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Mountain Wilderness Adventure in Alaska

Mountain Wilderness Adventure in Alaska

Often the weather on Baranof Island is cool and rainy in September but not on this day I made this poncho from of a large piece of deer hide and this Indian hemp belt to secure it around my waist I borrowed this knife and sheath from a friend “The mountains are calling and I must go…” – John Muir I am somewhere on the right side of this mountain One of many edible berry species Over half way up the mountain and above the tree line Spectacular views in the silence of the mountains Near the top of the mountain is this alpine lake The broken rock is evidence of recent glacial movement The clear crystalline water is safe and delicious to drink Absolute silence Most of the ground cover above the tree line consists of edible berry plants such as dwarf bilberry Dwarf bilberries are extremely delicious and a rich source of flavonoids and vitamin C One could spend days crawling on this carpet of berries and eating continuously The alpine blueberry frequently grows with dwarf bilberries and is very similar in appearance Ravens are a common and noisy bird in this region Relaxing on the mountain slope while eating berries is like experiencing a small piece of heaven on earth I am searching for an acceptable location to spend the night These crowberry plants do not have fruit at this time I estimate the water to be about 48˚F (9˚C) I have swam in much colder water but this is cold enough to feel like needles are piercing my skin I believe there are many health benefits to cold water exposure such as what “the Iceman” Wim Hof teaches Water beetles are the only animal life I found in this lake After a total of about nine minutes in the water I felt chilled to the core of my bones The poncho worked well to quickly warm my body This stream pours out of the south side of the lake and tumbles down to the bottom of the mountain This is the same kind of blueberry that I found earlier while I was hiking through the forest Dry meat is a convenient and efficient source of protein while on long hikes or expeditions Dry meat can easily be carried in a pocket or backpack and requires no preparation Proteins and fats are usually the most difficult macronutrients to acquire in the wild At the bottom of the mountain is another lake that is fed by the numerous waterfalls of surrounding mountains Bear scat is a constant reminder that we are not alone Other animals share this mountain as well Here is a mix of crowberries with dwarf bilberries Crowberries are crunchy and have a high water content but less flavor than bilberries Collecting wood to build a fire Mountain hemlock is tough to break but burns well and is the only wood option up here I am slicing the wood to weaken it Collecting wood was far more difficult than I expected I am breaking the smaller pieces to make kindling This is a cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly Now I am using a flint fire starter to create sparks to ignite the petroleum jelly soaked cotton ball Once lit this cotton ball will burn hot for a few minutes This gives me plenty of time to build the fire The flint and cotton balls are effective survival tools that can conveniently be carried in a pocket I chose to build the fire next to this rock with a flat face to reflect the heat I can then lie down on the soft ground next to the fire and rest I had intended to build a shelter from pine branches but I didn’t have time to climb down the mountain to the trees However, the weather was warm enough that keeping a fire burning through the night would be sufficient I would have to add fuel to the fire about every hour It started to get windy so I used some rocks to build a wall to block some of the wind An interesting advantage to wearing deer skin is the fact that it is non-flammable Mountain hemlock burns well and emits a pleasant pine aroma The next day… “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” – Helen Keller “May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.” -Harley King

100 thoughts on “Mountain Wilderness Adventure in Alaska”

  1. Some of you people wouldn't know a survival video if it slapped you in the face! This was a short three day adventure, never intended to be a three month endurance survival episode so understand it for what it is. It is an example of short term survival with minimal equipment. In an unpredictable alpine situation in mountainous terrain, he made a buckskin poncho for clothing, found, identified, and ate several kinds of wild berries to obtain calories and nutrition, started a fire with a flint, cut firewood with a knife, and bathed nearly naked in a ridiculously cold 48 degree lake.

    My friends, as a certified dark water rescue diver who was on a fire department rescue team I have trained in water that cold wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks as he did. That in and of itself is a challenging feat to pull off. Water that cold takes your breath away in mere seconds. And it is highly dangerous thing to do alone, even if you are trained for cold water and a skilled swimmer or free breathing diver. One needs to be in prime physical condition for attempting swimming in this kind of water. It's a heck of a way to just take a bath, that's for sure!

    No he didn't have to fight off a wolf bare handed or contend with an unexpected blizzard. He didn't have to set his own broken arm or hike 30 miles to get back to civilization. Gee whiz, does every survival or bush craft video have to be an epic adventure with drastic situations to prove it is a survival video?

    He didn't have to even catch and cook a fish for dinner but I fully believe he is well able to do so, using self made hooks and primitive cordage….or maybe a rock weir….or a woven basket style fish trap. The point is on a short trip such as this there was no need for him to demonstrate every possible survival technique or skill he knew.

    Part of the awesomeness of this video, or nearly any Alaska video, is just the ability to roam the countryside and capture stunning videography, which is a challenge in a primitive setting that is nowhere near as easy as he made this look.

    I give this video 5 stars! it's magnificent. And I have subscribed and look forward to more.

