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Mist Survival, Beginner Bow Guide

Mist Survival, Beginner Bow Guide

what’s up everybody viper here back in
Mist survival and today I’m gonna go over the bow how you make it how you aim
with it and really why I use it the the biggest reasons I use it is the ammo you
can pick it up and the bandits don’t go all crazy when you kill one they’ll
actually start searching but they’re not gonna go
they’re not gonna know you where exactly you are so these guys are aggro but
they’ll eventually stop looking for you and go back to normal now if you fire a
firearm they’re gonna know where you are and they’re gonna start to immediately
fire on you and you’re gonna have to sneak around move around hopefully hit
them it’s just a lot more dangerous in the game and you’re gonna be wasting and
rounds that’s kind of hard to get especially early in the game so now
they’re not they’re not looking for me anymore they’re just going on their
business now when I fire my rifle all hell’s going to break loose down here so now they’re all gonna start coming
for me and it’s harder to hit them when they’re actually running so get ready to
start using quite a bit of rounds that got shooting way I don’t know where the
hell he shoot it but they’re going crazy and it’s just a little bit harder to
take out these van de Kamp’s if they’re actually AG load onto you and know where
you are so that’s the biggest reason why I use the bow and let me go ahead and
get started on how you actually get it alright one of the first things you’re
going to need is animal guts and the leather from the bear so I’m just going
over here because I’m running out of time and daylight and I’m just gonna
kill them over here so I can harvest them without worrying about the mist so
to get under here you just duck under here and a bear can’t mess with you and
then you can just poke them to death or you can buy the motel if you get on top
of the vehicle he’s pretty easy to get if you have a firearm whatever you could
shoot them several times enough kill them or a bow or whatever but if you
don’t have anything then this is the easy way to get it from the beginning
all right now I’m gonna harvest them and I’m gonna click on this the bear body
and I’m looking for two guts and one of these raw eyes or animal hides and then
you can select over to whatever weapon you you have that’s best to use which is
just normally a knife some things you can use an axe to like for the head I’m
it’ll be the axe to get the meat out but I’m just going to use the knife here and one of those two those an hour and a
half alright so now I got two guts and an animal hide I’ll usually at least get
the guts on day one because it takes around six days to dry out those gut
it takes four or five for the animal hide but the guts is what takes a little
long to actually be able to dry out all right now I’m over by the hotel and I
got a bear on my blood so I’m gonna get any they’re on top of this bus I’ll get
on this bus here that truck there that other bus or that uh that army truck and
then I’m just gonna poke them oh come on dude I’m gonna poke them till he gets close
to the the you’re not fall off the bus until I kill them now you can use an axe
or whatever you have early on and you’ll still be able to to kill them come on
bear get close he just got to be close and then if you just be careful with a
Miss when you’re harvesting over here at the watchtower in the last part of place
I killed the bear now you don’t have to worry about the infected but out here
you will so that’s so just why I went over there just so I’m not sure when the
Miss is gonna come in okay here we go back at our base once you have your guts
you need to dry them so you’re gonna go into your build screen and go over to
the food and you need to build a drying rack which takes seven sticks and two
ropes and a knife that’s like the for me the priority to get done as fast as
possible because it takes about six days to dry your guts so you’re gonna go into
the drawing rack and you’re gonna place your guts and then it’ll give a
percentage on how much it’s done these are a hundred percent so I’m gonna need
those and if I can I’ll build it in the same day
I’ll get my drying rack started which is eight wood planks some nails and some
lashings you’ve got usually one or two days to to build this because it takes
three or four days to dry your your hide this isn’t absolutely necessary for your
bow because you can use a basic Quivers but I just I’d rather have the a
tactical quiver which holds three different sets of arrows so you build
that and then you open it up and then you place your your animal height into
it and then it’ll slowly dry over time and then you’ll need a a level two
workbench which takes ten planks six scrap and two gears to make and once
you’ve upgraded that you’ll be able to actually build your longbow I don’t
bother with the basic bow because it’s only four more sticks between the
longbow and a basic bow the only real difference between the basic bow and the
longbow is hunting arrows on a longbow will kill a bandit no matter where you
hit them if you hit a use a basic bow with the hunting arrows if you hit them
in the the limbs it’ll take two shots to kill a bandit whereas the longbow if you
hit them in a foot or a finger it’s gonna kill them so it’s for me it’s just
the longbow just is more economical I have a guaranteed kill as long as I hit
the bandit and it’s only four more sticks and the the cost upgrade the
workbench so I always go with the longbow and then if you go up here to
this little square thing that’s where you have your Quivers now you need eight
leather ten components to duct-tapes and for sewing kits and you’ll have you know
five six days to be able to get all those stuff for this because it it takes
that long to dry those guts and to dry the hide
but to get out leather you take one animal hide and we’ll give you eight
leather so one height is all you’ll need for this tactical quiver and this one
will hold three slots so it’ll hold three stacks of arrows this one will
only hold two and this one just what the rags will hold one and you could get
away with just one one quiver but I like to have the nice tactical quiver you can
you can have a I have like basic arrows in this one and then hunting arrows and
another stack of hunting arrows so I got 24 arrows and it’s if I’m gonna go for
like the large bandit camp I want a whole quiver full of hunting arrows and
to make the arrows you can do them two of two ways you can make some sticks in
your inventory and then you can make basic wooden arrows and basic wooden
arrows will kill bandits but uh it takes two shots I believe to kill a bandit or
one headshot and I’m pretty good with a bow but guaranteeing a headshot with the
basic arrows I just tried to use hunting arrows but that you can make basic
wooden arrows out of your inventory and those are great against the infected and
