Polish Television presents PLAYlNG FOR HlGH STAKES Ful l Nelson Screenplay: Music: As Lieutenant Kloss: Featuring: Photography: Production Manager: Directed by: Are you staying Ms. Fromm? Yes, l have to finish the reports
for the commissariat for tomorrow. My father is always proud
when l work overtime. l’ve known the general for long.
l served under him in France. – Father often speaks of you.
– Please give him my regards. Please don’t forget
about the seal on the office door. Yes, colonel , l won’t. You’ve been in Berlin three months. Haven’t you found something more
amusing to do with your evenings? Not yet. Remind me tomorrow.
l’l l show you a few fun spots. An officer of the Abwehr should
never be sure of tomorrow. – Thank you. Good night.
– Good night. Mrs. Eva Fromm? – Yes, what’s the matter?
– You’ll come with us please. – Do you smoke?
– Thank you. We’re sorry we have to treat General
Fromm’s daughter this way. But l don’t think we’ll have to
repeat our seance. .. No! You can see for yourself, Ms. Fromm.
lt’s only a matter of resistance. l’l l tell you everything. Please sit down.
A glass of cognac won’t harm you. So then, l’m listening. .. l real ly don’t know this man. He came three months ago.
He had money, then he disappeared. l left the message in a locker
in the Ostbahnhof. And that’s where you received
your orders? – Yes.
– And afterwards? Behind Frederick the Great’s
portrait. On the first floor of the Ministry. That’s where you left the microfilms
of the Atlantic Wal l? Yes. Light! Empty. They had time to take it.
But when? Since that Fromm left,
no one went past here. Eva Fromm isn’t lying. Someone
took the microfilm all the same. Someone who works here. – Did you read Eva Fromm’s
– Yes sir. – You’ve worked in Poland, correct?
– Yes, general . ln connection with this case. .. You wil l go to Lisko Zdroj. lt’s a smal l town in the GG. .. There’s a rest home for German
officers there. You see, in Lisko, there is,
or soon will be, an Al lied agent, colonel Kornel.
We suppose, we’re sure even, that Kornel has come to meet his
Berlin agent, who is probably to give him the
plans of our Atlantic Wall . ls this information sure? – We have our man in Lisko. ..
– Eliminate Kornel and his men.. . You work for lntelligence,
not the Gestapo. This is a microfilm of our
Atlantic Wall . l don’t understand… Of course these plans have nothing
to do with the real ones. But we want the English to think,
that’s what our Atlantic Wall looks
like. Disinformation is one of the main
goals of lntelligence, Lt. Kloss. l understand. Kornel will receive the microfilm
from Major Hanna Bosel. .. My mission? You’l l go together. Major Bosel wil l play the part of
the English agent, she’ll impersonate Eva Fromm. We know their password. That way
she’ll be able to reach Kornel . And you’ll establish contact with
our man. His name is.. . Plusz. – But that isn’t all .
– Yes? The microfilms made by Eva Fromm,
on the basis of the real plans. Haven’t been found. Kornel shall have a visitor, who emptied the hiding-place
behind the portrait. There agent is working here,
on our terrain. He must be eliminated at all costs. And Kornel should return to England
with the false plans. You’ll discuss the details
with Ms. Bosel . lt’s a good thing you’re handsome. That can be useful during
difficult missions. You like the risk. .. Risk. ..funny question. lt’s an enthralling game. – Besides that. ..
– What? The knowledge. .. That few men on thee front are as
useful as l am to the Germans. – A competition with men.. .
– Maybe. .. – l’d like to play with you.
– But we’re on the same side. – Have you been working long?
– ln the service? You’re curious. But l can answer you.
Since 1 938. l’m a German from Argentina.
My knowledge of Spanish, English. .. – ls useful .
– Yes. l warn you that l’m very good
with languages. l even speak Polish. – What’s this station?
– l don’t know. l’l l go see. l’m going to Lisko.
l’l l see you in two days. The Poles are such a polite people.
You just have descend to the
platform. .. And already someone’s offering a
light to a German officer. Surely also a German. – You’re a keen observer.
