MRE 20 Year Old Taste Test Ham Chicken Loaf- MRE’S Meals Ready To Eat Long Term Food Storage

hi it’s AlaskaGranny last week I was searching through
my old hunting gear and I found some old MRE 20 year old MREs and these MREs are more than twenty years old
you can tell that because they’re in a brown package and brown wrapper in 1996 MREs package in tan package and in it and
container some people believe that you can have MREs last forever no matter what
and they actually have a shelf life 5-8 years I’m gonna open 20 year old MRE of ham and chicken loaf and show you the results of a taste test come
out and show you three so the package this ham and chicken loaf was stored with
hunting gear it was not kept in any kind of a correct climate-controlled
environment so you can see even if almost impossible to even read the label
on the MRE opened up and see how the contents opening 20 year old MRE how long can store MRE can you still eat old MRE ham and chicken loaf MRE brown wrapper MRE are made before 1996 is an old MRE still safe to eat what happens if you don’t store MRE carefully an accessory kit peanut butter ham and
chicken and pineapple nut cake there’s one here but I don’t know for sure which
package it would have come from so something must have leaked a little bit done a little bit you
can see there so we can chill ok matter on there let’s start with the crackers crackers and they smell completely stale
they don’t smell like anything but I let’s check out that ham and chicken the ham and chicken is no good either it is rotten this ham and chicken MRE is no longer safe to eat old MRE are not safe to eat do not eat old MRE do not store MRE for more than 5-8 years separated so maybe you’re supposed to be
around before you open it anything like peanut butter even if you
must get back into one consistency like peanut butter that you would want to
check out the group II or III reconstituted in cold water to
reconstitute with water so until I don’t think that’s a dried fruit that anybody
wants to eat it has a little bit of a sweet smell to it but it doesn’t
smell appetizing let’s check out out the pineapple nut cake that is not a cake anyone would want to eat check out the accessory pack includes toilet paper instant coffee sugar nondairy creamer salt old gum the matches the
matches are designed especially for damp climates but they will not light when wet e or after long exposure several weeks to very damp air the matches still work and are useful matches are still useful sugar and instant
coffee and dry creamer coffee doesn’t smell like coffee any more old MRE taste test are old MRE safe to eat how long do MRE last what happens to MRE after 20 years so I don’t know if it would take place
here the results of storing an MRE for twenty years is this the food security
that you are storing for your family store food for your family hopefully you are rotating and using your food
properly and store food properly store food that your family will actually eat you don’t want to rely on old MRE in an
emergency situation I’m sure you would end up going hungry you could actually
endanger your health if you decided to eat food that was spoiled don’t take risks with your health or with family health and security learn more at please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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