Mountain House History

the founders of the company were local business men that were looking at ways of bringing more business to the valley that required energy they heard about the technology they thought it would be something that would be great to be here and they actually got the governor to endorse the idea of having freeze-dried company be here in the valley and they had this great idea but they really didn’t know anything about freeze drying so they had to find somebody that knew something about freeze drying they ran into a gentleman that worked for General Foods that knew a lot about freeze drying and it so happened that General Foods was looking at expanding their cereal line to include freeze-dried strawberries so they actually hired this engineer away from General Foods to come up here and start this company along with that he brought a contract with General Foods and that became the founding president and of the company in the beginning we were doing strawberries but quickly realized that we had to do other things and one of those was let’s see if we can get into the food business and our founder ended up meeting a person that would happen to be in military research and development we started saying that we could make a better c-ration or k-ration which was used to be the old canned products that the troops in world war ii and vietnam complained about we developed a several different products tested them they loved them and the next thing you know we in 1968 had our first contract to do meals to send over to vietnam but then that the war was over we had leftovers both in packaging materials and finished goods so we thought well we’ll take them down to army surplus store and just go ahead and sell them which we did so we sold everything we had and finished goods and they come back and said we want more of this this is flying off the shelf and then it got to a point where we were out of finished goods out of packaging material and then we decided well geez this has really got some legs I think we’ll continue this product and we’ll name it mountain house you

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