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Minecraft Treasure Wars with V | Episode 1 | Kid Gaming

Minecraft Treasure Wars with V | Episode 1 | Kid Gaming

one of them are here Max you gotta go Max you gotta go block behind block behind you [Music] hey guys what is up today we’re gonna be playing some treasure wars that one of my friends showed me and hey yeah so it’s kind of like Egg Wars where you collect resources and you get diamonds and emeralds and you got to destroy other people’s treasure so V do you want to start do you want to start defending or should I I’m kind of building – oh okay then so i’ll defend for a little let’s get this down so V how do you want to do the roles – I don’t know – do you want to be like the watch watchtower sort of or no? I’ll just be like the base keeper okay so defender got you ooh Gray’s are already eliminated that’s nice we gotta get the other side the other side already has a wall team summoner upgraded thank you so don’t move it means summoner is are you coming that thing are you getting hurt yes get off the edge I said you get off no no no V fist him – he doesn’t listen damn him – fist him off or just kill him with your fists nice that works today I’m getting you a diamond sword I mean not diamond sorry I keep on iron sword – oh nice – it’s in the chest nice I’m gonna grab it like just a little bit of gold oh that’s that that’s a lot of gold here haven’t half of this just put in your chest oh no orange team is coming they’re not in there and change dude I need your help I’m about to die and I died no it’s fine I’m getting armor they come home or are they oh here they are nope nope nope nope nope nope nope get out let me fix it no no one will ever know oh V I got you a stone sword apparently here come to the bridge maybe give me give me come to the dungeons I can get you a bow and arrow if there’s enough don’t – oh we really have to oh green is coming green it’s coming Max oh shoot – green is coming Max is coming they fell they fell they fell – good – we have to go for their base come on come on oh they’re dead I got it I got it go go go go go got it where are they Oh ones nope – did he fall off? nope I just killed them Yay umm wait wait I got there gold wait green is – do we have the diamonds yes we do wait I have four diamonds [Music] I’m gonna take the – V I’m gonna build to middle let’s go middle all right green is coming back – Nooooooo – Max they’re coming to our base trying to get him oh I see you he’s that type of dude – give me the sword wait I’ll just get my own real quick they’re coming from the side oh they’re coming from both max go on the side what do you mean no they’re getting away – it’s fine as long as we live and you die’d – I died – and he died as well hey oh oh wait that’s the emerald summoner I thought the emerald summoner was a green dude but I do see a blue dude coming so I’m just gonna go around quick – a blue dude ok that’s blue dude – he has you really have to go he has diamond armor and iron sword you know what I’m going to try and do I’m going to try to go for blue’s base that’s I’m gonna try and get go for blue’s base – wait which oh okay there you are you have to do a quick come on no you have to buy a Pickaxe come on quicker – I don’t know if they’re gonna die or not Max iron Pickaxe – you have to go quick spectate the blue – go go Max I’m looking if anyone’s coming that’s the only thing I’m going to spectate for you one of them are here Max you gotta go Max you gotta go block behind you, block behind you I got it I got it – no continue mining – I already got the egg – oh okay okay dark blue is eliminated how many teams are left – there’s me and green what blue is trying to get to our base two light blues are on our base I mean dark blue we’re a light blue umm let me see it’s only the Green Team and you dude – I know – where are they, there they are they’re on our base where do you think – wait V ohhh they haven’t covered their egg you have to get it now – dude they didn’t cover it well to be honest – dead – it ain’t covered it well yeah – let me see let me see oh they just noticed they are running back to their base Max Max you gotta hide you gotta hide around somewhere dude I’m kidding go behind the house we built up to the roof – diamond sword ahhh they’re already on the Emerald Island they’re going on the bridge – Max they’re on the bridge they’re on the diamond island now Max they’re coming – Nooo I dropped my diamond sword Max what do you mean you dropped your … Max they’re coming – oh God they’re looking yeah I actually got three treasures apparently people really don’t defend in this game – oh I tried to – no it’s good that’s fine just get – what we have now we do cityscape uh no let’s do s.. no let’s do Morrowland – okay gotcha loaded I’m going to do parkour let’s see if I’m good at parkour I’m ready almost there ah damn it – we know it’s mine it’s my why just why – it’s find you get two more why you do this to me – V the defender back can you get some diamond so we can upgrade the Upgrade Bot – where do you think I’m going to genius – I don’t know very heavy and cool try and get like seven or maybe twelve diamonds cuz iron swords I can go Max can you get me more wool I can literally right now go to the emerald island need a little bit of wool – you go get some iron swords and upgrade the Upgrade Bot – get some emeralds ASAP – A.S.A.P. – um I need to cover – V I’m gonna need a sword badly – umm if you come back this is five diamonds in the world chest wait I already have six emeralds make that nine – try to get ten since you get diamond swords or something on – I got 12 is that better – that’s a no for now wait that’s enough for both of us for a diamond sword – yeah ten – V for now can we save up for some diamond armor yeah go ahead easy how many did you say you got 12 um you need eight more yeah I know [Music] you are really defending wait is the Upgrade Bot upgrade – nope no I’m gonna grab some diamonds real quick exactly two diamonds there we go let’s go to middle and take a lot of emeralds from people ohh there’s people’s here um can you did you try and do that I’m trying to get concrete right now or that’s something that’s really strong and the strongest is – don’t mind me for a little bit I’m just gonna be wrecking people a little got three more got four – Max – yes – if we get a pickaxe we can get orange – I got six you got six what emeralds – I need diamonds – Ohhhh they’re coming to our base Max – I’m coming – wait – Max they have a stone sword – I have an iron sword oh don’t worry they’re spawn killing – dude I’m getting them right now yeah I’m on two hearts Oh got him – me too Max oh no they’re going over there – do you have anything – yeah I hold lots of stuff actually – I need to get a sword any sword here I have a stone sword for yo – ok give me give me give me wait I’m giving you tons of gold I need lot of gold that’s good that’s good that’s good okay I need I know I need one more gold go try to Max you can’t go through they have what concrete need a if you get me one more that’s enough Max if I use five diamonds from the seven diamonds that you got – oh guy just left the game huh no their egg is already destroyed conquered egg is already gone if you can get more of maybe like a stack of gold that would be great I got you seventeen – didn’t cover our base more – I have you 17 which I am putting in the chest I’m gonna go get my two emeralds for actually seven emeralds for a diamond sword and some diamond armor – weeee one diamond – oh no I got the wrong thing what’s the other closest island to us – I don’t know I’m just running after nope never mind – Violets are on the left I just need one more emerald come on ohhh emereland spawned yes I’m just gonna get like 6 emerelands instead – right next to orange is dark blue – dark blue they pose a threat – I thought I thought it was I’m aqua but I noticed we’re aqau – V I have four diamonds and I’m incoming – can we make one of those little gap things on the bridge [Music]

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