as. An quickly get my axe man but did you guys know swinging in one point nine like if you just kept swinging at a mob like this is it’s actually faster the kill a mob like that I mean I was kind of I don’t know I thought they were kind of the same amount. But no it’s actually faster and let’s see me I really should just make like a bunch and just not constantly keep making it over and over so we have the idea here it’s not looking nice now we are to actually start putting the actual wood structure will frame upon it so it should be really simple do we yes me ask period for you guys like I can’t believe it like this is not mean. Let’s see do we have the door sadly we don’t have the door this is. So. We’ve got to make Yeah well just make some and do that really quickly and then we’ll place you right here and yeah they were doing good so far yes keep it going over here in there and we also need our glass so you know why we have our water but you’re right then and there as we’re not really doing anything oh yeah the glass is like then this update that’s pretty awesome forgot all about that. And then we need to have our one do right here or if I can do this. In one not window or a stair upside down stair puts you here too and let’s see what about you over here. Yes Also one of the big things I wanted to do as a little competition with you guys if you guys really wanted or not if this video hits thirty likes by I guess it would have to be either but if you guys want the video of the come out on Saturday then this would mean the happen by Friday morning for me that way I can actually record or if he has won this video by Sunday then yes would another video so if we had thirty likes on this video then you guys can get another single player video which should be pretty cool in my opinion as who wouldn’t want another video this week. Did I mess up no no I was going crazy for a second man I was about to have a miniature heart attack believe or not because I thought I messed up but that corner piece right here is messing me up see at thirty links and then you can get an extra video that comes out either on Saturday or Sunday depending on whatever hit the thirty like goal and that’s just kind of a little friendly competition in my opinion for you guys to really encourage the has to be more interactive except for a no no to me that’s just fun Who wouldn’t want an extra video you oh no it’s rainy night time gotta quickly her. I’ve been going to bid got to go night night. Made. We’re doing pretty good I feel like we’re being productive I mean hopefully I impress simple with my building skills as that’s what he requested I know one person actually recruit requested that I build a tree house why do I feel like this is not right oh no that’s right I guess just looking from the other side it doesn’t look right because of the wall. Crazy stuff you know this is not right but yes simple white hopefully do you approve as I am always here to impress you hopefully and then I need to put you here quickly do this and they yeah think we’re looking pretty good so far we just kept that and so right here this is supposed to be a room this is supposed to be another room so I mean I think we may just make this into an inch a made room maybe and then ideally over here this is like a little living room and then right above it in the ceiling believe or not we’re going to have like extra storage like there’s going to be a ladder right here too to trap doors which should be really cool in my opinion I mean healthy as like the idea of that I mean I don’t mind it but then again we all have differing opinions on how builders should build except for a so yeah let’s see oh yeah this is looking good. Progress is being made. And then one of the big things out of he has note is that is that the big trees are still here believe it or not. Really why May and I just wasted piece of glass then again we don’t need all of it like me that kind of hurts my soul right now thinking about it but I’ve kept all the big trees I really don’t want to leave them for some reason like I want to kind of keep it like a believer and I would like far away from spawn they just get like a little bit of dirt to make it the low. In life Street or Wall I guess pretty you’re looking not really straight are all flat that’s the word I’m looking for so yeah I know quite interesting and I’m a weird person I think about it like how I do things for certain reasons. I Me Out know if you guys like go like one hundred blocks away from spawn just to collect dirt that we can time to keep like the next natural generation of Spawn I mean like I’m weird I mean you guys may think I’m not but I truly. Let’s see put you all the way appear and we also have our chimney popping out right here so let’s see over you when they need me we don’t need you torches Galloway we may need more bricks now I think about which is kind of the scary thought like I was not prepared for this. Puts you here let’s see. We know. This is annoying. I just messing up on the placement of blocks except for a is quite the federally thing and then I think we have a chimney part that sticks out here. I really don’t know how I have the inside but like this is kind of the idea that we’re going for anyways. And there were of course we have our wood planks going across rate here which is nice of course. I think it keeps going up higher up know how I did it then we places like that and that way kind of has a more defined little I can’t get up now. Oh no. Spaghetti o’s I Frames are doing OK It’s good to hear and see. What can I use as a building block maybe you will use cobble or not really using it for anything else besides like the actual. One of my thinking so. No other two books that’s really it DAN Oh no they are really all over the place you guys I’m just trying to get the general layout done with you guys and hopefully we can settle things oh I just realized we’re not going to have all the central stuff inside the actual house which is kind of sad like we’re not going to have the bookshelves or not because we haven’t we haven’t had a Cal yet to watch scenic hour but I did decide to take him out like home because that