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Mist Survival S2EP13, City Loot, New Base Started

Mist Survival S2EP13, City Loot, New Base Started

what’s up everybody Viper here back in
mist survival and today we’re going to go to the city and get the loot from the
city we’ve already been to the city where we got the revolver but i’m gonna
go ahead and finish off the loot and i’m probably going to stop at that a bandit
camp on the way to the city and grab those three boxes all right we’re at the
bandit camp on the way the city i’m not sure if these bandits have respawn or
not but yeah they have so i’m gonna quickly take them out and grab those
three lockers that way i can take them back to the base there’s a guy in there where’d you go all right buddy gotta be
sneaky I should be a guy right there you are
dude I think there’s one more on side if not two more grab my arrow quick all right it’s 3:00 now where’s the
fourth one go up here and just check see if I can’t
see them from up here maybe you only do have three bandits in this camp I don’t
see any more all right good enough yep all right well good should be good ooh some carrots and broccoli grab my arrow
from this guy there’s maro they’d already grabbed my
ass no there’s got him in the kidneys take
some gas just try not to forget my gas can again I can’t remember what I
actually ludes out of here before I think I just kind of quickly went
through it but we’ll we’ll see all right did you
have anything on there oh yeah can we destroy it in these cars
yes I’m just being careful because I didn’t
I thought there was four bandits here but I’ve only seen three the last two
times I went here all right which is a scrap nothing on here because a rock on the
other one no what else can we destroy anything nope nope no there’s nothing up
there it’s just looks like a rock some more cloth you’ll end up having so much
cloth in this game and there’s not a whole lot of uses for it thing in there some ammo some more food no weapon can’t
destroy that chair either all right where’s these lockers yeah we got my three lockers and I’m
going to head to where I’m building my new base I’m always at that fucking tree all right I ended up building uh I got a
cabin done and blacksmith station and a few other things down here in my new
base area this is gonna be a probably a long process because it took 96 hours
just to build the stupid cabin and I’ll put a sped-up clip of it of the
actual build process at the very end but this is what I got so far got me two
little gates here I’ve already got a workshop done on a blacksmith station a
couple lockers I brought over from the other one and then a bunch of lockers
that I’m gonna build eventually and a beds already started but now I don’t
have to worry about my NPC’s can just stay here in this nice little place they
can construct anything I need them to do once I get these two two stations done
the only station I don’t have being billed as the the repair station and I
don’t even build that till it’s way late in the game and there’s only a few
things I will repair because it’s just not really worth repairing a lot of
stuff got me a couple drying racks and a tanning rack another water purification
and still couple barrels and then I’m just going to slowly keep building stuff
all right so let’s make our way over the city and grab all the loot from there I was gonna go out here and take a left and then we’re going to take a right
here at this next little road and then I’m gonna look for the bandits
once I get close enough all right where are you bandits are you
let’s see I’m walking through town right now it’s quite a fuel bandits here in the
city so you got to be careful sometimes they do like to walk out here
through the woods that’s two down there’s one over there damn and I’m missing see that one’s
gonna go take a trip in the woods and get this guy I think there’s two of them going in the
woods once they don’t come back I’m not really too concerned about the ones
going in the woods it’s the ones in the city that I’m
really worried about how nice these cells able to find one of my arrows I’m just looking for bandits and then
we’re gonna start at the the house at the basement and just work away from
there get my air got my are all right so d else I see no I’m going to take out
this car just make sure you’re always looking
around in this city for bandits to sneak around sneak up on you we’re gonna start off here in this a
little this house finish off looting this one sometimes you do see bandits
over here on this side where my arrows pointing it’s good and check this out it
should be clear of infected I don’t think I’ve ever seen it infected in here
but always if you can before you go into a house just try to listen for any kind
of breathing that the infected mate ain’t nothing in here alright this this
place might be a bus but it’s got those lockers I want so my flashlight on I got
some bottles what else forget anything else crowbar
good I don’t think I even brought a crowbar oh yeah I did
a floating lamp I was like that my last playthrough shirt nothing else here hopefully we’ll be able to build more
furniture and stuff to be able to decorate our little bases out that would
definitely be nice if we can have more of an option of stuff battery that nope
no thank you all right downstairs I’m gonna put this
upstairs for now I’m gonna dump some stuff in here all right
we should have like a green crate and three lockers in here just looking for
loot no no I did find an engine in here I guess last time I was in here I think
I took that I’m glad I got the lockers outside nothing here there should be a
one more green box the revolver was right here if you didn’t watch that
episode where I came through here these greenboxes are always a pain in
the ass trying to get them through these narrow corridors and actually wasn’t
that bad all right we got one more suitcase inside let me shove this crap
on the truck yeah we’re gonna go let’s check out this cars here this
place usually doesn’t have anything in it but Mazal check see if it does all
