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Minecraft Windows 10 Maps : Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge

Minecraft Windows 10 Maps : Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge

Hey everybody its ole dad back with kidsource today we’re starting up a new series here on kidsource minecraft windows 10 maps and what map we’re going to look at we’ll just wait and see hey everybody its ol dad back with kids source welcome to our minecraft Windows 10 maps series the first map in the series is going to be a kid source map this one getting very popular on YouTube rage lyxor made an awesome video featuring this mass that ambulance secure source so there’s a link to his video in the description if you want to go check him out watch him play the map but since it is getting so popular on youtube I thought I’d go ahead and make a video of the tube after all I did build a map oh yeah and if you want to check out some apps for yourself there’s a link in the description where you can download it and try out both challenges be sure and subscribe to get source on your head alright so let’s get started and i’m going to give you a basic idea kind of the mathworks alright this is a Skyblock survival math but it’s not your typical skyblock survival map you start out with all kinds of great stuff to make it easier on you you have a little house to start with complete with a crafting table a bed a chest furnace there’s an anvil outside you have a cobblestone generator that is already built for you so that you can harvest as much cobblestones you’re going to need for the last of the map it’s always going to be here you harvest that cobblestone and there you go you got another couple film just waiting on you we’ve already got crops here so you’re not going to starve we’ve got sugar cane for making all the things that you need sugar cane to make be sure to follow us on facebook at kids source minecraft go to Facebook and tapping kit source minecraft all one word and you’ll find our facebook page you can follow us on twitter at one kid source one and of course on youtube be sure and subscribe to kid source channel on YouTube ok and onto the challenges challenge number one the normal challenge that will be completing today is just to build over to the three bonus islands and survival we are in survival and the epic challenge is to build an entire scab lock city and survival ok so will be completing the regular challenge today which is to build your way over to the bonus islands and survival mode and that’s the first bonus island we see right over there and there are three bonus islands and total what they hold I don’t know we’ll have to wait until we get over there and see but let’s go ahead and get started so rage elixir the awesome youtuber that did the normal challenge with our map says in his video he made the epic challenge so I encourage everybody watching this video to go over to rage elixirs videos and encourage him to do the epic challenge on our man because that would really like to see that is an awesome youtuber alright so let’s get started first going to go in here and just kinda see what all we have obviously we have all this stuff that maybe you should step in the chest yes we got 50 saplings fishing rods that we often for kitchens and fish out of our little lake up there and bow and arrows so that’s going to come in really handy i’m going to go ahead and cut the tree down and plant some new saplings those can be grown to provide us with some more wood and this is pretty slow going without any tools and I’m sure it’s gonna be the same with the cobblestone generator harvesting the cobblestone so I better take some of this wood and build us a couple of tools first of all to make everything just a little bit quicker i’m going to go ahead and harvest the trees plan a couple of these saplings and then i’ll see you guys after I build the tools and we’ll get started building our way across all right i harvested cobblestone until it broke my pickaxe i went ahead and built a little wall right here to kind of keep me from falling off the edge of this matter because in my haste together cobblestone I did almost step off the edge of the map so pretty good tip you know if you’re getting a little risky out here you may want to put some of your important stuff in this chest and since i’m not doing any fishing and i haven’t seen any mobs yet going to put this stuff up for now just in case you can never tell when I might get excited and fall off the map while I’m thinking about it i’m going to go ahead and make some charcoal here we may need some torches whenever we get over to the other islands I don’t know faith in the wrong place there we go making charcoal alright so we have some cobblestone let’s get over here and see if we can get something done now i’m going to go ahead and squat down just to be a little more careful because certainly do not want to fall and as long as you’re squatting down you should fall off the map as far as I’ve never so i squatted here instead of standing and that should keep you from falling off the map as you can see ok so let’s keep building our way over here and if how far we can get ok everybody I have finished the bridge over to the next Island and i’m going to squat down across it because i do not want to fall let’s take a really long time but it’s much better than falling off into the void losing everything that’s in your inventory alright what I guess so here I am alright i harvested that tree and one hand planted another sapling also built a crafting table right here so that we could make tools and stuff without having to go all the way back to our home island and since I built the map I kinda already knew that his first island is just chock-full of iron ore if you dig down just a little way you will find more iron ore than you’re ever going to need for building great tools and maybe even some armor who knows haven’t seen a whole lot of mobs spawning on this i don’t know that that’s because there are no dungeons or no manchester such a thing in registers video he never saw any mobs spawn and garrett now