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MOMMY HAUL | MY RESTAURANT SURVIVAL BAG – Restaurant Impossible Mission: Dining w/ Toddlers

MOMMY HAUL | MY RESTAURANT SURVIVAL BAG – Restaurant Impossible Mission: Dining w/ Toddlers

As the mother of a two-year old who does not like to sit still, when we’re in a restaurant, every 5 minutes counts. So here’s what’s in my restaurant survival bag, for my “Restaurant Impossible” Mission! I’m Connie and I’m passionate about discovering new products that make my life easier. I keep this bag in the car with me all the time so its always in my car. I never forget it, and the toys are always fresh. Table topper placemats, you may or may not have seen these You get a clean surface wherever you go by putting these out. For a fun twist, Elle introduced me to these activity table toppers that gives them an extra thing to do These are also great for containing the mess Remember, the more mess, the more tip you have to leave That’s another dollar Nathan! Magnet Boards. These are great They’re called Create-A-Scene, and your kid can use their imagination to create whatever scene they want. If you like magnets, here’s a book I got. I personally like magnets better than stickers because they have less potential for destroying things. Vehicles! Nathan loves cars and these also double as legos! Little knick knacks. You can get these at a
dollar store, party discount store They’re cheap but they’re new In fact, Presley just got Nathan a bag of these… … all for under five bucks! Elle: That’s awesome!
Connie: SO cute! Mini-Board Books I love these because they’re portable and very durable And a little bead maze. Nathan is starting to really get into the big version of these, so I bought a little one and he really loves it! And if all else fails… … I break out my iPhone… But my one tip is to make sure to have videos downloaded to your phone because you don’t want to trust cell phone reception in moments of distress. And there you have it! That’s what’s in my restaurant survival bag What’s in your bag? Let me know in the comments below and see you soon! Now this is how you choose a restaurant
when you’re dining with a two-year-old.

100 thoughts on “MOMMY HAUL | MY RESTAURANT SURVIVAL BAG – Restaurant Impossible Mission: Dining w/ Toddlers”

  1. wow this is such a good idea !!! i dont have a kid im just 12 😂but i wanna use this when i have one.. well dome connie!

  2. RIP Connie

  3. We all miss you and I really wish you were still here with us making more funny videos and making us laugh. I miss you and never will forget you

  4. I'm trying not to make my comment sad because she's in a better place but Connie I just wanna say we all love you and miss you so much you were such a good wife and mom. I can just see nathen watching these before he goes off to college. We all love u and miss u so much ❤️

  5. God rest her soul.who is watching this because you miss her.

    Dear Wum,
    We still sorry for your loss.We love you.If you still have contact with her husband tell them that everyone misses her and she was a great mother,husband,and friend.And I miss her.

  6. Sometimes when I go to restraunts they have a screen for kids to play on while they ignore everything around them. It makes me sad

  7. R.I.P Connie
    We will all miss you, And hope your ascent in to heaven was smooth.
    Do you miss us?If you do, and are sad, don't be . Because we're all still here!
    Your here in our hearts ćonnie , and we all love you.

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