was going to be quite the venture in I didn’t feel like doing that I think next episode we might build a automatic kicking kooker because that is a nice to see sustainable food source unless we want to build like a bard but that’s not as fun Redstone is one of the greatest things in the world as I’m lying through my teeth just getting is one of the greatest things but I suck at it real bad but I mean you got to own up to your mistakes and learn from it or not really mistakes that’s not really a mistake yet a Larry you got to get your education. And yeah so I think group basically we kind of have the full day out done and now we just kind of to do you the roof I think so if we take a look around let’s see so has a fireplace look over here so I think. Oh I did take a close up picture of it what am I doing this. OK so this may be the struggle so I think I end up closing the saw. Doing that yeah and then we do this course and then the roof is all or all the ceiling above us is basically going to be called planes just like we have on the floor. So that’s going to be neato really beds and all that. Way I think I did this wrong I think this actually pops out. You know. Yeah this is too oh so what what one of my messing up on through the doors right here. What is this oh oh that’s where OK I don’t know what is happening in my mind I’m not recalling things that I’ve done but yes a right here we have stored stuff I mean it’s not good when you haven’t done this in quite a while and then we’ve also done it right here because we have our friend hisses in our crafting table but then again yeah kind of makes it and down here on a let’s see so I think we’re quickly going to continue on with this. Oh and then we need to put our steers down or a large share anyways so we’re going to make you like this. And then that So we have a nice little cozy chair right here and how did I do my fireplace this is what’s killing me like I was staring at it right now and it’s like a pain in the butt Oh I think I have it maybe. Put you there there and then we need to have a slab right there and then we’re good. So let’s get she real quick. Oh and then I’ve been doing a lot of a a on this will believe it or not for that farm to make sure that I was getting all the necessary materials and then we need to put you here because the roof is now going to separate us believe or not so might as well craft the rest but let me quickly show yes my stats so ten point seven five hours played. You can see a lot of it a. King has been diving a probably a cape for like two hours on a already which is quite a lot but yeah I’ve done that so I’ve been putting in work believe it or not. Trying to ensure my survival as getting food and all that in God It’s training night time. See got to quickly hurry this up I feel like night time comes by way too quickly now that I think about it like it doesn’t feel like it’s been long enough because like I can see the recording Tyree like in the top rate in quarter you guys can’t but I can I can see dead people oh no I’m just trying to make a weird reference keep you opinion let’s see. And yeah so now we gotta make some ladders real quick. I think real good I think that’s all we need because then we have the trapdoors rate they are got to quickly make those now and we actually only need those pretty good. And own and I’d like you what I do for the roof that is my question because that is what I seem to be struggling with right now. So I think well really I put a stone cobblestone outline for what it seems like for some reason. Oh no I kind of make sense because I didn’t use cobblestones stairs for this which is a pretty smart idea and then we also did actual things like that that way you can place them which is pretty nice I also love the sounds now if you think about it like they sound better in my opinion anyways on if it’s just me or if I’m crazy but they do sound a lot better and yeah. So whatever whatever floats but I think I’m just. And Levy yes be right here years really don’t need to come along for the rest of this as yes kind of the general idea and we getting along of an episode I don’t know how long of an episode you guys generally want I feel like twenty minutes is a sustainable amount so when I’m done with this I’ll cut back to it so we’re back you guys. OK guys so we have finished the house now from what it seems like you will from what I recall anyway so we’re going to give you guys a house two or Area A J T V Cribs two or whatever you want to call it so first off we figured out what we’re doing right here we were heading our own little bit of bush is a nice little fence thing on a kind of neat in its own little way we kind of need the added bit more Bush’s except for that way we can kind of make the house not feel like it’s being not having as much deaf I guess you can say because right now it kind of looks a bit odd just based on how it is so anyways once you knock on the door being bang and boom you enter and this is kind of I guess you know my cozy abode now we have some storage just down here we have a little fireplace that we can use we have carpet so all over the place and then we have furnaces down here just in case and we have side room so in case of what ever wants to finally hunt me down he can visit in stay and launch at my cabin in the woods so yeah supreme nice low down here not really much storage kind of decent mount and but once you come up here it’s like I use my single player on like my afterlife house and all my storage is basically up here all of this is excessive and it’s a little because there’s lighting right behind this chest and right behind that shows So everything is good so you don’t even need torches appear pretty awesome So that concludes the house tour hopefully as do you enjoy the starter house on Minecraft single player survival if you guys do enjoy them please make sure the smack that like put in that way we can hopefully have a nother single player survival video this week but remember thirty likes or no extra video but he weighs that is that you guys will be as you enjoy to see as next week but by you guys.

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