Mysterious Island Is Home To 60,000-Year-Old Community

It may look like a typical island paradise
– but be warned, because all is not as it seems in this mysterious landscape. The Indian Ocean island, which is about the
size of Manhattan, has been inhabited by the indigenous Sentinelese for 60,000 years. The tribe have rejected the modern world and
are violent to outsiders – killing two men in 2006 after they were fishing nearby their
North Sentinel Island. They even go as far as to throw rocks and
shoot arrows at planes or helicopters, and such is the hostility they show towards outsiders
that only low-quality photos exist of the inhabitants. Indian authorities have gone as far as making
it a crime to try to make contact with the Sentinelese. But while it is illegal to go within three
miles of the island, that has not stopped some from venturing nearby. Survival International – which advocates for
the rights of tribal groups – has claimed that local fisherman are regularly entering
the area – with one even stepping onto the island before he and six others were arrested
by the authorities. The group now fears that the survival of the
tribe is under threat. Survival International’s director, Stephen
Corry, said: “The Great Andamanese tribes of India’s Andaman Islands were decimated
by disease when the British colonised the islands in the 1800s. “The most recent to be pushed into extinction
was the Bo tribe, whose last member died only four years ago. “The only way the Andamanese authorities can
prevent the annihilation of another tribe is to ensure North Sentinel Island is protected
from outsiders.”

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