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MORGAN SELFIE! – Minecraft Survival mode Part 14

MORGAN SELFIE! – Minecraft Survival mode Part 14

Ello! I am sure I am playing this like a drunk today… Jacket Potato – BOOM! Aww, yes! Right, so
I need some butter, some salt and some oil. Best may to make a Jacket Potato – erm, clean
it first obviously, leave the skin on as it is a Jacket Potato. Cover it in oil, cover
it in salt. Put it in the oven – 2 hours, not a minute shorter. Take it out and we are ready to eat! Aww, why isn’t it called Jacket Potato, stupid Americans…
*Sip* aah, a little bit more Liquorice tea. Sweet! Yeah, and then when it is done, break it open, chuck loads of butter into it, and it’s ready!
I know you can have plenty of other stuff with Jacket Potatoes, but for me you can’t
go wrong with a little – well not a little bit, a LOT of butter. MMMMmmmm lovely! AND
of course Vegetarian! It has been a while since I have been smug about being Vegetarian,
so thought I would say it again for old time’s sake. Ah the villagers are back. *Villager sound* Hrrr. No more Jawas. But you know they might be
back one day. Ok, so everything has gone so well today – what’s
going on in here? OH! Sorry guys, give you a little be of privacy. What do YOU want,
peeking Tom? *Peeping… Yeah everything has gone so well that I think
I should do a bit of exploring. Add a bit of risk to it, you know? So I will go to the
top of this hill and see if I can find anything interesting to go and have a look at. Because
people have been saying that I have been incredibly lucky, erm… finding two temples so quickly
on this. Erm, which is cool. It’s really cool. The first one I died horribly in and the second
one , I OWNED that. Aww you know what, that is a nice little picture.
I am going to try and a picture of that. Can I get Morgan to stand in front of it? If this
goes right, you will be seeing this picture on my DeviantART page soon no doubt. How do
I go third person? That’s not it, that’s not – oh! Oh, ok, I just took a screenshot apparently. THAT’S what I want! Ok, careful now Morgan. BE CAREFUL!
Aaw, look at that, that is SWEET! Perfect! Aaand… erm… that I think is – Hi guys. Yeah that definitely wasn’t the right button I just pressed. Erm, basically it crashed
my recording software AND Minecraft, so I won’t be pressing F11 again. I assure you
of that! Ok, so let’s quick get – Oh, come on James…. THERE. And there. Erm, like that,
and now… What was it to save – oh! I think that may have worked! Get a couple. See all
the villagers down there as well. That is a really nice shot. Oh, I just took another
one. Ok, that will do. let’s get down from here, without dying preferably. Either way
I am getting down from here… Sweet! The happy music starts playing as well.
Everything is going right! Did you hear that? Pretty sure I just heard
a zombie around… I know I keep asking this, but erm, can someone answer this in the comments
for me, please? Can Creepers spawn during the day? Erm, not in the shadow, just during
the day like a Creeper would be able to spawn HERE. I have a feeling that they can. I think
it is just skeletons and zombies that only spawn at night. Because Creepers don’t burn
during the day either, do they? I can’t remember… Ok this all looks very interesting.
Bammmmbo! Bammmmmbo! Sand, Beaches, Bammmmmmmmmmmbo! If anyone knows what I am referring to there,
please leave a comment and I will be your best friend forever. Because it is awesome
but I am guessing NONE of you have ever seen it. And you should have. Huh! Interesting. I have to make sure I remember how *muffled* Pardon me – which direction it is to get home
from *muffled* PARDON ME! Just over there. This Liquorice tea is making me burp, I swear! Loads of cows! I haven’t ran into many cows so far in this actually. Now people were saying
that I can get milk from them by using a bucket. I don’t have any iron right now, so I can’t
do that. But that is fine. I don’t need milk right now. Aaand sheep. I don’t need any more wool at the moment so I will leave them be. I still
haven’t seen any of these horses I have heard so much about. But I do now have a saddle
– shut up – I do now have a saddle so… What is going on there? Wow, jeez I should be really
careful where I am standing if there is lava around. A flying flower… Get some seeds
as well. I should really get some more seeds and replemish all that bread I stole from
the village. Where is the sun? Hmm, starting to get towards night time. I should really
start to begin getting back. *Strange sound* What is that sound?! That
wasn’t a cow, it was like a hair dryer or something! Ok, I am being stupid here. I should
really start to get back. But I want to see what is behind every hill, you know? Loads
of cows, loads of sheep. The grass is starting to change colour over here. Ok. Just look
over here and then I am going. Ok, nothing interesting at all. Ok, go. Oh, there is a
rabbit! ELLO! That is a TINY rabbit! That is much smaller
then than the other ones! Is it a baby one? I am going to call you Alita! Ello! Very cute. Very, very cute. Ok, that sun is
dropping quickly! Careful. There is another tiny lil rabbit!
Yay! What is this? Oh. I am being too nosy for my own good. I need to get back. Considering
I am not even in the desert yet, I have quite a distance to travel. BUT I have a sword,
so nothing can go wrong! This was a bad idea, wasn’t it…? A little bit more lava over there as well. You can carry lava with iron buckets, can’t
you? You don’t need it to be gold, do you? Yep, this was definitely a bad idea. Now I
remember crossing the river, so I think I am still on the right track. Ah there! Village! Sweet! Home sweet home. Lil bit more liquorice tea – *sip* aah, starting
to go cold… Okey-dokey, that is mission successful I think.
Just plant these. I have got loads of time. Oh… I think that spider has… other views
on that… Oh, zombies. I better hurry. Get to sleep so people don’t die. Yonk! Okey-dokey!
UP! AND SLEEP! Why does it still say ‘screenshot’ there? *sip* Ok, I will have a quick look around. Erm, make sure there are no zombies still
around. And then I think I will call it a day. It has been a very successful day on
Minecraft. You know what, I think I need to make another bet *zombie sounds*. HUH? He is running from something. Oh it was this guy. You still trying to sneek a peek, are
you? Oh, they aren’t even in there. Nope, they are long gone. Yeah I need to make another
bet I think. Because I have survived a few episodes now I think, yeah, I think I have
survived three episodes I think? I don’t think I died during the Christmas ones. So what
I will do, last time I said three episodes. Ok, guys, so I am going to survive, from now
so not including the last couple of episodes. From the next episode onwards, I will surivive… for… five episodes! And that could be quite tricky but, I am starting to get the hang of things now, and you know
what, having a bed and a proper base REALLY does make things a lot easier on this. So
five episodes with out dying *muffled* I am burping again, really sorry about that! And
you know what? I think I am going to call it a night. Thanks guys, thanks for watching.
If you are new to the channel then please subscribe. I am starting to put up a lot different
games now. I have put up a Street Fighter video which is pretty funny. If I haven’t
mentioned this before I now hate E. Honda. I have posted out my first HORROR game yesterday,
erm a game called Tox Timore I think it is called but I am not sure how you actually
pronounce that name, so check those out. Like if you enjoy the videos, subscribe, comment,
please leave me feedback, I always enjoy feedback. Give me tips on how to play these games, because
usually I don’t know what I am doing. Perticularly in Minecraft, I have had some amazing help
from you guys so far, so any advice is always useful! So, thanks a lot guys and I will see
you next time!