– So l am. Now seriously.. . ln Lisko we don’t know each other.
We’re both going to the rest home. l’m in charge. – Yes, sir.
– One more thing.. . Remember, my name’s Eva Fromm. Any mistake could cost us dearly. The railway people in Berlin gave
me false information. – That’s why l had to change trains.
– You’re also going to Lisko? Yes. My first rest since the war
started. lt seems to me l’ve seen you before. You wouldn’t be working at
Friedrichstrasse? l’m often there.
lf you’l l al low me. .. Chief advisor Gebhardt from the
Ministry of Propaganda. – Lieutenant Kloss.
– Pleased to meet you. Shall we have a drink? Martell. We won’t find anything better
in Lisko. lt’s a horrid hole. l was there during the war.
Only our house is nice. lt used to be a Polish sanatorium. lt’s the only profit we have
from this GG. May l take you in my car?
My local friend Amsleiter sent it. With pleasure. l like to drive. lt’s my passion, my greatest one. Come in. lt’s you. l wanted to see
how you were settled in. Remember this,
we can’t meet too often. – You don’t want to see me?
– Only when l have to. – l’d prefer more often.
– What’s this? A proposal? – When will you go there?
– As soon as possible. l have to get there
before that other one. lf the real Berlin agent gets there
first then. .. – He might already be here.
– l take that into account. He knows the password. And he surely knows
about Eva Fromm’s arrest. l’l l manage somehow. You get in touch with that Plusz. Go now, l have to get changed. Good afternoon. l’ve come from Joseph.
l have some Morvitan to sell . We only buy Lux blotting-paper. Come closer.. . – You’ve come from Berlin.
– Yes. l’ll contact Kornel today,
and tel l you tomorrow. Sit down. – Would you like some tea?
– With pleasure. Good afternoon. – Are you coming back from a walk?
– l like these Polish towns. A man feels here like nowhere
in Germany. – Freedom and authority.
– Yes. Coffee, lieutenant?
Or something stronger? Coffee.
Your name is Plusz? – Yes.
– Kurt from Berlin sends me. We can’t talk here.
l’ll bring your coffee right away. Good thing you’ve come.
Kornel’s here. l’m worried they might uncover me. Tomorrow at eight at the old
boat-house. You know it? l’ll find it. Sit down. – How did it go?
– Alright. The password Plusz gave to Langer
turned out to be correct. They took me in like one of their own.
l’ll have contact with Kornel . You think the other one hasn’t
turned up yet? l’m sure he hasn’t. We must determine who he is and
eliminate him before he gets there. – And what have you got to say?
– l arranged a meeting with this Plusz. Where and when? Tomorrow at eight
at the old boat-house. – ls that all you have to tell me?
– Yes. You underestimate me, Hans. l have a lot of experience. Why are you following me? l’m scared for you. lf they
found out they might eliminate you. Don’t be sentimental . Remember, l don’t like things done
without my order. Even in private matters,
it’s l who will decide. Hide in the bathroom.
l don’t want anyone to see you here. Good afternoon.
You promised to have a drink with me. l promised and l’ll be ready
in a moment. – Please wait for me at the bar.
– l’m waiting. My child, l’ve informed Kornel. Now listen carefully.. . No, give me that map lying
on the desk. This is the forester’s lodge.
The sixth kilometre.. . A very good and safe place. Kornel wil l be glad. Watch yourself, my child. l know it’s very hard, always among
Germans. Always among strangers. But it is a great mission.
lndeed great mission. l’m having trouble. What do you know. You can only reach Kornel through
the HQ, that can take a few days. That’s bad.
The situation is dangerous. Kornel’s cover’s blown.
So are his contacts in town. That Bosel could reach him today
or tomorrow. What do you intend? l don’t know how to reach Kornel
before Plusz and that false Fromm. Demand new contacts from HQ.
One more thing.. . Try to find out who Chief Advisor
Gebhardt is. This time she’s following me. .. The general expresses his thanks.
Your information has proved correct. You have done the Germans a
great service. You here? You’re nervous, Hans. What did Plusz report? Plusz didn’t report anything.
