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Minecraft toy review: Magma Cubes (Survival Figures)

Minecraft toy review: Magma Cubes (Survival Figures)

What’s up guys welcome to Corgi games
today we’re doing another mod *toy review day I have this with me
I mean mod review toy review cut that part out of the video anyways um today it’s a toy
review anyways yeah today it’s another toy review because I went to the store
saw this thought it looked cool so I got it
guess we’re gonna review it now so yeah let’s just go let’s just get straight
into the it again I guess I cannot speak today as I know some of you guys like
toy reviews so yeah let’s just get straight into it so I do have things that do come from
the series so like I have these I have Alex, the creeper
now they usually come with a block the bedrock not come with a creeper obsidian
did anyways they do come with a block but this one came instead of a block it
came with two other magma cubes so yeah (still pretty cool 👌) let’s just unbox it I guess
oh yeah they did have a typo back here (oof) It says SHULKERS cannot swim it’s supposed
to say magma cubes okay so here I have it all opened up
let’s start doing it so first off we have these two tiny magma cubes they’re
actually really cute but they don’t really do much but yeah they do they are
pretty cool I’m glad that they included them and this is the big magma cube now
it has a special feature on it it’s so cool so here you have a little button
that you can press and it’ll come up so yeah it’s really cool okay all right so
yeah I think it’s a really cool little thing so yeah I really do like this I
think it’s really cool now let’s kind of compare it to some of the other ones
that we’ve gotten throughout the series here it is compared to the zombie pigman
I thought I’d do this on the pigman first because they’re both nether mobs
so yeah they got the netherrack! I lost the sword like I kind of know where it
is but I’ll find it don’t worry anyways so yeah it’s really cool
actually this is very entertaining just so satisfying (Oddly Satisfying?) alright anyways so yeah that’s a zombie
pigman compared to it let’s do the rest here it is compared to Alex I think this
is a good size comparison yeah that seems about accurate to the game so yeah
that’s compared to Alex you can see out Alex here came with the grass block all
right here it is compared to the creeper so I mean it’s kind of the same as Alex
but I’m gonna compare all of the mobs that I have anyways alright so that’s
the creeper the skeleton and the witch so that’s all the size comparisons um
I’ll give you an overview about it and we’ll end off the video okay guys so
overall I do think this was I think this was really cool and it you like I do
wish I had just a little more like maybe could come with magma cream or I don’t
know magma block or something but it’s so pretty cool I mean my favorite
feature is this never gets old (I’m playing with it while writing the captions XD) but I also like the little baby ones I do wish they’d have a textured bottom but that doesn’t really matter
anyways that’s really all I have to say about this it’s really cool and I hope
you guys like them the toy review alright well yep time to okay and now
the word from our sponsor I’m just kidding we don’t have a sponsor peace
out :3

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