  2. Want to do a survival come with me sometime. You'd be crying for your momma to save you. Try the Florida swamp for 35 days. Sorry no blueberry's there where I was

  3. If anyone have gone wilderness in Alaska. The mosquito is on another level. Have never seen such vicious bite in my world travels…

  4. That's fucking amazing my dream is to be out there I've Hunted an survived the heat of Texas but i want to kick it up a notch an be away from all the gang violence because there's no sutch thing as gangs in the wilderness

  5. 4:20 Be honest with me. How refreshing was that water to you? It looked so pure.. 😞 I want to drink water like that everyday.

  6. thank you. the best survival ect. channel on youtube no bullshit, wonderful photography, thank god no music or macho dogs, wives or commentary.

  7. Wow my husband and I just found your channel and wow the photography was outstanding what lovely part of the world that is

  8. Excepto stil de vida nómada yo no cambiaría ese lugar por nada es ahí en esos lugares donde se encuentra con uno mismo la vida y dios paz tranquilidad lejos de todo eso es lo que nos hace falta para valorar el mundo en que vivimos para darnos cuenta de lo equivocados estamos y contaminados de tantas cosas obsoletas y absurdas así como superficiales no necesitamos cosas para vivir necesitamos ser libres de espíritu y de mente

  9. This is some Napoleon Dynamite shit. Go to the wilderness, act like a freak, pretend you're a caveman, but still take modern trousers/boots/camera.

  10. This is his least survivally video and yet everyone is saying in the comments that this is his best. This is not his best.

  11. Pretty sure one of the first rules of survival is not take a swim in a cold glacier lake on top of a mountain especially with nothing but stupid poncho and no shelter.. who would ever realistically do what he just did.

  12. yeah , Ive lived in alaska most of my life . we always get a huge belly laugh ever spring by all the middle aged , newly divorced white guy's that come up here thinking theyre going to "live off the land " cuz they saw that movie "into the wild" .lololol. (that movie is a 2 hour lie by the way ) I dont know this idiot but i KNOW this idiot trust me ! anyone that has spent more than a day in alaska knows what goretex is and r.e.i. is located . these are the guys living in there cars in oct and freeze to death .lolololol.

  13. bonito paisaje … sobra este "maromo" que mas que un superviviente es un modelo de pasarela … de supervivencia naaaa de naaaa

  14. hilarious. simply hilarious. fancy doing a parody of bear grills and all those other desert-island dicks. well done

  15. And, you mean to tell me that he slept on those hard rocks all night? Lol! Probably it was inside a nice and warm sleeping-bag.
    And, how could one possibly wake up every hour without a buzzer ( mini solar powered one).
    Also, berries are famous for diahrrea bouts – so, how on earth did he wipe his behind? With leaves? Ha, ha!
    But, apart from all that, the scenery was so breath-taking that I could not stop the video – even though I was dying…..for….a cigarette!
    One question: did he kill the deer that provided him with that coat? it would be a gripping sight seeing him fight a bear with that knife….no chance!

  16. Wilderness of alaska, my dream to be there. Beautiful soruondings clean water to drink in the rivers. I can live the rest of my life😀😀😀

  17. 2:45 in best thing? is the Views ^5 on the landscape tho… yur a wanna be movie star Youtuber tho BYE !!! Im gone!

    👍👍😎🎸❤🔥 🔥❤️🔥 WHOA! ^^ so beautiful 😊 BRAVO good VIDEO 👍👍😎🎸❤🔥 🔥❤️🔥
    the best video💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. All right soldiers today we discuss the four W`s: 1)WATER, 2)WEATHER, 3)WIDOW MAKERS and….. 4) WONDER? 4) Wildlife? 4) Walnuts? 4) Watch? 4) Weasels? 4) uuuhhh Willy Wonka? 4) Waz up? 4) WOOD? 4) Wilderness 4) Wombats? 4) Waffles? 4) Wiffle Balls? 4) WWl? 4) WWll? 4) WTF!!!

  20. Главное буквы наложить покрупнее.!. Сам ролик вторичен…

  21. be careful when eating wild fruits near the ground it can be contaminated by parasites contained in the urine of foxes, the water of rivers and lakes too.

  22. 🇲🇽 Que hermoso brod. Lo vello y hernosos paisajes que semiran aplena vizta saludos desde MEXICO D.R.F. siguire viendo thus videos🇺🇸 ser un turista seria lomegor de mi vida🇲🇽❤🇲🇽

  23. Nem com todo calor que está aqui nó Brasil eu nadaria em águas tão gelada🤔👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  24. A big thumbs up just for the scenery alone! The video quality was some of the best I have seen and I really felt present in that location so the camera work was top notch as well! Keep pressing on my friend and thank you for sharing your art!!

  25. I really like this videos! They are actually educative and pretty realistic. People gotta understand it’s not necessary for you to cut off an arm to know how to survive in wild conditions.
    This is better than any Ted something tv fake shows. Keep going!

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