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Connie: What are you doing? Eww!
Nathan’s dad: Oh my gosh, Nathan! Connie: Summer’s finally here and I thought it would be fun to share with you what’s on my summer haul checklist for 2013! I’m Connie and I’m passionate about discovering new products that make my life easier. Number one on my checklist is sunscreen. Super important to have sun protection. This Badger sunscreen is my absolute favorite It’s been touted by many experts as being the safest for babies totally non-toxic, free from parabens, all the bad stuff. I absolutely recommend this one While we’re on the topic of sun protection sunhats are another a good way
to protect your baby. Nathan uses this cap, and when he was smaller, we used this one with an elastic to keep it on
his head. If you ever gonna make a trip to the pool,
floaties are obviously important This one’s a great one. We got it on
Amazon. It’s “My Baby Float” When Nathan was three months old he fit in this so comfortably, and even at 2, he still loves it! Summer is the season for inflatable stuff and one great tool to have is an air pump. It makes your job so much faster and it saves your lungs a lot of effort. And while you’re in the pool, you’ll of course need swim diapers. I got these from Amazon. They’re reusable. A lot of public pools require you to have reusable diapers instead of the disposable kinds, so
I figured there’s a reason for it. It probably hold stuff in better, and so I like to use these! For fun treats, we have popsicle makers! I used these all the time last summer. What I would do is buy watermelon spears at the grocery market, blend them up in a blender and just pop
them in these molds and we would have frozen watermelon chunks that Nathan loved! if you’re planning on making any trips
to the park, a picnic blanket is always great! i think that this one by Tuffo is fantastic It’s soft, it’s comfortable, and easy to wash. Sand toys for the sand box — no rocket science here. I just get some plain pails and shovels and Nathan has fun with them. These name labels from
are great. I got these from Meg for Nathan’s first birthday and I use them to label everything, especially sand toys. And after you’ve collected all of your sand toys, I love having this mesh bag because you can shake all the sand out and bring it home without worrying about
a mess Nathan’s Dad: There goes the sand! Connie: And for beach days, the sand blanket is great It’s large, it repels sand So it’s easy to dust off and they have these pockets where you can put sand in to weigh the blanket down For the summer, one thing I always have in my purse are bandaids and some sort of antiseptice because kids are always wearing shorts
and it’s easy to skin their knees So it’s good to have these handy! So that’s what’s on my summer checklist for 2013. What’s on yours? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments below and if you love these mommy hauls, make sure to click subscribe for more! Nathan’s dad: Ewww! It’s crunchy! Yuck! Let’s rinse out your mouth, buddy.

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  1. Why would anyone dislike Connie's memory video!😢😭 Only haters that one Day everyone comes to an end.

  2. Dear Connie ; I'm not a mom im aten years old girl and I love you you have a lot of helpful thing already and I'm empressed that you made it in a really short time . Even though your not hear but belive me the sum family miss you really much 💖. And also you made us happy i wish all your family having a nice and good days . Please like I never got a like

  3. I miss connie, too, but we should just focus on how great a mother she was in her life instead of saying rip and using crying emojis.

  4. may Connie R.I.P she was an amazing mother and an amazing wife may her amazing family remember and always love her

  5. Can we like all of Connie’s videos it’s the lest we can do! I love Connie and we all miss her! She was so happy for Ella! She loves Nathan so much! Rip Connie! Love you!
    Rest In Peace

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