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Minercaft PS4 Co-Op Survival – Sneaky Stripes! – Episode 2 – Treetop Hopping!

Minercaft PS4 Co-Op Survival – Sneaky Stripes! – Episode 2 – Treetop Hopping!

– [Zebra] What’s up guys, and welcome back to Sneaky
Stripe Co-Op Minecraft fun with Jeff, or BlackStealth. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, well, hello guys, welcome back, and I’m super excited you guys could join us today
because we have a lot to do and none of it involves
dying, so yeah (laughs). – [Zebra] Hopefully. – [BlackStealth] Well, I guess, I don’t wanna say it’s too early, but we did die quite a
bit in the first episode, so we, very tragic, guys. – [Zebra] Well, there is a dog over here if we wanna try to give it a bone. – [BlackStealth] Well,
you have the bone, sir, so go at it, have at it. Two bones, no luck.
Love us, love us, love us. Oh he doesn’t love us.
Why. (laughs) Okay guys, so yeah, like I said, we have
a ton of things to do. And I think the first thing
we should do is pack up, and let’s get out of here. Yeah,
This place. This place brings back
painful memories, man. – [Zebra] From five minutes
ago, yeah (laughing). – [BlackStealth] Painful
memories (laughing). – [Zebra] I do see some type of tower way off in the distance, this way, so if we wanna head off that way, that might be a good idea. And if any of you guys would
like to play on this seed, the name of this seed is called The End, and I believe it has over seven villages, and a lot of cool stuff to check out, so feel free to play on this seed as well. We have a lot of stuff to discover, a lot of adventures to go on, and I’m gonna follow you, Zebra, so let me actually eat
a snack real quick, and, yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum, very delicious, very delicious. Would you like some —
Nutritious, too. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, very good, would you like some pork chops, or, or would you like
I’m actually pretty full for right now, so we’re good.
Okay, okay. Alright, well, let me kill this cow, die, kill this guy real quick,
okay, I’m following you. – [Zebra] Alright, so I
don’t know if you can see it, but there is like the
very top of the tower and a horse on top of this hill. Ooh a horse.
A few horses, actually okay. – [BlackStealth] You
know what, I would like to find redstone soon,
I know this is sorta, I don’t wanna like skip steps, but I would definitely
like to find some redstone, because I really want a horse, bro, I don’t know about you,
but I would love — – [Zebra] Can you find
redstone close to the surface, or is it really —
It’s really uncommon. Very uncommon.
Okay. – [BlackStealth] But redstone
is not nearly as deep as say diamonds and some
gold and obviously obsidian, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find, it’s just we have to find a
cave system, I guess, first, but I would love to find some redstone because we can do a lot of stuff with it, and the first thing I would like to do is find a saddle, because I want a horse. Yeah (laughs).
I want a horse, bro. – [Zebra] Well, I’m sure
with our combined efforts we’d be able to do it pretty quickly. – [BlackStealth] Yes, with
our powers combined, Zebra. Nobody can challenge
us except that spider, in the previous episode, he would just, yeah, he went super insane on us, yeah, but, let’s leave
that in the past (laughs). – [Zebra] Whoa, what is
with this house over there, is it just not done loading,
or what is going on? – [BlackStealth] I don’t know man, maybe it was, maybe creepers
terrorized this place. – [Zebra] Oh gosh, do you see what I see? – [BlackStealth] Let me ask
this gentleman over here, hello sir.
Why there’s just a gigantic hole in the house? – [BlackStealth] Wait
wait wait, let me see. I’m not seeing what you’re
seeing, where are you at? – [Zebra] Like, like, right,
do you see where I’m standing, this like whole wall is not there. – [BlackStealth] Okay,
what I’ll ask you to do is get a block out real
quick, get a block out, place the block on this wall. – [Zebra] Okay, oh, I see, this
is weird, oh gosh (laughs). – [BlackStealth] Yep there
you go, it’s a glitch, it’s a glitch.
Wow. Very interesting
Yeah, I know. – [Zebra] Guess you learn
something new every day. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, it’s a glitch bro. Or a bug, I don’t know,
it’s probably the latter, but okay, so we have a
nice village over here, and they look like they’re
law abiding citizens, they look like they’re very
nice individuals over here, a nice village indeed, I
don’t see a blacksmith though, is there a blacksmith, hello? – [Zebra] There was
some type of blacksmith in the previous village. – [BlackStealth] Oh my gosh,
look at all these crops, we’re eating for days, man,
we are eating for days. Oh my gosh.
