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Nicosia, Cyprus: the last divided capital in Europe | Divided Cities

Nicosia, Cyprus: the last divided capital in Europe | Divided Cities

Nicosia is the last divided capital. In Nicosia the atmosphere
remains heavy and tense. This is our island and we want to unite it. If everybody is telling you about the military,
you grow up thinking that’s the only thing you live for. Do they actually want us to believe
that we should be separated? My name is Erman. I’m 28 years old. And I live in the northern part of Nicosia. I’m Andreas. I’m 17 years old. I live in the south part of Nicosia. Similar to the Berlin Wall,
we had a huge wall in the middle of the city. The whole country
is divided actually into two. And there’s the buffer zone
in the middle which is controlled by the United Nations. Until 2003, we weren’t able
to cross its so-called border, so I didn’t meet any Greek Cypriots,
I didn’t know who they were. I heard about them from the stories
of my grandfather and grandmother. So, I cycle until the checkpoint
and then I walk. Generally they ask my ID,
both sides. I also carry these court papers
that they are asking me to participate in the military. You never know what they can ask. Nicosia is another
of the world’s divided cities. A line separating the Greek and Turkish
communities is known as the green line. Empty streets, roadblocks made from old cars
or oil drums, patrolling UN troops. I am an LGBT+ rights activist. I already did my 12 months service
when I finished school. I couldn’t escape but it was really
a traumatic one year for me where I really developed
my ideology on conscientious objection. Where I really understood
why I don’t like to be part of the army, I wouldn’t be part of the system that
its own essential existence is discrimination and hate. Each year both sides call the ones
who made their military service for the reserve service. They have to do a few extra days
so this is like a preparation for the war. Then, this is what I object. So we are going to my grandmother’s
and grandfather’s house. When we talk about conscientious
objection with my family, it makes them angry, I think,
because they believed all these years that without military
we can’t survive. It seems like they’ve been living in a lie. If it’s correct what I am believing in. I’m stressed. I don’t want to say anything because
it’s their opinion and if I say anything, they will get stressed even more. So, I don’t want to say
any opposite opinion. If you say something pro-peace, I’ll finish school in June, at the start of
July I’ll be called to the Cypriot military. I am really thinking about conscientious objection because I really don’t believe there should be any military in our country. We don’t need it. I have talked to my family and they
believe that I have to serve my country in the military and serving my country will make me
a better person and a more responsible one. I mean, I’m pretty confused. I’m trying to learn more, I’m researching
so that I can make my decision final and a good one.

34 thoughts on “Nicosia, Cyprus: the last divided capital in Europe | Divided Cities”

  1. I was just thinking, "wait a minute, there is zero representation of the alphabet people in this weak piece of agenda-driven entertainment masquerading as news"…then pow! Right on queue: 3:35

  2. Is the Turkish population just left over from before Greek nationalists broke away from the Ottoman Empire back in 1821 or whenever? I don't really know anything about this history.

  3. So much animosity even between the expats who live in the divide. A United Cyprus is a must but will not happen in our life time. It's all about money and power by Both Greek and Turkish Governments.They don't care about the people. Divide and Conquer , Yes that old Chestnut.

  4. Not gonna lie, this massively disappointed me. Not even taking into account factual mistakes (Greece never militarily intervened in the island), nothing was actually said about the problem and how it arised

  5. 1:38 – The republic of Cyprus is the whole island, not just the "south". The "north" is illegaly being occupied by Turkey but that does not mean it's not part of the Republic!

  6. cough cough JERUSALEM. Doesn’t matter about what you think about the Israel-Palestine situation, the current agreement is that it is a divided capital.

  7. Very low quality journalism. This entire video is catered to western "progressive" liberals, their ideals, and what they to love hear. It clings on the overused narrative of acceptance and multiculturalism.

    The turkish Cypriot is an anti militant, a "rebel", a peace advocate. His looks and the way his is portrayed in the video are typical of liberal west coast metrosexuals. He is an "LGBTQ" person, but why do we care about his sexual behaviour in a geopolitics video? The answer is, because this video is designed to be music to ears of 20-30 y.o. gender-benders. Those who disagree with his objections are potrayed as the old, the militant, the intolerant .

    The greek cypriot is an artist , a "b-boy", who wanted to skip his duty because of his ideology. In reality, like all Greek Cypriots know, he'd rather be at home and avoid the sleepless nights and harsh training. Anyone who thinks otherwise is making a fool of themselves.

    The video doesn't state anything about the political truth, the history, the invasion and occupation. Disliked.

  8. At 01:49 it says that the North is mainly populated by Turkish Cypriots. FALSE. It is mainly populated by Turks from mainland Turkey. The Turkish Cypriot are a minority in the north part of the island.

  9. Cyprus is and will only be Greek. Prior the Turkish invasion of 1974 & now illegal occupation of our island they were 18% of the population. Find me any country in the world that the 18% minority in a country wants to have the same power with the rest percent. We don't want an independent Cyprus. We want unity with our motherland Greece. The only reason Cyprus is an independant state is because Greeks of Cyprus (EOKA STRUGGLE) fought for unity with Greece. These are facts, not my opinion. This is why we want to unify with our motherland. It has nothing to do with hating Turks. We feel this our right to want. Britain never let us unite with Greece because they wanted British bases in Cyprus, and by letting Turkish army invade they have an excuse to still remain in Cyprus. We are the ones who have lossed out, not the Turks. Question to all Turks, Kurds in Turkey overall are about 19% of your population. Exact same situation prior to the invasion of Cyprus. If the Kurds annexed 38% of modern Turkey for 45 years and never left how would you feel? Would you accept a neutral state where power is shared 50-50 because of a 18% Kurdish popultion? Ofcourse not! Only solution is liberation of our lands. They invaded our land and our stupid politicians want to make a deal and talks with the illegal occupants of the island who invaded killed and raped? Are we seriously even a proper state? Native Turks of Cyprus are welcome to stay. Their military has no business in Cyprus. Cyprus is and always be Greek. End of story.

  10. Στα παπάρια μας γι’αυτο το θέμα. όλο τα ίδια και τα ίδια.

  11. Thank you Guardian for this great video. It is always nice to present both sides of the conflict and be objective about the Cyprus problem. I grew up in old Nicosia, and I hope the city (and the entire country), gets united one day.

  12. Not representative of the situation. Aims to appeal to a certain demographic. As someone living there, I have to say check your facts before you make a video like this and make sure you involve all relevant information instead of adding irrelevant information to make the video more “millennial” or “modern”. Try to show and tell the whole story instead of focusing only on certain aspects. If you want to educate people, do it well. Badly made. Plain and simple.

  13. It is a sad testament to human stupidity that even together on an island, the older generations are unable to see the absurdity of their continuing hatred and militarism.

  14. very simple!!! turkish troops out of Cyprus so that everyone can go back home!!! turkish army is the only one that wants to divide and create a puppet state in Cyprus

  15. This video showed mainly Turkish side of issue. Greeks were only shown briefly towards the end. I felt it was one sided…

  16. Jerusalem is not a divided capital because there has never been a Palestinian Arab state. Not state, no capital. Regarding Cyprus, I believe the Greeks and the Turks living separately is the best solution because it keeps the peace.

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