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Cammie Do you want to say the introduction? Say “What’s up guys!” No you Manang. No! Say it no you say “What’s up guys this is CakuPop “Here on another Minecraft Lets play” no you NO YOU no you NO YOU! no you. NO YOU! Oh- JESU- I see a village Oh you see a village? Yeah up there on the mountain Oh There’s a house up on the mountain It’s going I’m on the mojang screen *sad cat noises* Babuu… Is that Babu? Yeah.. Manang why are you collecting dirt? That’s a sad meow Are you making a dirt house? I’m just I just need dirt Because I always need dirt Give me all this dirt Babu wants to be a E-Boy Mark joined! Okay, where’s he at? There he is Woah.. BUM RUSH HIM Alright, hang on.. C’mon Cammie Alright, woah Gimme that block No! Gimme that block Hey, HEY! Gimmie that block! I see how it’s gonna be Cammie said “There’s- “There’s a-” “-village up there” Where? Up here on this mountain I don’t see it Oh… Mark has poo-poo PC Oh there’s sheep There’s sheep?! GET THE WOOL Geez you’re BUM RUSHING IT GET THE WOOL! *dead sheep noises* I have two pieces of wool now Here I got it Oh shit I died Mark! Oh my God Whoops Is that a cave? Died right off the bat It’s a ravine, right? Ravine Hey there’s iron How do you get down there? Goodbye MARK! NOOOOOO! How do you get down there? You too Cammie *Top 10 Anime betrayals* JESUSSS I LOST ALL MY DIRT Here I got it I got it I’ll get your dirt back so mean… I’ll get it back Oh shit Oh I made it God.. Now I’m stuck down here I don’t think I’ll be able to get out I gotta re-get all this dirt Where’d you go? Yeah Manang where’d you go? I- I got wood I’m tryna get wood Did you go to the trees? No I’m by the by the stuff.. I see you Yeah I see you I’m so lost I’m so alone… There you are Don’t come near me.. I have wood… I’m coming near you I give you two pieces of dirt As a peace offering for murdering me? It wasn’t murder, just a sacrifice so we could have a good harvest I have six pieces of wool I am a God no we already have enough don’t kill the babies *Zombie noises* Oh… I heard a zombie I heard it too Okay, lets… let’s go up to that village and take all their stuff *dying horse sounds in the distance* Cammie! The houses are like pee yellow- CAMMIE ARE YOU KILLING A HORSE!? CAMMIE NOOO! Don’t kill the horse Don’t kill it! You monster. Cammie.. Oh my god.. Cammie nooo Look there’s a tiny one It’s a baby! Hi It’s baby Welcome to 24 hour challenge Minecraft We’re gonna stay awake for 24 hours.. in Minecraft.. All these beds, we don’t need them I’m gonna steal every single bed from the village now What’s in there Cammie? Cammie! robbing somebody What is this? Can I have it? It’s mine now. Did you break the glass? Cammie! No put the door we need it Put the do- we need the door Cammie! Oh my god, dirt hut There’s a gol- Cammie! Gawd There’s a golem There’s a golem over there.. Aye~ I’m comin’ in Cammie no Here’s Marku Cammie noooo She’s killing the chickens The Chicky! Jesus Christ oh my god you savage Yes, I grow stronger I have lost you guys completely We’re up on a hill- *cat dying sound* CAMMIE! NO! How do you get a cat? Um, you get the ocelot? and you give it fish? but that’s already a cat, I don’t think- I don’t think it’ll come with you I think the ocelots are in the jungle Ya’ll wanna go to the Jungle? Aww… Look at the kitty I want one that looks like Babu Look Cammie! There’s another kitty Kitty Aww I’m taking our beds there’s another kitty Cammie ya making it jump away Cammie I see you going after it Where’d you go? I’m so lonely Cammie went out to the desert chasing this cat What!? She’s all the way out there Cammie! Come back I found a bunny! Ya chasing the bunny too Cammie, the kitty I don’t see you guys? We’re chasing this cat Oh no, kitty It’s running Oh no it’s getting dark Jesus The crops aren’t ready to be harvest yet! You hooligans! Get outta here! I need them You ruined the farm Let’s get outta here There’s a creeper down here Aww man pls staph uh oh, UH OH It’s gonna get us How do you make a axe? A axe? Oh god, how do I get out run, RUN! Ah, I charmed it! Oh no I hit it! There’s iron down here I’m comin’ down there now Cammieee! Nooooo! Where did you go!? I lost all that stuff Cammieee Where are you!? I fell How did you- Oh my god.. Yeah, all my stuff is down there That place is too dangerous Oh yikes.. You need to land in the water Cammie Are you, are you back in the ravine? How did you get here? I jumped Cammie No.. I need to get my stuff back No, no, no! Cammie I see it though.. You see it? Where did you die? Oh.. Cammie! Oh I didn’t die yet oh my god.. Cammieeeeeee Noooooo Nooo come up over here Cammie what did you eat!? I wanted to see what would happen Are you dying? Are you sick? I dunno Shit.. He’s dead Watch out Cammie CAMMIE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU EATING!? I just wanna see what happens I’m Micheal Jordan. Stop it. Get some help. Mark stay there. No! MARK! NO! AHH Give me the coal.. Give me the coal.. I’m mining give me… the coal… give meeee the coal Oh you’re right behind me I’m like, what is going on!? Give me the coal.. Hang on I’ll give you coal Give me the coal.. YOU’RE STEALING MY EXP GIB ME DA COAL Shits spooky in here Do you have any wood? I have four Here ya go pls I was tryna give you wood pls gib me Where did that come from!? I didn’t even see that ah, my ass I’ve been diddled Okay I need to get out of here Woah, I’m gonna die Cammie noo! Hold on, lemme get my shit I need my shit! I need my shit! Kimi move lemme get my stuff LEMME GET MY STUFF Go down there Cammie Nooo my stuff My baby! Can someone grab my stuff though IM GONNA DIE CAMMIE HAD A CARROT NOOOOOOOO Oh my god RIP you guys.. My melon planted! Yes! Rejoice! I have six melon AH DAMMIT

76 thoughts on “MY LITTLE SISTER PLAYS MINECRAFT AND WE ALL DIE ► Minecraft 1.15 Survival Let’s Play”

  1. The last thing you need in Minecraft is dirt, it's absolutely everywhere, so no need to pick it right now. Also, you don't really need a wooden axe at the start. Just craft a wooden pickaxe and garb stone. And no lights mean mobs.

  2. Your sister is very lucky…I want a sister like you!!! 🙁 (But i have an brother, and he touches my body :/ okey….bye..)

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