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Mist Survival, Day 7, S2EP7, Longbow, Bandit Raid, Rescue Rachel

Mist Survival, Day 7, S2EP7, Longbow, Bandit Raid, Rescue Rachel

what’s up everybody viper here back in
miss survival currently we’re at day seven almost six o’clock in the morning
I didn’t get any hardly any sleep last night just due to the infected running
around I’ve managed to get about an hour sleep and I was able to stem I run
around and get some stuff ready for today but my animal guts are done so I’m
gonna go ahead and collect them and my dry meat is done as well but I’m not
gonna need that right now cuz I have all this this other meat so
I’m just gonna leave this up here my animal hide still has another day or so
maybe this afternoon it’ll be done but I’m gonna go back up here and make my
bow and just make a regular quiver and then probably get an hour to sleep so I
can go raid one of these bandit camps just a small one probably so we’re gonna
go ahead and spend two hours making a longbow and I’m gonna go ahead and start
that up now all right now we got a longbow I’m gonna go ahead and make a
normal basic quiver now I got the basic quiver I can actually go mess with these
bandits but I’m gonna go ahead and sleep for two hours real quick just so I can
get some stamina back I hate sleeping during the day just because I think it’s
wastes your time away heard something okay how about here did the mists come
in and come out I don’t know all right we’re have a little bit of stamina
hopefully that’ll be enough I’m just not gonna try to run until I
actually need to and we’ll see how far this is 90% so this afternoon I should
be able to build a quiver all my truck is all looks like it’s jacked up I kind
of like all my tires are spinning too I got spinners nice when they add that to
the game you find my arrows oh there they are
I’m just gonna take both sets of arrows damn I should have put that away I
should have enough food I’m gonna go ahead and eat this meat I know it’s kind
of a waste but I have plenty of meat and that’s the earliest one about to go bad
and then drink some water then I’m gonna add my arrows right click it and I hit
add arrows and put my good ones in there and I’m gonna quit this and it goes to
your equipment page you can add them from here as well and then I’m gonna put
my bow down here and get in my nice jacked car Oh see if it’s oh nice alright my my boxes
are all crazy in here so let me go ahead and fix that alright if you notice how
to jiggle them out of there just by trying to rotate them I normally don’t
have a problem with parking my truck and I’m doing this I kind of wonder if it’s
this area or not but as long as I still have my don’t
care alright let’s test it to make sure I got them on there right seems to be
working fine alright we’re gonna go around to the de bandit camp that’s by
the motel and I will bring you back when we get there all right so we’re a little
bit of ways from the bandit camp by the motel and I always Park a decent
distance away from them just I don’t want them to shooting up my vehicle and
messing up the little engines that they have or tires because there there’s only
so many in the game and you can’t find more so I always just Park
quite a bit of ways and there’s all kinds of different ways you could sneak
up to these bandits I usually just go this way just because I’m used to it oh come on
there’s one over to the right somewhere and I only have four hours left where are you Betty there is C running he’s hiding behind the house playing a
little hard to get there yes all right that’s the four-band
our three bandits here and I could start collecting all my arrows and stuff
nice bottled water need that grenades all right I’m gonna punch these guys out
of the way because I want my arrow back where’s my other arrow oh I must already
collected off them all right my missed arrows – Oh them I mean I got two one
here going out of his hand and some sugar I need that gives me six
and nice I have all my arrows so that worked out pretty well I don’t have a
whole lot of stamina so I’m not gonna try to break these cars I’m just gonna
go ahead and loot whatever I can another song I’m gonna need that just
gonna have to slowly walk around so I’m gonna hit up the I’ll be one of the
Banat camps that has the small bandit camp that has one of
the npc’s at it what stuff do I have I got playing room hopefully alright nice
you have more boxes I will take those this one needs a crowbar I know I didn’t
bring my crowbar and here’s another bag this would just fulfill my off my
inventory slots let me go get my truck bring it closer all right I got my truck
and my crowbar go back inside see if there’s anything else I might have less
down here don’t see anything gonna open up that box hopefully there’ll be
something good in it a shotgun shotgun shells I will take them they need to
clean up their mess just leave in empty cans of food here now track bugs all
right gonna open this one too with a crowbar we got some planks some
painkillers antibiotics and some components more planks components and
SWAT helmet and I use accrual on this one to give me
some ammo I’m really liking this uh three or four item glitch it’s it’s
actually working out good for me let’s put that in there keep the like items
together alright move this I bring back every box except those little two
littles those ones that have only two things but I like to bring back every
other box just keeps me frown to build less lockers I’ll know I’m going to
build a whole lot of those big lockers just cuz they hold so much stuff but
I’ll still have all these full of logs and all kinds of mess so time we got
12:30 hunt those good let’s go to the other the other bandit camp and raid
that one we’re going to the first band camp the smallest one with survivors and that’s on the other side of this
army pace right here just gonna go down here go by this white
house and we’re gonna take a right rate while
