NEW WORLD RECORD SOLO KILL WIN in Rules of Survival! Ladies and gentlemen we are back with some more rules of survival I posted this a few days ago, and it did pretty well, so I figured you know what let’s give it another shot I really enjoy these battle royale games as of lately I’ve been playing a lot of fortnight on my second channel and a lot when I’m not like making videos so being able to have a mobile battle royale is definitely awesome starting in five seconds so while we’re loading onto the airplane if you guys can please leave a like on this video and Subscribe if you’re new I would greatly Appreciate it also since I’m still pretty new to this game if you guys can leave a Comment letting me know like which places. I should check out because I’m still getting the hang of this game I still have to explore the map basically I’m still like a very big noob so if you guys have any tips for me. Please let me know down below Where do we want to go so in my last video we went to thermal power that was pretty interesting? But my friend said bitter Lake was good. I believe so let’s put a waypoint for right there on that house I don’t know. This is gonna be good I don’t know if it’s gonna be bad who knows I’m probably landing in the wrong part of bitter Lake But we’re gonna go check out wherever that Waypoint is. Hopefully I land near people I don’t want to sound too cocky, but I feel like I can write some kids. We are parachuting on down right now Where exactly do we want to go? Let’s just go right to this house? I see a car outside. Oh my god There’s like a whole town. Everything’s loading in so is anyone near us um. Let’s do a little loop around Don’t really see anyone. Okay, so I think we’re off to a good start Let’s come to this building actually this looks a little bit better And I am gonna turn my volume up a little bit someone is on this building, so looks like we have some action I’m gonna run in here and see if we can just outplay this guy come on a loot loot loot um okay I’ll take that we have a shotgun and we’re in a very close range building so whenever I find this guy he is gonna go Down now one thing which you guys let me know in my last video is that there’s actually? Footsteps on like my map whenever someone is near me so that is definitely gonna Help me out a lot because there’s so many times where I hear people, but I just don’t know where anyone’s like I don’t know it that person was doing he’s actually getting shot at from somewhere though. Who is shooting at this kid Thank you for your loot come again does this guy not have any ammo. Oh my god, okay? Let’s just continue looting this place right here There’s footsteps in front of me someone just walked in right now So let’s go worry about this guy and try to kill him to the best of our ability I think you might have just went outside actually where did he go is he trying to follow me now, okay? Let’s turn around. I guess maybe he’s crouching or something dude. I totally hear someone. He’s right here I have the shotgun though, so I’m really not too concerned honestly There’s two people now, but it’s coming this one right here is anyone in here, bro Oh, I see him this guy’s about to get smacked right outside. Where did he go? Where are you? I just saw you dude. Oh, my god. This is like Ring-around-the-rosy because there’s so many people, but we’re just all running around each other. Okay. They have to be in this one I’m calling it. Oh boom. Oh, we missed the shot we got four shots to go. Oh my god. He is weak Let’s reload up real quickly this dude still doesn’t know where he’s getting shot from oh Oh, oh get out of here, dude wow he could have totally just got me So let’s take his body armor does he have anything decent Excellent we are very close in the zone, so I cleared out all these people I have a whopping two kills Did I just close that door okay? I wasn’t sure there was somebody else here, but he must have ran away or maybe somebody killed him I’m not really too sure, but we’re pretty much in the safe zone right now So I’m just gonna kind of head up this way I want to try to get into as much action as possible because I don’t want this to be a Super slow video all boys we got some company we got oh my god. He’s in the house with me right now What are you doing? Man? You just you walked in here. I was I was chilling right there brother. You know I probably should have looked for a car before I decided to run across the map on foot so we started Somewhere over here, and now we’re all the way over here trying to go to the training base. Oh We see someone we see someone and boom boom boom Where did he go am I even why did I kill him already? Oh wait over there? Got him – that guy dead yet, then oh he’s dead There’s another one over here now what the heck is this where’s everyone coming from right now. Oh my god There’s another one let’s kill. That kid He’s not dead yet. Now. We gotta get this kid boom boom boom. Holy crap. Oh, there’s more I really is there more of them. Are they all done. Holy crap dude I was just lighting these kids up so I think I had two kills before all this now. We’re at six kills There’s 51 people AB that was decent on our end Please have gas if this car doesn’t have gas that is gonna be a rip. Oh my god We got like a full tank in this thing So let’s put auto drive on all the nitrous you gotta love the nitrous on this thing. There’s a Jeep right there I’m just gonna continue on driving. Let’s head up to the observatory. Holy crap someone’s actually here who is outside