He’s dead. What? How did it happen? As he was coming to meet me,
someone shot him from behind. l had no chance of catching
the culprit. And that’s an Abwehr
officer speaking. Who did you tell about your
meeting with Plusz? You. No one else? – You don’t trust me?
– l don’t trust anyone. l didn’t start working today. lt could have been the third man.
Their agent from Berlin. Put that away.. .
l don’t like women playing with guns. lt becomes German women. Maybe you’ll tell me what you were
doing at the train station? l happen to like smal l town
train stations. And older men with lighters? When are you to see Kornel? You’ll be told when it’s necessary. Now you hide. .. Come in. – So Kloss? Surprised?
– You’ve come to replace me? Aren’t you glad? l came for a rest. – Like mine?
– Don’t be so curious. Listen, have you seen Hanna?
She’s not in her room. l’m here… l see you’re really resting.. . Excuse me Hans,
l have to talk with Hanna. You like lonely walks…
So do l. – Shame you didn’t take me along.
– Shame. – What are you thinking about?
– That you don’t trust me. Don’t talk about that. – l like you.
– As a partner? Maybe as an opponent? Hasn’t it occurred to you that l’m
only following Langer’s orders? You’re trying to tel l me Langer
doesn’t trust me? l asked you not to talk about work. lmagine we really are on holiday,
it’s a lovely night… A lovely girl. .. – Thank you Hans.
– There’s also that third man… – Yes?
– Three cognacs. l’d like to know who it is. – lt might be you.
– Are you crazy? lt could be Gebhardt.. .
Or maybe someone we don’t yet
know. But l’ll find out. .. Well my friends, let’s drink. The general believes you’ll fulfil l
your mission wel l. – You’ll find the man from Berlin.
– We’l l find him. May l, Chief Advisor? – Please.. .
– Do you smoke? Only cigars. But we have other tastes in common. We do? That is? We both like long lonely walks
through the forest. – l don’t understand. What do you
– Nothing. Excuse me, l must get back to
my friends. Have a good drink, Hans.
You can tonight. Hans won’t drink, he’ll dance. – When are you meeting Kornel?
– You’re on about that again? – l’m afraid for you.
– Kiss me, Hans. l might not ever want you to again. Good afternoon. – Going for a walk?
– You could say that. l only move around by car.
l like driving and you? l’l l gladly take up your offer
sometime. – You’re welcome.
– Thank you. l was waiting for you. l wanted to talk to you. .. Take care of him. Get in ! A bit of salt would do.. . Go to the kitchen, there’s some
on the table. Kornel’s there with the girl.
l don’t want to disturb them. – Do you know when Kornel’s
– Quiet, not in front of the kraut. He hasn’t much time left. Listen, l need to talk to
Colonel Kornel. Wacek! Kornel said to get rid of him. – Get up!
– Listen boys, – that woman’s a German spy.
– Alright, get up! Don’t move! Hands up! Turn around! Sorry, l’ve got to hit you again. You cover’s blown,
you have to disappear. She’ll report to Langer,
if she hasn’t already. l want to try one more thing… l have a contact with Kornel
for you.. . Too late.
l needed Kornel yesterday. Hanna Bosel knows al l his contacts. So what are you going to do? Take a risk. There are stil l a lot of things
which aren’t clear here. lf l eliminate her, before she
reports back, l might have a chance. – But that Boldt’s there.
– He is. But l think Hanna Bosel likes to
keep vital information to herself. – That’s al l then?
– Not quite. l have some information about that
chief advisor, if you’re still interested. l’m interested. Go on. Kloss! – Care for a drink?
– Gladly. – Did you spend a nice night?
– May be. Don’t be shy. You should be proud.
Major Hanna Bosel. – That’s no ordinary game.
– ls she in her room? – She came back a while ago.
– Hanna talked to Kornel today. Kornel’l l take back our little
fairy-tale to the English. About the Atlantic Wall.
The most important is to know, who took the film with the real
plans from behind the portrait. – l have a hunch.
– A hunch? Speak. Wait until this evening. Come in. Boldt? Good thing you’ve come.
l wanted to talk to you. You? As you can see…
Leave that alone. Listen, we’ll go out together.
