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Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Water Purification

Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Water Purification

Let’s talk about water. Water is something you cannot live without. When you’re out in the wilderness, any surface water that you can find you
have to consider that as a water source but you cannot just go drinking surface water. All surface water must be purified. And there’s three techniques that you could use. You could either boil, iodine tablets, or some type of filtration device. Okay? What we’re going to do right now is use iodine tablets. Now, to make all this work, you’re going to have to have a bottle of iodine
tablets and some type of a water bottle that you can put your water in. For this source of water – clear water – I would only use one tablet per quart. For cloudy water I would use two tablets. So I went ahead and dropped out two tablets. Okay? There’s my iodine. I’m going to secure them right here for now.
And I’m going to use some type of a cloth when I get ready to fill this canteen up. Now, basically, if you can find a fast-moving source of water that would be better. There’s less sediment, less floaties in there, but if you’re going to fall in and get wet, use this source. Right now, we’re going to keep the floaties out of our canteen.
That’s any type of bug larvae or anything like that. You just go ahead and put this cloth on the top, keep it as tight as you can,
and reach off – this is far as I can get – reach off into this source here and let it fill up. All right. Now I’m going to secure my two iodine tablets. A day like today it’ll require about 30 minutes for these tablets to purify this water. Freezing cold day – take an entire hour, okay, using iodine. Just going to give it a little wakeup shake. Now, something to consider once that time has elapsed is dipping
this canteen into this source contaminated the threads. Okay? So, when you put your mouth on there, you could still possibly get sick. All right? So I’m going to show you a technique how to decontaminate the threads of your canteen. And all that’s required, once the time is passed for this, you
just loosen this up, just kind of loosely hold it over the top and shake it, and allow that iodine-flavored water to get all over the threads of that canteen. And then just screw that top back down, wait for possibly
another five minutes, and then you’ll have safe water to drink.

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