we’re trying to figure out why that is why no mobs are spawning on this map but for now we’re just going to keep it simple to gather up a little bit of iron ore ok and we’re going to go ahead and build the furnace to say on this island too so that we can start smelling this over without having to go all the way back to our home island that always works out really good as you guys have probably seen already we can see the next bonus Island from here and I see some gold box they’re my friends so we’re going to grab some more stuff and start heading over that way our at we’ve smelled some iron we’ve built some iron tools and we’ve gathered up some more material so let’s try to make our way over to the second island clear something aside the way here so I don’t have a lot of cobblestone but i also have some wooden planes as well now I’m squatting down so that I don’t fall off and that also gives me the ability to reach out here to the front of the clocks and make my little pass so we’re working our way over here and we’ll come back and let you know how far we get ok so we’ve made it pretty far but we didn’t have an x-block so i’m going to run back over to our home island i’m going to gather up some more cobblestone from the cobblestone generator and then I’m going to come on back over here and finish of the past and I’ll join you guys again once we get to this gold house over here and the second bonus okay we got about three facts the cobblestone from the cobblestone generator finish the bridge over to the gold island that’s what I’m going to call it the gold island and this is just a little buildings or shrine if you will get a couple sheet but they’re so far out on age they’re going to fall of us try to harvest them and I don’t know why they’re there on the age it’s kind of weird but here is a golden building built of golden blog you’ll be able to harvest these obviously and build a lot of different stuff with them armor tools weapons so you’ll be able to harvest the goals and use it in whichever way you want to and a little reminder there to watch get source on youtube we love having friends on youtube I can’t just let these years ago I’ve got to get them i can build another bed already getting one will let’s see if we can build a little more floor form here that didn’t work i’m going to swap down so that I don’t fall off if we can build a little more ground all the black sheep he’ll just accept a little ledge there so that maybe you wouldn’t fall that he feels that we are going to count sheep for the sheet are definitely and there’s a handful i wasn’t even innocent before but she for definitely spawning pretty quickly here on the island and now we have I believe free rule yep so we can build another bed if we need to put it over here on these other islands when it gets dark so we don’t have to go all the way back to the home island that’s a good way to say sometimes and I can see way off in the distance there it looks like our final island and i can tell from here oh yes let’s build the map that’s all down and rest their baby that is all diamonds so we’ve got a lot of cobblestone we’re going to go ahead and start making our way over there to the diamond island the final island and get this challenge completed all join you over there all right folks we made it to the final island the dam and island and its really is just a big diamond building and of course you can harvest these diamonds and use them for anything you want and that’s the end of the normal challenge building your weight all about the silence and their signs here thanking you for trying out our math and to check out kids source on YouTube Twitter and Facebook relentless relentless self-promotion but it is our math so we figured hey we’ll self-promote just a little bit a couple of tips there’s no cold on this map that is not the cold on the mass so you’re going to need to make charcoal by smelting blocks of wood also i would recommend turning off auto jump and crouching whenever you’re walking around until you get you some good bridges built from island to island or even when you’re just messing around the edge of the island because you don’t want to follow if nothing else just make sure you keep all of your important stuff put up in a chest somewhere and if you gather up enough blocks you can build bridges with sides on like this so you don’t have to worry about stumbling off the side accidentally want to thank you all for checking out our video this week minecraft Windows 10 masks and this is the kids source easy Skyblock challenge you can download that using the link in the description if you like the videos be sure and smash that like button and if you haven’t subscribed already be sure and subscribe the kids source so that you won’t miss our next Minecraft Minecraft Windows 10 maps review maybe it’ll be something that you’ve never even seen until next time

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for watching our new vid. I have been super excited about this little map I built a few weeks ago. It is called 'Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge', and there is a link in the description to where you can download the map. Several YouTubers have made a video using this map, including the popular Rage Elixir. There is a link to his video in the description, go over there and ask him to do the epic challenge!

  2. i played yo sky block it was easy and fun n i download it on mcpe but i ussed my
    -pocket-i mean classic inventory

  3. Pls go to my channel sub and watch my vids i will make sure that i sub back
    Ps i playd dis map check out my channel not clickbait

  4. ummmm a city world and if you want to add me to your friends lest on minecraft my name on the game is shadow 3648 by the way im a girl love your vids so much 🙂

  5. hey there!
    i have just downloaded the map yesterday and played with my cousin and i have to say that the map is not to bad if i do say so myself
    soooooo,thanks for the map!!!

  6. The worst map evere why dont you keepenvontrytrue i ast all things i have unsbed you

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