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  1. AHHH! I tried something a little different with this video. I'm a big believer of stepping outside of your comfort zone. I hope you enjoyed it and felt inspired! Also, #SuperSixty starts now which means I'll be responding to comments for the next 60 minutes. AND GO! xo

  2. Lilly you are my favourite Youtuber you are so inspiring I even told my parents I want to be just like you! 🙂😄 #girllove

  3. Honestly, I wish Lilly all the happiness in the world. You have changed and made such a positive impact on so many people's life. Lilly, I honestly love you and am so grateful. Thank you Lilly.

  4. This video was so inspiring you influenced me so much!I am going to try harder like you did in the video thank you so much Lilly!

  5. Just recently discovered Lilly Singh and came across this. As much as her usual high energy, full on power vlogs and videos are captivating, this was such a pleasant change. Appreciate the honest depiction of "how anything, literally anything you want in life, you gotta work for it" Lilly has come up with. I like that she is giving out good role models to the millennial generation. Take everything seriously and engage with life and you will be rewarded immensely.

  6. So motivational. Just shows you by working hard, you can accomplish anything, if you set your mind to it
    I know that sounds so cheesy…but it's true

  7. 5:04 the guy kinda looked like her crush
    also Superwoman tankq so much for making this video – I did as much in 4 hrs as i would in 2 days because i stopped procrastinating and actually did it. I watched this video in my breaks to keep me motivated 🙂
    this is kinda random but you, who is reading this, have you ever asked urself the most powerful question to find success:
    what is your definition of success? what would be the end point for you? if you dont answer this question, you'll never get there.

  8. Whenever I feel low .. this video is my boost .. it's not so much easy to step out of our comfort zone .. but as Yu grow up, Yu ll realize this is the actual key to success .. #HustleHarder 💪

  9. Seriously this video is so inspiring. I'm 14 and I want to be like Lilly Singh one day. She is talented, beautiful, smart and much more. Thank you so much for this inspiring motivation, love from Malaysia.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. This was litterly put together so nicely!! And it is also satisfying to watch! Just saying your my favorite YouTubed, you inpire me so much! Thankyou I wouldn’t have past my exams without you! ❤️

  11. Just when I had lost all hopes…. Ur video came my way… .. Guess it's a sign ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺thnx loads… Nw I know whr to start…. Waking up early

  12. LOVE rewatching this video because I find it so inspiring.🥰🤗😁
    Luv ya Lilly!❤
    Edit: literally the best video ever, not even kidding how much happier it makes me

  13. Motivated! Thanks for all your post…I am reaching out to others
    Subscribe and watch my channel.
    Together we are successful

  14. I love how the shot of Lily riding a bike uphill is actually her driving on a level road and the camera is tilted. 😀

  15. I'm about to start a new workout routine and I thought I better watch this again to give me some motivation. I'm ready! I don't believe in dieting, so working out even harder it is!

  16. Thank you for sharing your story Lily ! I watched this video an year ago and I was unfocused and just surviving in day to day life. Thank you for showing that we ourselves have to take initiative and step out. It might not feel comfortable to do in beginning but we have to start someday if we truly want to change our life for best. After that first step, just keep going. Today, I am a PhD student studying at one of the best US University. We need a motivation in beginning and then a discipline is a key to follow that truly. #girl love. Thanks a bunch Lily for inspiring me and many others.❤️☺️🙏

  17. I feel I have watched you in my whole life and now Im now 23 years old in university and this video had to me inspried to get where I m and I got to know what success means , what success to means to me , is that bit of hard work and bit of dedication and not giving up make you Success, thank you for been part of me :>

  18. Truly one of your more inspirational and stylistically different videos Lilly! So many little bits of advice that you act, without saying. This is, without a doubt one of your best vids. Keep up the phenomenal work! Can’t wait to see more like this. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Une canadienne modèle.

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