my house Trying to go kill some people so whoever was shooting if you can just return back to me. That would be appreciated I’m trying to get some kills wherever you want come right back to the blue house. I’m gonna shoot a little warning shot Just come to me and we’ll be good Yo, I totally hear someone driving right out this way, and there’s also that big tire on my map So let’s go try to find out wherever this guy is gonna get that sniper rifle out. I still hear him It sounds like he’s down this mountain a bit. Oh wow it looks pretty beautiful out there. Oh my god Are you kidding me look at this dude? Get out of here brother. I told you I heard someone I don’t know where this guy even came up from though kind of looks like he came out of nowhere Where the shots coming from where are the shots coming from we got the sniper out right now? I’m thinking about driving my doctor go crazy, man I don’t know if you hear my dogs, but oh wow they’re just there yapping up a storm We gotta go get some kills though. Where are you at brother brother? Where are you? Yo someone is totally like shooting at me, but I do not see them, so we’re gonna get out right here No idea where this person’s at where did they go they were there were totally just people like right here a second ago Oh, I see him. I see em right there. This dude is about to get dusted He’s inside the window right upstairs um. He just kind of ran by he’s gonna be this way probably soon Oh got him once got oh, I don’t got too many shots. Oh, I got one shot at one shot laughs Let’s pop boom right there switch the weapons boom boom boom. Oh god. Okay. We’re just gonna go challenge him No clue where he’s at Oh What do I gotta reload gonna reload? Oh god get him? Oh, holy crap my heart’s racing a bit. I just OH You know someone’s coming up on me guys so we are gonna get him here always said oh my god again I’m getting into getting in holy crap and now there’s someone outside as well, so let’s go get this guy so right now We have 9 kills and there are seven other people that I’m just gonna keep around this house and just keep running circles Someone’s actually coming up on me right now, so let’s get down try to play a little bit sneaky. Oh my god Let’s get him right here Oh, you are done sir 10 kills that dude was just shown in the driver’s seat did it really work out, too Well for him, let’s just go see what he has oh my god And would you look at that the safe zone is still right on us in this tiny little space so? Six people remaining we still have ten kills. I’m just gonna keep on showing all your people this way Oh check this out guys boom boom can this not shoot that far. Did I kill him what just happened there? Hello, dude I just I see his bike now did he die oh? I’m getting shot getting shot getting shot getting shot boom boom boom boom boom boom get outta here Bro that poor person just got turned on so badly. Okay. We are all good five people after we have 11 kills We’re doing pretty decent right now considering. I still haven’t played this game too much, so let’s just look around anything for me here I really don’t feel like I need much. Maybe I’ll take another medkit, but besides that oh god bullets bullets bullets Where is he? He is gone boom boom boom boom? Oh I missed I missing get him Oh Pop pop pop pop he’s popping me. We ultimately though got him so that was good. Let’s heal up again I have three more med kits. There are four people left in total. They’re all just starting to come to me now Okay guys I may be a little bit quiet from here on out just because I’m really trying to listen and I don’t want to lose like There are three other people that besides me, maybe even soon after I kill this guy oh There we go took us long enough, but there are two other people alive right now I am just so spooked out right now. My heart is racing out of my chest I have no idea where these other two people are remaining so my strategy Here is to try and stay on the mountain for as long as possible Because if I have higher ground it’s gonna be a lot easier for me to take care of these people so I’m just showing up Here wherever these other two guys are I’m just going to try to keep my distance stay up high, and I’m pretty confident I’ll be good. Where are these other two people at I’m not sure if they’re hiding maybe they’re looking for me This is just a big mess right now. This circle is so tiny right now. I’m just trying to stare at my map Oh, I see one person right there that dude is Dawg Someone’s actually shooting at me though, so that is not good either or at least I think they are Where is the person over here at all boys? They are right there, so let’s get that person out of the way Oh that person is dead and the final person is behind that rock right there Please don’t die is to be a very unfortunate time to die we got this I’m challenging you Where are you? You can’t hide forever person this person is right behind the rock heart is racing right now They just like disappeared on me Get up Popo 15 kills there We go first win heart is racing 15 kills zero downs that is awesome, so let’s hit next and return from home We are officially bronze one not sure if that’s good probably not that’s probably you really trash But I think we’re gonna be ending today’s video here Remember if you want more rules of survival just show some love leave a like and be sure to subscribe if you’re new but guys This has been eclipse. Hopefully you enjoyed today’s video and peace out

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