right we got any gas in here yep more gas some sodas I’ll drink this soda I always
want to try to break these stuff when I’m and actually see you around me all right none of this stuff breaks don’t see any more bandits let’s
continue on down this road now that one exploded and everywhere alright don’t come remember if anything
was ever in here but be nice if they put some more of those locked doors here or
something zilch not a nothing in here for me and this building here on the
left there is no way to get in as far as I remember well let’s just go and check
be sure nope that would be nice so you can go in this building and lose some
stuff out of here I can’t even get around that way all right so back in the car I’m gonna
go down here or to clear these infected is out of yours so I’m not gonna worry
too much about them but I do want those cars oh you better not it took my arrow
okay well we got wooden arrows okay oh you Juke Tommy dude I came back my
roast potato I will take more salt one thing I do hate about these uh basic
aerials they break a lot so this is where I found that uh that seeds and
that rifle but I’ve also found a revolver in there as well so you’re not
always gonna find a rifle it could be a revolver alright break this car alright
now I got another car here I’m all about the scrap getting scrapping these things
because I’m gonna need it to build off all those lockers are gonna require so
much components and scrap because I’m building these big big lockers so it’s
eight scrap eight components and then a bunch of other stuff all right let’s keep going down the
building all right can’t get in that one either if you look from here you can see
an engine in the back of that truck a lot of people miss that one go grab this engine 15% engine whatever there’s only so many engines in the game
so you got to kind of be careful of how you’re driving your car I don’t baby the
car but there are certain places where I do watch where I’m driving more goodies all right let’s check out the gas
station fucking bad all right there’s no gas tanks nothing here nothing out the
back over here I was check-in here nothing check inside we got in here it’s too
many bandits in the city so they’re just coming in here raiding they’ve already
picked this place clean oh no they left one single battery nice of them at least
they left something sometimes I’m very disappointed with the loot in the city
but most of stuff you can you can make or you can loot it from infected or
whatever so it’s not like it’s a horrible thing you can’t find a lot of
loot now with so many infected I mean not affected but bandits around I guess
you kind of expect that wouldn’t be hardly much lose anything but they do
have quite a bit of gas in these cars two liters go through the middle of the town I’m
gonna need to be really careful going through here with more bandits showing
up Oh 3.7 nice soda I’m gonna quickly look
in these hotels but pretty sure there’s nothing in there nope
open nope nope now let’s keep going down I’m always worried about a bandits gonna
come out and give me from the side or something well I don’t think I checked
this one yeah I don’t take a spark please I also get it out now new cars
back here nope alright so we can’t get in these buildings can’t get in this one
there’s usually a bow on one of these buildings a camera of which one is
absolutely squatting here there’s infected in one of these two buildings
in front of me well we’ll get that one go on the other side you’re gonna check
this one nothing in behind the door nope all right well upstairs at least serve
trying to crush some cans surprises a lot of gumballs in there I already broke
that thing open already alright one more building like I can’t get in I probably
get in there from the back way let’s go let’s go through it on the back you know
this stores never opens there’s a bow and it’s actually a longbow sometimes it
could be a basic bow I found basic bows in there instead of the longbow but
let’s see how it’s only 22% but that’ll last you up for a little while oh
there’s some antibiotics up there I think that’s it here all right can I open these nope so that’s that that one drop me down a
little bit farther fixer makes her know traffic comes down what we got in here pair gloves I think I got like five or
six pairs of gloves already but you can make gloves but I’ve never actually made
any other gloves there’s gloves out somewhere maybe it’s in I guess it’s in a workshop
one of the work benches any bandits out here no all right let’s go yeah go
through here go in the front all right going on front door any
goodies no goodies most these buildings are just there they just don’t I don’t
know just ready just didn’t put stuff in them here or if I’m just unlucky every
time I come to the city or what I haven’t seen nothing in here let’s go
upstairs I mean this wouldn’t be a bad for a bad
place for a base but I’d be too worried about the bandits spawning inside the
base and sneaking up on you or something all right this place right here can’t
get into nothing in there any cars over here I’ve been in that one I think I haven’t
been enough soon nope nothing there another bat this must
be what the bandits hang out all right that’s a bust nothing nothing nothing nothing that one
either got me a knife I can always use knives in case I need more bark it’s
only a one-story building no no there’s no new story rhobar and it looks like I
got a 45 I mean down there I think somebody’s Santa said they’ve seen a
revolver here as well so I just got lucky and got the colt gonna break up soon nope all right so
this sides done go check this area over here just an
empty garage and I’m gonna break this car over to alright and get some gas I got a couple cars over here gimme gimme
gimme gimme I’m just kind of looking out for the bandits that go back that way I want all these scrap and components if
you are starting out the game and want to be able to scrap cars you can use an
axe for it but it’ll really eat up your durability real fast I heard I heard one
