Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Fire Building

We’re going to get ourselves a little fire built. The type of fire I’m going to build is an A-frame fire. I prefer an A-frame.
This type of fire will burn down to coals very quickly. One important thing is to get our tinder bundle in the middle.
Now, tinder is the easiest part of your fire to light. It’s usually really dry. And I like to carry – this is old jute twine and I fray this stuff up real good. And another place that you can find tinder at is in your lint trap on your dryer. Soon as you’re through with the drying cycle you just pull that lint trap up and get you some plastic,
put it in there when it’s still nice and hot so it doesn’t get damp, and it’s got a real low flashpoint and it’s able to ignite quickly with just a spark. Now I’m going to go ahead and put some magnesium down on it.
Now, this is a magnesium sparking device. Okay? This side here is the magnesium side and this is factory-made flint. Okay? It’s just ferrous metals. All right. Now what I want to do is I want to get me a pile of this. Now, these magnesium shavings they will burn at about 5400 degrees. So this is kind of a type of tinder that your flint stick has. All right. You know, you’re probably thinking, “Well, how much of that do I need?”
You need about the size of a quarter – a little pile about the size of a quarter. And, whenever you get ready to do these, these shavings they need to look like little curly cues. Okay? And that seems to work better; allows good oxygen flow.
And this will usually ignite wet stuff also like wet pine straw – stuff like that. All right. Now, my tinder bundle’s pretty good. I’m going to go ahead and start putting my fuel around. Now, some people will start a fire.
They’ll get a little flame going, put a little stick on there, put another stick on there, but I like to just get my fire going right off the bat – a big fire, you know? So I do it this way. Okay. Let’s see what we can do with this. Our magnesium’s a little spread out down there but we should be able to shower. Okay. So we’ve got us a little fire going here. What am I happy about? Well, I’m getting warmth. Okay?
Of course, I’m sitting on the cold, wet ground so my clothing’s going to get kind of damp. Later on, if the weather gets a little better, I could dry my clothing on this fire. All right? If I wanted to get water from down in that swamp down there, I could purify my water here. At nighttime when I’m alone this fire will also be a big help to me and will keep me company,
and maybe somebody might see it from a distance, but the benefits are life. All right? Keeping your body at 98.6.

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