to make the actual hunting arrows you’ll need sticks feathers and an arrowhead
the feathers you can either find on the ground or you can kill chickens and
there’s three different places for the chickens to spawn in so I got a video
too and I’ll probably link it where you can find that the chickens they spawn in
three different places and to make the arrowheads you can use scrap or
components and you go into your Forge and like one
stack will give you four four ingots and then once you have the ingots you go
into your anvil and you can make your arrowheads so one ingot will give you
four arrowheads so it’s not really that much it’s just the feathers which is the
pain in the butt to get but if you go around to those three places with the
chickens you can get out around six seven different chickens and you get
quite a few feathers so you can also have NPCs make these arrows or anything
that’s in here if you already have nbc’s but i usually don’t even go into
fighting bandits until I have hunting arrows and the longbow so that’s how you
make everything I don’t think I’m forgetting anything
with the the longbow all right here we are at the White House and I’m going to
go ahead and build a target which is under the chair right here and then
you’re gonna go all the way down to the target on the right-hand side right here
and it’s going to take two logs for wood and for rags this isn’t necessary but
when I was first starting to use a bow it really helped me actually be able to
figure out where the aim is on the bow and that little arrow is the way you
need it to face you need that towards you and then I like to put it by the
White House just so I can easily find my arrows and then I’m gonna go ahead and
build it now you got a little a place you can actually aim and practice you
can just pick a spot on the wall if you really want or however you want to do it
this isn’t it’s not necessary at all but when you have your arrows and your
quiver let me get this out of here so you got
your bow your quiver and your arrows you’re gonna take your quiver and you’re
gonna go to add arrows to it and then you have three slots I’m just gonna put
a basic arrows here so I can just practice with and then you’re gonna
close it and then you can go to your equipment and it’ll automatically clip
it or you can drag it over whatever you want to do and you can also do it from
the equipment inventory so you don’t have to drag it out and then put arrows
in it you could just do it straight from the equipment inventory so now you got
arrows in your quiver if you have the tactical arrow it’ll hold three so you
can just hit your right button or your R for me to change your arrows let me go
ahead and put a stack of hunting arrow so you can see it change and in the
bottom right hand screen you’ll say basic wooden arrows another basic wooden
arrows and hunting arrows so I got to hit it three times to get it to the
hunting arrows and normally I’ll carry around two stacks of hunting arrows and
one stack of basic arrows when I’m just running around the woods but if I go to
the large bandit camp I’ll go ahead and fill the entire thing with hunting
arrows that’s usually enough for me to completely clear the camp and I might
have to collect up a few arrows but usually 24 is enough for me to clear
that gap okay for a min the bow you’re gonna have to draw on am a generic line
from your knuckle or this little dip in your hand into the left of gyro and the
farther away you are the higher you’re gonna have to aim because the the arrows
will drop so if you–if you noticed I was aiming
to the left and then on your knuckle or this little peak on your hand if you see
there’s three different peaks on there like one inside the cirrie it’s very
centre of the circle and then the next one and then the the highest peak of
your hand so I’ll take that that highest peak and I’ll have an imaginary line
that goes up from that and then I will kind of judge it depend on how far away
I am of how much I need to aim above the target now so I actually missed a couple there
but for the most part if it was a bandit any one of those would have killed them
with a hunting arrow except these other two and you can do long-distance shots
it just might require quite a bit of arrows now let’s see how many hit there looks like all eight actually hit the
target but it’s just gonna be more practice depends on how good you want to
get with a bow and let’s just go quickly take out a couple bandits real quick and
not hopefully you’ll be able to understand exactly what I’m trying to
explain all right I’ve got our hunting arrows here and I see missed a few but
don’t you see why I carry quite a bit of arrows with me but that was a easy way
to get rid of these this group of bandits and that is definitely why I
like using the hunting arrows on the bandits with the longbow all right for
the infected I’ll usually use just regular basic arrows because it’ll still
take two shots to kill them so it’s no point using the hunting arrows but you
can shoot I missed you can shoot fast enough to be able to kill these infected
if you’re far enough away from them there’s quite a few in here hold on let
me put some more basic arrows in my quiver all right he’s running at me system got
him in the head head shots will kill him with him with one arrow but if you hit
him in the body it’ll require two and then you go back and pick up your arrows
sometimes you will lose arrows the basic arrows inside these are the infected I
haven’t really seen the hunting arrows break but the basic ones will break and
if they’re I just broke my boo if you can’t find the arrows then you can punch
them you can stab them use a sledgehammer to move them to actually be
able to find your arrows so you’ve probably seen see me in a video either
punching them or hitting with something just do and get my arrows back alright
that’s pretty much all I know about the bow um I think I went over pretty much
how to build it why I use it where you actually need to aim and hopefully this
will be able to help you use a bow effectively in miss survival because it
just makes the game a whole lot easier and just less hassle to deal with the
bandits so thanks for watching and I will catch y’all later

8 thoughts on “Mist Survival, Beginner Bow Guide”

  1. cool vid mate , i only thing i don't like is losing arrows when you shoot a bear, and it falls down with the arrows under the body, since you can not move the bears body to get them back. but still better than using gun ammo.

  2. Helpful video as always.
    That tip about hand points is really good, i should try practicing with it.
    Already have a bow etc so thats what i already know, also how great it is against bandits.

  3. Great longbow video! Thanks for explaining how you aim. Now that I know I'm going to consciously try that and see if I was getting the same aim point the way I do it which is quite unscientifically.

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