Eating like kings. – [BlackStealth] Yes, eating
like kings, indeed, oh my gosh. Okay so what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to take everything, yeah, I’m gonna leave nothing (laughs). – [Zebra] There was
some type of blacksmith in the last village, it
was like the only house we didn’t check out, but. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, I actually, I was too afraid, man, I
really did not look at anything at that village, I was
just scared (chuckles) but this is great because we definitely want as much food as possible
for future adventures, so, perfect, and do you need
any tools, or are you good. You good on tools? – [Zebra] No, I’m just sort of replacing this invisible wall. – [BlackStealth] Oh, okay,
you’re having fun over there, okay, so I’m gonna gather
some of these carrots, and maybe we can even
make some golden carrots in the future, that would be really cool. – [Zebra] So what’s in this big tower, that’s what I’m curious about. – [BlackStealth] I don’t
believe anything, actually. – [Zebra] Aww. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, I
know, that would be cool if there was like a
hidden treasure up there, but nothing really of
significance, so yeah, we could sorta just skip
through this village, and take all their goodies
and make like a bandit. – [Zebra] Yeah (chuckles). – [BlackStealth] Because I think for, overall, this overall episode
what we really wanna do is find a nice place to live, right? – [Zebra] Yeah, definitely settling down. – [BlackStealth] Yeah,
settling down, guys, let me just destroy or not destroy gather the rest of this wheat, and some of these seeds as well
so we can plant our own farm whenever we decide to settle down, and I think we got a lot of stuff, let me see what I got, ooh,
I got a lot of wheat seeds, I got 14 pieces of wheat,
I also have some carrots, and any potatoes, any
potatoes, ooh, potatoes, we got some potatoes,
bro, we got some potatoes. – [Zebra] We’re gonna be eatin’ good. – [BlackStealth] I know, really, Thanksgiving already, guys, Thanksgiving. Okay, so I’m just gonna
gather the rest of this stuff and we can hightail it,
we can get out of here. – [Zebra] Well, it seems
like they built their village on top of a cave system, I
see some coal down there too. – [BlackStealth] Oh really,
ooh, we want that coal. Yes, yes.
Alright. – [BlackStealth] Good looking man. – [Zebra] I see a post over
here with some torches, I’m gonna snag the torches so that I can go down
there a little bit, safe. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, we
definitely wanna be safe and considering we only
have an iron chestplate, that’s not too much protection, so definitely being safe
is something we want to do, because who wants to
die, I mean it’s a lot, it’s not as bad when you die with nothing, but it’s (laughing) I don’t know. – [Zebra] Now that we’re a bit of a jog away from spawn point
yeah right, now that we have (laughing) yeah now that we have food we don’t wanna die.
Now where was that coal. I saw it for like a, ooh,
it was up there, okay. Ready, yeah, here it is (laughs). – [BlackStealth] Alright,
I will be following you any second, I’m just getting
the rest of this stuff ’cause I have a feeling
we won’t be back here for quite some time, so just gonna gather the rest of this wheat,
the rest of these potatoes, and I will follow you
into the abyss, sir, so. There we go,
Be careful, though. – [Zebra] Just about gotten all of it. – [BlackStealth] Oh really, cool. How much coal did you get?
There we go. There’s one more, (laughs) now we have 13. – [BlackStealth] 13, awesome, and I have, ooh, I have all kinds of food now. So I’m gonna make some bread.
This cave, I think it keeps going down,
or, maybe not, okay (laughs). – [BlackStealth] Hey
man, that’d be amazing if you were able to find
diamonds like the second episode, that’d just be completely crazy. Speed run (chuckles).
But, yeah, I’m gonna make some bread for us, and I’ll give you some of it, because you did share your bread in the previous episode so thank you. No problem.
Would you like some bread? Here you go.
I’m good for now I think. – [BlackStealth] Well,
take it, take it anyways, take it Zebra.
(laughs) I’ll hold onto it. – [BlackStealth] Yes,
remember me when you eat it. Okay, so I’m gonna kill this
cow and we can get out of here. – [Zebra] Okie dokie,
which way should we go now? – [BlackStealth] That’s
completely up to you, to be honest the seed is just huge, I mean we did decide to go
with the largest seed size, so it’s going to be 36 times
larger than your average seed, so it honestly really doesn’t
matter where we go (chuckles) at this point —
I think that we. What was that?
I think, though that we sorta agreed that we were looking for certain qualities
where we want to live, so we want to live near or
on top of mountains, right, or close to it, or,
what were you thinkin’? – [Zebra] I feel like for right now we should probably make our
way to this forest, maybe, ’cause then we can be close to wood. I don’t know if we wanna
make a little makeshift house ’cause the sun is going
down really quickly. – [BlackStealth] We do have a bed so we can sleep through it, or do you wanna just continue moving? It’s up to you.