7 thoughts on “MORGAN SELFIE! – Minecraft Survival mode Part 14”

  1. Creepers usually spawn at night but they are able to roam around freely during the day. I'd spam the place with torches if I were you…

  2. Creepers can only spawn during daytime in dark areas.
    But they can leave the dark areas and move around during bright daylight.
    That also applies to Witches, Endermen and even Spiders. Actually, if a Spider comes out of a cave near you, run, because they don't turn instantly nice at  daylight.

  3. Louie Anderson put it best: "You're either from a butter family, or you're not. And if you have to ask what that is, then you're not."

  4. Over here we just bake the potato, cut it open, and spread a thin layer of butter over it so it's not dry… wow XD

    Creepers cannot spawn in the light as they are an aggressive mob, however (unlike zombies and skeletons) the sun does not kill them or drive them away and do not turn them docile (as it does spiders) 😛

    That creepy sound you keep hearing is cave sound, it means a cave is relatively nearby XD At least that's what I figure, since when I play I only hear it in or next to caves.

    5 episodes? Good luck. XD Yo, spam the village with torches so nothing will spawn… which means you should go mining and get more coal~! And light up the towers, man. XD

  5. In these parts baked potatoes are usually stuffed with either shredded barbecue (I know, not vegetarian) or chili (which can be).  You should try a veggie chili baked potato!

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