sort of right I’m just gonna park right here for now
let me turn my engine off and then I’m gonna slowly walk up this hill when you
come up here there’s usually one or two bandits that’ll walk away from it and
they’ll come down come down the hill and start going towards the white house it’s
usually on the other side of this little hill you should start seeing them so I
must stand here and I’m gonna wait for the first contestant to actually start
coming down this hill I might actually uh they might not do it
today it’s kind of surprising cuz about every time I’ve come through here they
do it maybe what the update they they change something I don’t know just I
don’t know if they’ve already went through there or not well let’s go ahead
and do this just gonna take it slow until they see
me and then then I’ll worry about them it’s one down oh man I was it does horrible mess that’s three I still got one more
somewhere and I need to grab some arrows other is dammit that’s why I like to have the big the big quiver just because I could just
switch arrows let me just sneak over here and try to
reload my arrows without getting shot out add arrows alright I’ve got four
that should be plenty for that I just got to find out where he went there it is and that should be all the bandits here come on give me my arrow back don’t be stingy I see it in your head all right just make sure there’s no
other bandits little around no we’re not about every time I come up here it’s for
bandits you got to worry about and once you get those four you’re good to go all right any other arrows I’ve missed
somewhere it does suck when you’re you miss with your arrows and you lose some
of them but once you’re harvesting more chickens and stuff you’ll uh it should
have plenty of arrows and not have to worry about it all right we’ll check the
fuel go ahead and steal all this Oh No all right I need to get my truck and I’m
gonna bring my truck up here I’m gonna do a little bit of running some just
taken too much time the threats gone so I can I can get away
with running a little bit I ran through the sign I was wondering
what came through my car all right up we go and let me fill my
truck with gas and then I’ll take there’s nice gas every 30 so days you
should see the gas responding back in the vehicles so if you’re not wasting
your gas on generators and stuff like that you’ll have plenty of gas until
they fix the refrigerators it’s kind of pointless to use your generators except
for lights at night anyway but normally I sleep at night just because I don’t
want to have to deal with this fatigue mess and be having to walk everywhere usually get pretty impatient want to run yeah a bat no keep it back any other
good loot it should be body armor here believe and something what is that is it
here maybe it’s not always here I thought there was a stack of body armor
somewhere yeah yeah right here I’m already full of crap and there’s my
first survivor you gotta wait a minute girl I gotta get some stuff drop some
stuff off she’s gonna sit there patiently not complaining or nothing
just these cokes go bad but the green ones don’t so not sure what’s up with
that salt more of this mess couple shotguns couple M fours three M
floors nice I got plenty of fours for all the NPC’s that have put that in
there don’t need that now let’s say the arrows rid of these all right let’s go
pick up the rest this mess what was it wouldn’t let me pick up oh
yeah all these stupid crowbars dan look at two four six crowbars let’s hope that
does it with the vests crush fingers yes you know normally I just use the body
armor and the helmets for the Berserker but I might actually splurge a little
bit on this playthrough because I am getting really lucky with some of these
drops put this in my truck cuz I’m a hoarder and I know it and it’s
dropped in there and let’s go ahead and release the patient girl all right
Rachel when you rescue her or rescue any of the NPC’s I don’t hit escape at all I
just hit proceed wait for it to go and then give it a second because it’s gonna
come up this screen and then I’m gonna hit yes and then she disappears and then
I have another bag that I don’t need check on top of all these buildings I
don’t see anything but let’s go ahead and check for sure nope and I don’t see
anything over there either so I think that’s pretty much it of this
place you know I don’t see nothing else so we
got pretty good amount of loot today boxes and boxes full of crap let’s put
these up just all kinds of stuff today all right let’s go check that off a
little bit of building right next to us if I had Stan when I’d be breaking those
cars but I just don’t I can’t afford it today and then there’s usually not much
over here but I’m gonna check it anyway you can’t get in that building there
maybe it’ll add something nothing in there can of food there’s a soda that’s
usually about all that’s here you know check behind it just in case and then
nothing here all right now we’ll go to the little white house it’s over here
not the one I’ve been to already but the one that’s got infested in it all right
slowly I’ll break my truck don’t break oh yeah sometimes their stuff over here
two hours for you to check here no maybe not nothing here zilch can it get any water alright this the White House I’m talking
about with infected is right up here on our right and right here I’m gonna go
ahead Park right here just cuz I don’t want them let some with my truck go back
to equipment I might change my arrows from my good arrows to my crappy arrows probably jump some of this stuff here alright with these basic one arrows they
do break sometimes on these infected and if you get a head shot it’s one shot and
it kills them if you don’t it’ll be two shots on the run this is a three or four
infected in here you just don’t know it stamina yeah just entice them out and
then get them to run after you and shoot them in the butt they’ll come running
back at you stick up your arrows and go ahead and put these arrows back in my