I mean, yeah, we could sleep through it, here. – [BlackStealth] Okay,
let’s sleep through it. – [Zebra] I’ll place them down right here. – [BlackStealth] Okay,
I’ll, oh, well thank you, I forgot you had both
beds (imitates snoring). What Zebra, what, stop kicking me Zebra. Oh, oh, well welcome back guys, welcome back to the Sneaky Stripes and so let’s get out of here guys, we are looking for our
place to settle down, and Zebra’s over here
slaughtering the cows and pigs and everything. So yeah, we’re going to
look for a mountain I guess, an area where we can live at, and I was thinking probably
someplace where we can also fish and you know, have an abundance of trees would be nice as well, yo, look at this, yo, you see that wolf, you
see that wolf, you see him? – [Zebra] Yeah, he’s going in. – [BlackStealth] Oh my gosh,
that’s the type of wolf I want, man, do you have any bones? – [Zebra] If only we had
more bones, now I’m all out. – [BlackStealth] Oh man, I
like that viciousness in him. – [Zebra] Good dog (laughs). – [BlackStealth] Yeah, he’s a
very good dog, he’s a killer. Okay, so let’s just continue
on our adventure, guys, yeah that’d be really cool
to find a mushroom cow, ’cause I definitely
want some mushroom cows. – [Zebra] I don’t think
I’ve really ever been in a mushroom biome,
so that would be cool. – [BlackStealth] Oh really, well, yeah, this will be interesting
because mushroom cows are just really, really
cool, because you can, you basically have an
infinite supply of food from the mushroom cows
because you can milk them and get the mushroom stew, so, yeah, that’s why they
are very, very valuable, and we will, oh my gosh look
at you doing some parkour man, Zebra’s, Zebra, it’s that
Little Big Planet in you, bro (laughs) it’s that
Little Big Planet in you, alright, I see you, I’m
following you, though, – [Zebra] I don’t think
I’m going to be able to make this one.
Are you sure, are you sure? You’re gonna have to, yeah, oh my gosh. – [Zebra] Take a little bit
of damage, but (screams). – [BlackStealth] (laughs)
Look at you zebra, the parkour champ, okay,
so where are we at, I’m not even looking at my map. – [Zebra] Yeah, I actually
haven’t pulled up my map once, I might, wait, wait, I
think I still have your map. Here we go.
I was gonna say, I don’t even have a map (laughs). – [Zebra] Here, where are you? – [BlackStealth] I’m right here,
sir (grunting with effort). – [Zebra] Okay, here we go. – [BlackStealth] You like
that ninja move, bro? – [Zebra] I think I just threw it to you, I don’t know if it just plopped down on the other side or not. – [BlackStealth] Alright
do I have your bed, ’cause I have two beds,
so I can get rid of it. – [Zebra] Yeah, you have it. – [BlackStealth] You want
me to just keep it, or? – [Zebra] Yeah, you can just hold onto it. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, okay, alright. Alright.
So. – [Zebra] Well I’m basically
off my map already (chuckles). – [BlackStealth] So I was
thinking we could sorta make a detour and do
you wanna get some iron? Sure.
‘Cause I have a feeling we’re gonna need it.
Yeah definitely. – [BlackStealth] And
as much as I would love to have a house, it’s just
going to be a huge project, period, and I think all in
due time, so I think for now we should definitely
increase our defense, right? – [Zebra] Yeah, I mean, we can just be hitchhikers
living on the road. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, on the
road again, like the Hulk. So yeah, let’s look for some iron, so the first cave you see, shout out, and yeah, just look for a cave,
man, that’d be pretty cool, and maybe we can find
some really nice stuff like diamonds or some
redstone, oh my gosh, if I found redstone, that
would be amazing (chuckles). – [Zebra] Looks like
there’s something over here, might just be water, oh. – [BlackStealth] What do we
got here, what do we got here? Just water.
Just water, okay. Alright, well, that’s a good idea, looking for stuff like
that, and something like, you see like a dip in the ground, will definitely be hopefully,
some coal, some redstone, and what is that, the snow biome, I do not like the snow biome, man, that’s like my least favorite biome. – [Zebra] There is a huge
mountain off that way, just barely, you can see it. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, I mean,
so you wanna go over there, I mean, we can, but. – [Zebra] Do you think
a mountain would help? – [BlackStealth] I don’t know,
I don’t like the snow biome, we could go over there, but, maybe we could just
climb up this mountain, and then we can sorta
scope out what we wanna do. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, I
like that eagle vision, that Assassin’s Creed
vision, yeah, let’s do that. – [Zebra] (laughing) there’s
no hay bales at the bottom, so don’t jump off.
