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Miscreated review | Freaking Awesome Survival Game 2019

Miscreated review | Freaking Awesome Survival Game 2019

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today if you want to keep watching my videos by watching this video though I
will tell you all about what miscreated is about it’s a first-person survival
horror game built in the CryEngine and this game can be found and bought on
Steam let’s get into it guys just right after my trailer so here we are guys taking a look at
mystery 8 set and currently this is a game that are in beta and being
developed still but right now it’s already looking really awesome there are
already like a ton of items a ton of things the things that you can explore
and you can do a lot of crafting and base building and everything is very in
the survival scheme of things and really awesome and right now actually I have a
lot of gaming friends I have a lot of friends that are playing this game and
they have made their own server as well I will keep a link in the description so
you can go and join this server if you wish then you can come and play with me
and my friends on this server right but let’s continue and take a look at what
this game really has to offer so miscreated is an online open-world
post-apocalyptic sandbox survival game built in the CryEngine and after the
events of a nuclear fallout humanity it seems to hang on and what remains in
this unforgiving world take control in this online experience to survive and
befriend others and choose to stand or choose to stand on your own right so you
take place in this world and you can actually choose yourself what you want
to do and how you are going to beat and survive in this world
you can do it with your friends you can do it on your own you can play the game
like you want to because this is an open online world created for you to explore
right so the world is already pretty big right now it’s like 64 square kilometers
and they keep bringing more content to the world and enlarging the world and
expanding the world for each content patch that are going to come out in the
future right you have a Verity of many different kind of base building item
storage you can do campfires and tents there are different kind of hunting
mechanics you can hunt for deer and other animals to survive to get food you
need to eat food you need to drink to survive and you need to choose the right
things to eat and drink you can’t eat and drink things that are contaminated
or things that are toxic for example but you can find also different kind of
antibiotics pills to survive and all these kind of
things so it’s an open world with up to 50 players per server and it’s the open
world player versus player this different kind of ways that you can set
up a server as I see it there’s a dynamic weather system to the world and
inventory system of course this vehicles land and water vehicles voice IP enemy
AI wildlife a radiation effects we did talk a little bit about that and
randomized loot spawns for the enemies the game is being developed right now by
entrada interactive and currently on the team there are 15 members developing
this game and also sound team behind behind it right and the founder is Terry
Evans and I believe this project started as just a couple of guys creating this
world and had this idea about this survival game so I think that’s pretty
cool right also I must say if you’re our fan of
this first-person survival kind of things with zombies giant spiders a
different kind of box that I exploding right up in your face I think you really
need to take a look at this game and its really really a lot of fun and you have
to come and check out the server that me and my friends are running in this game
you can come play with us it’s called sin s1 and DK and I will
leave a link in the description and you do not have to speak English you can
join and speak English and we have a discord server and I will put that in
the description as well for you guys so I just want to add that recently the
game went from alpha and are now in beta and they are still doing a lot of work
with this game it says here that in the future if you look at the website there
will be a battle royale game-mode with the last man standing fight to the death
scavenge and loot and hunt down your foes and I think it sounds really cool
it’s like when the battle royale game-mode is the game mode full of
fortnight right but you get the idea right you you start up in this game and
there’s gonna be some kind of battle struggle I’m not sure
gonna be slower fast paced battles this way but nevertheless they’re doing a lot
of development and expanding the game at all times adding more vehicles and more
weapon attachments and much much more so yeah I think it’s looking rather awesome
and we’re gonna end up this video with taking a look at the 1.0 release date
announcement trailer for this game so yeah have fun you guys watching this
trailer and I will see you in the next video remember to Like subscribe to my
channel right now

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