thing all right we got six arrows I’m gonna go back up to the building and see
if I can’t hear anymore and there’s at least one more somewhere I didn’t build
another shield which I should have but I wasn’t really expecting to come in here
either oh good thing some reason I couldn’t shoot them he’s already taking one it I miss I hate
when they’re upstairs check see if there’s any more downstairs no it looks like it’s just him go back
over here so you get a better shot of them all right I think that’s it it’s a DS
arrows just in case you pick up whatever stuff they have on them all right let’s
hear if I hear anything I don’t hear anything else so I think we
are good checking this guy for arrows grab this one here all right should be
good nice stuff here can’t see the box check in all of these
little cabinets even the ones on top one there when you see them here sugar ones
got all kinds of food I hope this place has some Carter’s
material nice I only lost one arrow so far or at
least one of the basic arrow shotgun rounds it’s gonna be nothing in it
probably no baseball bat nothing sewing kit
I love sewing kits because you can make out Quivers I’ll normally have like two
of those the good Quivers one will be like a mix of hunting arrows and regular
arrows and then the other one will probably just be straight off basic
arrows for infected use nothing else all right
good here old computer nice I have one like that one was once before check yeah yeah we’re gonna go get downstairs I’m
gonna try to sleep more just so I don’t have to you don’t have to watch me you
sit here and slowly stroll through these places all right nice computer I have one of
these desk for my daughter all right hopefully there was a crate and it’s
lock room back here just something else I can carry stuff home with that that
makes you check both sides of these cabinets because there is two parts to
it see that one didn’t have nothing and the other one had something in it all
right someone open this yeah what do we get batteries chocolate bars or food I
can’t pick up let’s eat a chocolate bar gonna need another one of those I like
to have this soda battery I like to keep these sodas cuz they don’t expire for
Maisie for decorations basically I’ll throw them on the ground somewhere
around a table and they’ll be for just so I have something decent look at
anything in here gasps take it all right anything in here nope and this
cleans out this white house and use my last bit of stamina to check this stuff
over here and then I’m gonna drive home hopefully the big Quivers the hide is
done and I could make my large quiver some arrows and get some sleep for
tomorrow so I’m gonna drive back and I’ll pick back up when I come back at
the base alright we’re back at base I managed to
organize all this stuff again it took me quite a while to get everything off of
the truck and back in their own little separate piles as you can see I got
quite a bit of food to last me a while so I shouldn’t have to eat that that
dried meat for a little bit plus I still have all the stupid chicken but I got
sodas galore and batteries bottles of water stupid tools and engines
I need more tyres but be nice to have component scrap just collecting all the
boxes you can find in a game nice to get quite a bit of ham oh and then tools
just so many tools and weapons now I’m a it’s day seven and I got a good
stockpile of m4s and shotguns and couple pistols and then tools so I’m starting starting to get a whole
bunch of crap body armor helmets and now my height is done so I’m gonna go ahead
and collect this this one done nope I’m gonna go ahead and craft the Clippers
and maybe some extra arrows tomorrow cuz it’s already 1836 and I want to get to
good night’s sleep tonight so I’m gonna head back to the white house and sleep
in that uh water tower it’s not to sit there and walk around
all day tomorrow and once we build those that quiver and some more arrows we’ll
probably hit up a couple the other bandit camps rescue another survivor
let’s go see if our survivor is actually there and yep there’s good old Rachel just
walking around my little empty place she’ll be fine over here nothing’s gonna
hurt her she can’t die she doesn’t need food once I figure out
exactly where I’m at on build I will bring them to the new location but I’m
really wait until I find all the seed locations to make sure I have both the
corn and tomatoes but I think that’s it I’m gonna head back to the white house
and I will catch y’all tomorrow take it easy

3 thoughts on “Mist Survival, Day 7, S2EP7, Longbow, Bandit Raid, Rescue Rachel”

  1. For easier access up to/down from the rooftop at your base, move the spare pickup over to the doorway with the truck hood up to the door and the cab near the awning. Drop the tailgate and run up/down with no damage.

    The water bucket can be filled the same way you filled the sprinkler cans. Put it on your hot-bar and hit "e". The sprinkler cans do hold more as you pointed out, but they can't be used to fill the water purifier so until they fix the chickens, I just use a pair of buckets.

    There are 5 chickens at the beginning spawn area (near the deer and towers) with 2 of them across the road in the hills. There are 5 more in the hills below the old military base that was removed – just be sure to follow the fence line up into the lower part of the hills to find them all. A couple more are up in the hills with the bears by the old mine. I know you know all the spots, but you never seem to get more then a couple in each spot that I've noticed. With 70+ feathers available per farming run (not including ones found on the ground) I just wanted to point out they are not nearly as hard to come by as other you-tubers complain about. I've yet to make a basic arrow on my current firearm-free run and have 3 3-slot quivers on hand with hunters arrows and plenty of components for more.

    Keep up the great series!

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