I know I said that, that’d be very suicidal, so (laughs) alright, let me see, okay
so we got mostly snow biome over there, and I just, the
reason I don’t really care for the snow biome is
just the lack of material and resources, you know,
there’s not going to be villages at least on the console edition, and usually it’s just a little bit harder to find animals, but you know, that’s subjective, that’s just my opinion, but what do you see, Legolas? – [Zebra] I see some sand village, or not a sand village, but a sand biome over there, I don’t know if we’re gonna find
anything over there, either. – [BlackStealth] That’s
very, that’s intriguing, but how about we go in this direction, that, see that direction,
want to go over there? Yeah, sure.
Okay, I’ll follow you. Oh, whoa, oh my gosh. – [Zebra] Oh, where’d you go? – [BlackStealth] I can’t keep up with your Little Big Planet
Skills, man (laughs). Alright, actually, I’m gonna
go, follow me, Zebra (laughs). – [Zebra] Ooh, I’m coming (laughs). – [BlackStealth] (laughing)
Yeah, okay, well, dead end here. That’s, that’s not a good
idea bro, don’t do it. Don’t do it, Zebra.
A fucking dead end. – [BlackStealth] You’ve got
too much to live for, man, don’t do it (chuckles). Okay, how much food, I
got a lot of food, man, we are good, we are so
set on food right now, but we could use some
coal and some redstone, so let’s continue looking for
these caves, and hopefully. – [Zebra] For now I have 13 coal just in case we run into an emergency. – [BlackStealth] Yeah, emergency, alright, that’s good to know, we will
be good on bread for a while, nevermind, we have eight
pieces, but carrots, I hope you like carrots
’cause we got plenty (laughs). – [Zebra] Eat your veggies. – [BlackStealth] Yeah,
eat your veggies, guys. So, anything over here, actually, this is probably a good area to be around because we might end up running into a mushroom island, yeah. Okay, I’m not seeing any caves, though. Where’s these caves at? – [Zebra] (Chuckles) I think
we’re not getting much luck. – [BlackStealth] I know,
I might just start digging in a random location, man, I’m so tempted to start doing that right now, but let me just continue
running in this general area, and see what I see,
alright, I see a sheep, I don’t really need any, oh,
what have I got over here. What have we got over here, I think I see, yep, I found a cave, bro. – [Zebra] Alright I’m right behind you. – [BlackStealth] Come down,
come down into the abyss. – [Zebra] I will, put a torch. – [BlackStealth] Only
brave souls can come down. – [Zebra] There we go,
let’s put a torch here. – [BlackStealth] Alright, bro, let’s go. – [Zebra] Alright, I’ll put, maybe we should put a workbench in, no I still have it, so that
I can make more torches so that we can see where we’re going. – [BlackStealth] Yeah,
do you want the wood, ’cause I actually do not have, wait, I have some charcoal,
let me see what I can make. – [Zebra] What I can do
is put my chest up here, and then we can just sort of, you know, put all the stuff we don’t want to lose when dying in there as well, maybe? – [BlackStealth] I’m not sure if we’ll come back this way, though. Alright.
I don’t know. What do you want, it’s up to you, ’cause I have a feeling
that we might sorta not come back up this route, but — – [Zebra] yeah, yeah, I’m
sure if we play it safe, we won’t end up dying, so it’s cool. – [BlackStealth] Yeah,
well, unless that spider has resurrected, that
evil spider (laughing). – [Zebra] That spider
has a mother somewhere. – [BlackStealth] Yes (laughing). – [Zebra] Oh, here’s iron, right away, wait, right over your head. – [BlackStealth] Oh, oh, oh, gosh, good looking man, right
over my head, oh yes. That’s your iron, you did
spot it, all yours bro. – [Zebra] I don’t mind sharing. – [BlackStealth] Let me see, I do need to make a better pickaxe, ’cause all I have is this wooden pickax and that’s not going to do anything, so I’ll make something real quick. – [Zebra] Okay, I do have
plenty of wooden sticks, so. – [BlackStealth] Oh yeah, do you have any, actually I can just get some cobblestone, let me get some cobblestone, and hopefully no creepers
are lurking in this cave because I do not want to mess
with the creepers today guys, and you see that, you got that iron? – [Zebra] Yeah, it’s only one
block, but better than none. – [BlackStealth] Alright, alright, well, I don’t need a stone pick, oh more iron, cool.
