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Minecraft: The Hunger Games! Part 2

Minecraft: The Hunger Games! Part 2

and we’re back with part two of the survival games this is gonna be very exciting folks super exciting we’re back at spawn apparently that’s always fun I I still can’t believe I killed that guy Shutup you do nothing, we gotta flee the city There is still eight people here at spawn what is everyone doing can ask is there day death meant your probably not stupid stuck up to six players Manning don’t
worry six players I lost you dan did 30 been out here like eight times one I’m of I lost you let’s
meet up its Paul damn it’s her whole is ran off you’re the new piece kyron behind you
behind you %uh stranger is actually a stranger niners got this cave see what’s out
there on industry the world a little mystery we need to have I feel like I’ve already
been here I feel we have and party been everywhere how how chest the fine I found and and I’m missing anything it was took double fault damage for some
reason thanks to my damage two hands this temple I feel like I’ve seen a
hundred times up all those that percent from Santa yeah phones dying by they’re just dying
denounced going on in a fight or anything so
stupid lady or can do some hardcore is this is actually so boring for
pleasure meeting and they’re still on death match this guy ever I see up where where is
going into a tough boy I’m gonna kill ’em I on your site where some money I’m glad they’re known donors on yet time to play it so this match started with my no maybe six yeah and rent it out for by Antti ball for
like at least one person on my gosh i cm it it work I activate and I guide to you at David on now that I i I don’t know why I wanna I want follow you one faulk yes fuck yeah I’m look at that look that where I didn’t
actually think we sum this up in parts there alright that’s being a will be just one the Hunger Games on don’t got in
third thank I think I got and second I came in
where’s it’s been a fun match guys I didn’t think I would make it and on
Phelps YouTube account being description you can go check my stuff now and you
know maybe I’ll be some are I that song by

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  1. Thank you very much! 😀 and you are right we will evenly distribute view time between videos I'm just starting up as of now haha 😛

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