Boldt’s sitting down in the entry, if you say just one word,
l’l l shoot. – What do you intend?
– You’l l see. Let’s go. At the same time, you’l l explain
why you tried to eliminate me. – Going for a walk?
– A walk, yes. – Where are you taking me?
– You’l l see. l wouldn’t advise you to escape,
l’d shoot you. Don’t worry l won’t. That was nicely done. You wanted to get rid of me with
the help of the resistance. l had no other choice. – Speak! Did you report back?
– To whom? – Don’t pretend. To general Langer.
– No. You didn’t have time
to tell about me? – l will yet.
– Turn left. – Are you crazy?
– Turn ! – You’re leading me to them !
– Yes, to Kornel. – Why didn’t you just shoot me here?
– That doesn’t depend on me. Then lead me. You’re handsome. lt’s more apparent
during the day than at night. Women like you, don’t they?
l asked if women like you? l’m jealous about my partners. Stop it! You’re acting as if you
didn’t know what awaits you. And what awaits me? That about which you shouldn’t
have any doubts. Finish. Last night you seemed inclined to
tell me completely different things. l have no respect for the enemy.
l do for you. At last something nice,
two minutes before death. Stop! ”Bison” sends me. ”Bison” welcomes you. On my word. Please send those boys away.
They shouldn’t know too much. And this girl.. .is a German spy.
Her name is Hanna Bosel. She knows your contacts.
l think she should be eliminated. Then let’s go have a drink. My lodge is comfortable. Boys, back to your posts. Hanna, our guest is tired. – Be our host if you please.
– With pleasure. ln ’38 Hanna was sent to Berlin
by the English. Since that day she’s been a close
collaborator of General Langer. She’s rendered innumerable
services. Hanna has the rank of major
in His Royal Highness’ Army. .. – l let myself be fooled.
– So did we. Hanna thought you’d made her for
what she was. And decided to eliminate you.
Then to tel l the general, that it was Lieutenant Kloss who
was Eva Fromm’s accomplice. Who did Eva Fromm work for? She was our agent. She took the pictures of the plans,
on Hanna’s orders. But Hanna didn’t have time to get
the film. Someone preceded her, and the
operation went to waste. Not quite to waste. .. l have the microfilms. lt seems it was Gebhardt. Good thing it was by car. Are you staying here? Long? l don’t know,
it depends. On what? Excuse me… – You weren’t in a hurry.. .
– Don’t be a bore, Boldt. Pour one for me.
Do you want a drink? l had a phone call from Berlin today. The general’s expecting your report
tonight. What about Kornel? – He’l l leave with our false plans.
– Great, we won’t hinder him. – And the third man?
– You know soon. A beer please. Gebhardt. .. Sit down please, we’l l talk. There.. . l was lucky today. And you don’t shoot too wel l. – What do you want from me?
– Not much now. Where is it?
ln the car, or still in your room? – What you’re talking about?
– Nothing much. l’l l tell you a little story. September 1 939.. . The infantry battalion of the 42nd
Regiment takes the town of Lisko. Lieutenant Gebhardt and two other
officers stay in a house, containing a fabulous collection
of gold and silver objects. They kill the owner and his family. Later they load
the exhibits into the car. This is a huge fortune Mr Gebhardt. But the HQ commander finds out
about everything. .. and orders Gebhardt and his friends
to take the treasure to division staff
HQ. What happened then Mr. Gebhardt? After two days you turn up alone
at the HQ, and report that the objects fell
into the hands of the Poles, and your comrades died. ln reality, you buried the treasure
here, near the town. And now.. . lt’s him, Gebhardt! You let him escape? He won’t get far.
lnform the check-points. They mustn’t catch him. This escape must end fatally. Attention, all patrol cars!
He’s escaping by road A7, D8, U9.. . . ..VX1 2.
Alert the check-points! Attention, he has just passed
Ostrowek! Faster! Faster, damn it! Faster! Leave it! What are you thinking about? That we’l l part tomorrow. That isn’t important. l’m used to goodbyes. l was thinking about the one
we can’t help anymore… About Eva Fromm.. .

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