Nice. – [BlackStealth] Alright, let
me start making this stuff, ’cause I am lacking on the tools, okay, oh, I keep forgetting
we can’t hurt each other, every time I think I hit you and I’m like oh man, I’m sorry. – [Zebra] (laughing) Yeah
I figured I’d turn that off or I’d be accidentally
hitting you like all the time. – [BlackStealth] Yeah we’d be
killing each other (laughing). – [Zebra] Alright, I
plugged up that water, so we can have no hassles. – [BlackStealth] Okay, let me
know if you see any redstone, because we don’t need too much redstone in order to make a block of redstones, so that’d be really, really helpful, especially when we’re looking for saddles and nametags and leads,
well, not leads, cds, though, for sure, a lot of stuff
that you can’t create on this TU19 update, so we definitely need to find mob spawners, so let me see, I was getting ready to make something, actually we need to cook the iron, but I think we need quite a bit of iron in order to make the leggings, let me see, we need, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, seven pieces for the leggings, we need four pieces for the boots, and we already have a chestplate, we need, let me see, five pieces
for the iron helmet, so. – [Zebra] Alright, well, I made a shovel, or as I like to say, a
spoon for this gravel. – [BlackStealth] Cool, let
me see, is this a dead end? – [Zebra] Yeah, but I have a feeling there might be something
beyond the gravel. – [BlackStealth] Oh, Zebra,
Zebra has a feeling, guys, his spider-sense is tingling. – [Zebra] There’s some iron. – [BlackStealth] Oh really,
oh nice, look at you. Yeah, alright, well you
dig in that direction, I’m going to dig in a different direction, alright, I need to find the redstone, guys, the quest for the redstone is real. So let me head back up here
and see what I can find, ’cause if I can find like, let me see how many
pieces of redstone I need, where’s that crafting table,
did I pick it back up? Think I did. – [Zebra] I have one in
my inventory if not, so. – [BlackStealth] No, I got one, I’m cool. Okay.
Let me see, block of redstone go
to the decorations tab right below golden block
is the block of redstone and you need nine pieces of redstone for that lovely piece of block, so that’s going to be my prime objective for the next couple of episodes, just in case I don’t
get nine pieces today, which might be highly unlikely
depending on this cave, that’ll be something that
I’ll definitely be trying to accomplish in the
next couple of episodes, is that block of redstone, because we want some horses, guys, and I know you want to see
horses, so we will be doing that. So, this is actually a
relatively small cave, so I’m not sure how much time
we’re gonna spend in here unless you’re having fun. – [Zebra] Well, I’m almost done mining up this coal that I found. – [BlackStealth] I mean
we could strip-mine, but that’s just very
time-consuming as well as, you know, we could find better caves, too. Whoa, look at all this flint. Let me grab some of this though, this flint could be helpful down the line when we go to the nether-world, so, yeah, we definitely want flint, and wow, you’re just on a roll over here, look at all this coal you’re getting, man. – [Zebra] Yeah, it’s a bunch,
it just keeps going and going. – [BlackStealth] He’s
the coal master, guys, Zebra is the coal master. There we go.
Is your inventory full? – [Zebra] Yeah just about (chuckles). – [BlackStealth] I was gonna
say, you weren’t picking up half that stuff, or maybe I
was just taking it from you, I don’t know, but you
weren’t really picking it up, it was just floating there, but. Okay, so how are you
looking on food and coal, are you pretty good on both? – [Zebra] I still have two
pieces of what’s it called, bread, I guess you did pick up the coal. For some reason I thought
I had inventory space. – [BlackStealth] Okay, here,
let me give you that coal, ’cause you did mine it, so let me give you that
stuff real quick, alright. – [Zebra] Hold on, let
me drop, I don’t know, I don’t need this many seeds, I don’t need more than
a stack of seeds, so. – [BlackStealth] I don’t want this gravel, ugh, gravel, ugh, I hate gravel man. It’s just, okay, alright, so
you dropped stuff, you good. – [Zebra] Yeah, I’m good, I’m good. – [BlackStealth] Okay, here you go. I’ll give you this, there you go, hooray. – [Zebra] Alright, there it goes, awesome. – [BlackStealth] Alright,
I think this is a good spot to end the second episode guys, I really hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to see you
guys around, so take care.

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  1. what is funny in my pc world i live near a snow biome and a forest biome while i live in a plains biome and there is a ton of sheep in the snowbiome and i live near like 100 chickens in my farm (it gets so annoying ;-;)

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    BTW sprinting with jumping is faster!!!!!

  3. Man you guys are the best mash up ever in Minecraft for me and I love zebratastic adventures and the house. You built stealth man I love this

  4. Im watching this cause my friend wanted me to watch zebra gamer sneaky stripes and I did not sub

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