of that infected the mists coming in yeah I miss coming into I hope they
fixed the the music with the mist where it comes back where you can actually
hear the when they’re actually in effect because right now you don’t know exactly
when or they’re spawning in because you used to be the birds would change to a
music and you could tell that there was a the mist was full-blown I need to be
somewhere safe but right now you can’t tell because you still hear their birds so I’m just gonna come over come over
here on this box truck and get on and just gonna sleep see if they’ll let me
sleep it off and they didn’t let me sleep let’s try to go back to sleep for
another hour and here they come now I guess we’re just going to farm infect
there and I’m completely safe up here now the stupid sound glitch is going on
well because I slept so I’m just gonna go and try to sleep again and they’ll
wake up on that they get close and if you want to risk it you can come down
here and collect the loot but it’s not really safe to do this when you hear
these dudes like this because you can’t really hear them if
you’ve got this stupid glitch going on so I’m just gonna sleep I’m gonna try to
go fisting on down there to loot their stuff right now I’ll look at the very
end anymore no I need to eat I’m go ahead and drink a soda cuz there’s no uh
no point trying to save these because they go bad pretty quick all right I’m
not good yet but I will be soon all right they just drop so I’m good to
go ahead and get down I need to hurry up and get away from these guys you saw I
keep hearing this crap all right after that mess alright next
year we’re gonna go to around a corner Church never had anything in it just
gonna look around it there’s so many buildings here in the city is just our
unfinished now we’re gonna have to deal with some
Infected here inside there up and here in the top floor of this building
move three liters and I did not bring a good shield so I’m
just gonna use this uh I’m gonna use the suitcase trick so I’ll have to deal with
them I can deal with them easy I need to really build another shield so I’m just
gonna open the door well that didn’t work I did just definitely step the fuck
over that thing there’s a little lip there all right if you ever use that a little
trick make sure you put it up high enough without the lip messing you up
all right so we got a suitcase get all the way throw that down throw that down
got the crowbar this got all kinds of junk in here grenade yeah come on get out of there I was so disappointed when I threw my
first Canadian fected in the hotel room it only killed one of them I was like
this is crappy all right so that’s clear about in here engine nice another 12% er
I have never ever seen an engine with a hundred percent or I think fifty some
percent is probably the highest I’ve ever seen all right no zombies are
infected you know stupid bad at least it has some loot I guess nothing I want all
right so that’s clear you’ve got me it’s the first aid Oh another thing I do hope ratty does is
put some some way to give you instant health right now the only way you get
health this tape to just wait give it time sleep so maybe they’ll have
a health package you can actually make that’ll give you health some booze take this back over here I’ll get that’s two buildings we need
this one in front of us another sparkplug I will take it alright this building I think is
completely empty the moving people already came yeah looks like they were
doing the floor or something to floor off the apocalypse make sure nothing
else over here that’s all we got left is that one building or good to go all right
bandits any bandits I’ll take my little weird bag back home is that on there you know I check this one yeah so when I
was just in not some nothing I was up ammo i can use ammo another bag some
more ammo not bad alright anything else in there well
they’re going all crazy up there I was gonna hit me through the floor I’m dead
I stopped going crazy up there you go I’ll be up there in a sec I’m sure y’all can’t get me this time
all right that worked one grenade – uhh – dead
infected grenades was fun I took I don’t know how many I took I was 18 grenades
or something went to the large family camp ended up dying on the last guy but
it was still pretty fun I’m very crap in here no candy bar at
least like down the door ain’t shit in here alright who’s that Oh
bottled water nice great score I think that’s everything I got those
two cars out front that I need to go and get the gas from but I think that’s it
for the city and it in old of course you didn’t hold it’s like that one’s holding what’s the
difference between there and where it was and why it wouldn’t stay who knows
early access all right you’ve got some components more components like coke some more fuel and I don’t know what
I’ll do if they end up fixing the frigerators where they actually work and
then I like I’ll have to actually use fuel besides need a generator to turn on
lights every once in a while there’s no point for me to even bother all right
so we’re done with the city I might have missed a couple things I can’t remember anybody sees anything let me know alright I’m gonna head back to my base
and spread this stuff out so we can see what loot we got alright here we got the
city loot a little bit of food not too much today bunch of scrap and components
two engines three batteries couple spark plugs several luggage suitcases couple
boxes three different lockers some crappy batteries a bow a pistol and in
floor that’s some other crap plus all the stuff in my inventory so so far a
good day and uh hopefully we’ll be able to quickly build up this my little base
area and I’ll probably start moving a little bit of stuff just a crafting
materials I need from the White House but I’m pretty much gonna leave it the
way it is for the most part I might build some more stuff on it at some
point in this playthrough but I’m probably gonna mostly stick over here so
thanks for watching if you can like share subscribe and I will catch y’all

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