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Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 27 – Path Design 1.12

Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 27 – Path Design 1.12

Welcome everybody back to another wonderful Minecraft single player survival episode anyways today we’re going to be having a little bit of fun by making some paths in those world because all of us can already tell we don’t really have any in that’s a bit strange when you’re in a Minecraft world because you can expect a way that tell you which way to go and you don’t want to be left in the dust on not knowing where to go so I figured we probably should get on there and I think I have an idea what we should be doing in that is make in the past and what we’re going to be using is the brown concrete powder that came out in one point well and we’re also going to be using of course because it mixes it matches well with that pretty much and then for I guess Stone slopes we’re light for right here we’re going to be using some stone and cobblestone some compost on the stairs instead of the slabs for this little part words like inclining I guess whatever you want to call it in it’s really it we may take down this house this episode I’m not really sure but it is also on the agenda for things to do as we will be replacing the house with houses that kind of fit the style that we’re kind of doing over there as I think they’re there more interesting in probably going to fit the theme better of what I want to do in this world so either way we’re going to get started on I guess tearing apart pointed and putting in the path let’s get her digging on you guys I think it’s been a little bit of time for me to casually keep waiting so we’re going to start digging our path here and I think it should be a good one now we probably should start from the top here that weights easier the tell which way to go and I did actually craft some more brown concrete powder because I figured we’re probably going to need a lot of that it is something that I think will probably be using a good bit of now we do have a a little bit of differentiation and I felt like I like the design or all dispatch the paths. Zeid Anyways more than what we’re currently doing in other series or worlds whatever you want to call it like I guess there’s typical designs and I feel like this is a nice little difference in what we’re currently doing while I think it may be a nice path like what we have on after life if you don’t know we have a like a cobblestone oriented path or well I guess there’s cobblestone there is into sight gravel stone and stone brick I think kind of all integrated into it and I think that would be neat but even then I still feel like that that’s not really necessary as of this moment in I don’t know I just feel like this is more unique it’s kind of loops it kind of fits the whole idea of one point told it’s something new current in and I feel like a lot people want more people probably enjoy that they. Than me doing the typical path even though it might look better because this is just a bunch of draw on the wall we already kind of have the whole ground style going on but I intend on making things a bit more prettier that there’s supposed to be more for oil which So you know I have no clue if that’s really going to happen or not and I’m doing a bad job at mixing this in I just realize so. See how to casually mix this in and throw it in here or there and I think that’s a little bit better and waller added We’re going to be adding a little bit do we want to do that no we don’t know I don’t I don’t think we want to use any stone in this walk I do think it might be a bit cooler to do something like that I’m not too sure if that really fits the whole path as I am saying Yeah well let’s see we’re going to continue doing this and I’ve been looking at figuring out how to fully like integrate this path into the world over all the world but. Like into the what you might call it into into the dark Syria over there because it’s not it’s not really going to perfectly integrate itself so it’s a bit difficult to like all the Figure out what I’m doing with there. In I don’t know I’m still trying to figure out how I want to like in the dark without abruptly doing so I don’t know that’s just kind of me at the moment you know let’s see do we want it I’m trying to like slowly make it where it’s not like a perfect three wide pattern and it’s a little bit difficult when usually as a person I kind of think perfect path we’ve got to make a perfect pass and this is just kind of going our way of doing so and that needs to turn in the grass that way doesn’t like mess with my mind and let’s see how yes we can start curbing it right now so I did mention I think I mentioned anyways that the the houses or the house and I believe that dark. Fishing here is going to be two or down and replace with a different build build Cech kind of fit the theme of what we’re doing over there but more than that as of right now so I think that will be better and I am doing a bad job I just remembered again. Trying to be wasteful don’t really like that but whatever now I’m like how that’s really perfect looking so that’s kind of annoying. See. In. NOT mean the do that and I get you back please. And that can I just break may be this one work. That work. So if we’re going to walk up what’s the walking we’re going to be like this week. But they’re. Going to break their. This is difficult using slabs is not fun I used to this. We got to do that. And then probably put one over here there. And then we move so that means we have to move that one to all lower and it we’re going to take this concrete powder and place some grass back that we were not being wasteful take this up to because I believe we have to either way move that. And take you. Place that back that we can play some concrete powder lease that we’re. Seeing that what I’m going for think so. And then just play some normal grass right here and then place that and then we can place our concrete powder. And will place the rate there. No we at the place a slab rate there what am I doing or we can place a nother concrete powder and slowly push it out like that. And we don’t need to do that but. This. See that way we’re kind of slowly causing the transition I think that is fine. It’s not fully what I’m looking for but of course we’re going to make this a smoother transition than what it is is right now it kind of looks a bit rough but in the process of just doing it I can’t I don’t think it’s going to look perfect ever but then again on us just me and add some more you that and then we want to place one right there I think so that way we can kind of mix and match right here. And that looks a little bit better than what it was well known we want to add a course. In. That way he kind of smoothly transitions out and doesn’t look as abrupt That way we can just walk up one kind of not liking that right there kind of looks a bit funny as how it’s just kind of the same pattern out of to me just kind of sticks out a bit weird and I guess that works now we have a I guess a much more smooth path for digging the sound because now we just kind of dig over here and we’ll have a street path or a street path alongside right here that goes up the hill in I think we’re going to possible you like a little inside the hill type deal with this house would be torn down and we’ll probably place a makeshift house right there in its place and then a house on the other side so that way a path is just going up alongside it but we’re not going to be building the houses this episode. So I think we should be fine in regards to that so I’m going to quickly NAB like make the path for all the way up there and then I will figure out what I’m doing with the docks in a bit that way I can show you guys and then finish it all so either way I’ll be back in a second Anyways everyone we’re done here I really have no clue on what we’re going to be doing for the dark part I have to figure out a way to nicely integrate the lighthouse over here into the dock and then probably close it off right here and once I’ve done that I will probably end up finishing up the path that leads into it so it will look prettier than currently what it is I’m still trying my best but I think we’re we’re making a good bit of progress as we’re we’re getting something that way there’s like a little bit of structure to the area now years of probably thinking this this pass kind of looks a bit odd she wore it it does look a bit odd because well there’s no trees anywhere nearby for it the really you like I guess make it more natural than what it is. Is right now or we don’t have any grass flowers or trees Bush’s that type of deal so once we start adding those little things to perk up the area I think will make things look a lot better than what we currently have going on so once we end up finishing a war that SAG going to be included in this episode I’ll figured I’ll finish it off camera that way yes don’t have to worry about it in that way it just kind of looks pretty on its own because well I know this episode has been more of a nice simple episode and that’s kind of what I was shooting for I feel like a lot of the work we’ve been doing in these past few episodes have been kind to build the grain the that type of deal and this is just more of a laid back relax simple thing that do I think anyways and yeah so that’s really it hopefully I have jointed main If I can speak hopefully I have enjoyed the video if you guys have don’t forget to tell me in the comments section below if you enjoy the make surely right tell me why you guys enjoyed the video because war that’s always interesting here everybody has a different response maybe I said something stupid maybe I’m just you agree I don’t know you tell me but Anyways thank you for watching I hope you guys have a great rest of the day or night in yeah thank you yes and I shall see you guys next time well before you go.

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